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The Resource Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World : Thriving in the New VUCA Context

Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World : Thriving in the New VUCA Context

Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World : Thriving in the New VUCA Context
Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World
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Thriving in the New VUCA Context
Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context, is the thoughtful analysis of nine expert authors from around the globe who put VUCA under the microscope and take the reader on a journey that looks at VUCA from a number of different leadership perspectives
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Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World : Thriving in the New VUCA Context
Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World : Thriving in the New VUCA Context
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  • Front Cover -- Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World -- Copyright Page -- Dedications -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- 1 Introduction -- The Context of Leading in the 21st Century -- What Is VUCA and Why Should I Care? -- Notes -- References -- About Madeleine van der Steege, MA (Soc. Sc.) -- Mindset in VUCA -- 2 Ethical Leadership at the Speed of VUCA -- The 14 Positive Outcomes of Ethical Leadership in Business -- Developing Ethical Leadership in a VUCA World -- Ethical Leadership Defined Within the 21st Century Business Context -- How Does Adversity Affect the Ethical Choices of Business Leadership? -- Learning from Adversity and Making Ethical Choices in the Midst of Adversity -- Conclusion: VUCA in a Globalized World Adds Complexity to Ethical Leadership -- Notes -- References -- About Rob Elkington, Ph.D. -- 3 Leadership Resilience in a VUCA World -- Learning to Reflect -- Achieve High-Level Leadership - Enhance your Leadership Toolkit -- Leader Resiliency Diagnostic - Beginning Reflective Questions -- Perceived Resilience Questionnaire -- Beginning Your Reflective Practice through Writing Three Pages a Day -- Further Questions to Reflect Upon -- Self Healing -- Wellness -- Thinking About What Triggers You -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- About Jennifer Moss Breen, Ph.D. -- 4 Preparing the Self for Flow-Based Leadership -- What Is Flow? -- What Is Flow-Based Leadership? -- Learning How to Operate in Flow -- Identifying Your Flow Triggers -- Preparation -- Putting Flow-Based Leadership into Practice -- Articulate Your Life's Vision and Mission -- Develop a Goal-Setting Process for Your Life -- Work in Areas that Give You Joy -- Challenge Yourself by Training in Your Strength Areas -- Facilitate Your Followers' Flow States -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References
  • About Judith L. Glick-Smith, Ph.D. -- Skillset in VUCA -- 5 Change Management in a VUCA World -- A Brief History of Planned Change -- Categorizing Planned Change -- The Challenges of Managing Change -- Leading Change in a VUCA World -- Create Your Own Future with a Clear Sense of Purpose -- Think Systemically -- Develop a Credible Strategic Leadership Team -- Develop Human Capital -- Develop Organizational Social Capital as an Internal Resource -- Team Capacity as a Form of Social Capital -- Create a Culture of Knowledge-Sharing, Innovation, Sustainability, and Accountability -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- About Noel J. Pearse, Ph.D. -- 6 Innovation: A Necessity, Not Nicety -- My View on Innovation - Three Constants, Three Changes -- Things That Have Remained the Same -- Things That Have Changed -- Where the 21st Century is Different and Why It Matters -- The 21st Century - Five Things That Have Changed -- The 21st Century - One Implication, Three Requirements -- What It Takes to Thrive (and Innovate) in the 21st Century and How to Get There -- Conclusion -- Different Education -- Individual Responsibility -- A Different Kind of Leadership -- Notes -- References -- Websites -- About Bettina von Stamm, Ph.D. -- 7 Collaboration in a VUCA Environment -- Helpful Definitions -- Challenges to Collaboration in a VUCA World -- The 5P Framework -- People - Select Leaders with a Collaborative Mindset -- Model Collaborative Behavior -- Manage Paradox -- Find the Sweet Spot between Chaos and Control -- Select and Recruit for VUCA -- Practice - Generate a Collaborative Skillset -- Practice Aikido Principles to Build Collaborative Capacity -- Process - Design Collaborative Systems and Processes -- Sense the Environment -- Build a Collaborative Network -- Use Technology to Flatten Communications -- Purpose - Foster a Collaborative Culture
  • Implement After-Action Reviews -- Place - Design Inclusive Platforms for Collaboration -- Break Down Silos -- Align the 5P Components -- Summary -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- About Colonel (retired) Fred T. Krawchuk, MPA, MBA -- Knowledge-Set in VUCA -- 8 Mary Parker Follett and Margaret Wheatley, Systems Pioneers in a VUCA World -- Follett and Wheatley: Timely Teachers -- VUCA World Is an Orderly Whole -- Systems Thinking: Basics -- What Is a System? -- Types of Systems: Boulding's Hierarchy -- Open and Closed Systems -- Costs of Acting Like a Closed System -- Picture Your Business as an Open System -- The Less Basic Model -- The External Environment -- Internal Environment -- Circular Flow and Feedback Loops -- Seven Systems Properties Reflect a VUCA World -- Wholeness -- Interdependence -- Evolution -- Circular Relations -- Conflict -- Stability -- Purpose -- Leading Systems: It Isn't About You -- Leading Systems: It Is About You -- Systems: Four Things Leaders Must Do -- Seeing Wholes -- Articulating Purpose -- Integrating -- Anticipating - Making the Next Situation -- W. L. Gore: Systems Thinking in Our World -- Conclusion: Challenge and a Hope -- Notes -- References -- About Suzanne Martin, Ph.D. -- 9 Cultural Intelligence in a VUCA World -- The Basis of CQ -- How the Intentional Learning of CQ Equips Leaders -- CQ Has an Extra Layer of Complexity -- Early Research into CQ -- The Impact of Developing CQ -- Leaders Who Have Developed CQ -- What Stops Us from Developing CQ? -- The Impact of Not Developing CQ -- Developing CQ Solutions -- Applications for CQ -- Practice CQ -- Develop Knowledge about the World -- Develop Knowledge about Yourself -- Available Tools for Global Leadership Development -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- About Elizabeth A. Tuleja, Ph.D. -- 10 Strategic Systems Coaching for Leaders in Turbulent Times
  • Art and Practice of Strategic Systems Coaching -- Coaching 21st-Century Leadership -- Strategic Systems Coaching Involves Multiple Concurrent Coaching Processes -- Entry Point of Strategic Systems Coaching -- The Next Cycle of Strategic Systems Coaching -- Coaching Solution #1: A Personal Leadership Quest -- The Inner Place of One-On-One leadership Coaching -- A Red-Zone True Story -- How Is Systems Coaching Different? -- Coaching Solution #2: Co-creating Purpose, Vision, and Values -- Systems Team Coaching: Developing Purpose, Vision, and Strategy -- CEO: Daniel's True Story -- The Process -- Executive Leadership Coaching for Daniel and His Directors -- Executive Team Coaching -- Coaching for Organization-Wide Leaders -- Organizational Systems Feedback -- Measuring Team Effectiveness -- Organizational Shift and Systems Coaching -- Coaching Solution #3: Cross-Organizational Integration -- Cross-Organizational Coaching to Reduce Silos -- Linda's Case Study -- Linda's Cross-Functional Teams and Systems Coaching -- Linda's Outcomes -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- About Madeleine van der Steege, MA (Soc. Sc.) -- Index
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