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The Resource Transforming the Rural : Global Processes and Local Futures

Transforming the Rural : Global Processes and Local Futures

Transforming the Rural : Global Processes and Local Futures
Transforming the Rural
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Global Processes and Local Futures
This book analyses the key global processes transforming rural spaces in the early 21st century - financialization; standardization; consumption, and commodification. Through detailed case studies, the book examines why these processes are important, how they work in practice, and the challenges they raise as well as opportunities created
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Research in Rural Sociology and Development
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Transforming the Rural : Global Processes and Local Futures
Transforming the Rural : Global Processes and Local Futures
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  • Front Cover -- Transforming the Rural: Global Processes and Local Futures -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Financialisation -- Standardisation -- Commodification and Consumption -- References -- Part I: Financialization -- Chapter 1 The Financialization of Farming: The Hancock Company of Canada and Its Embedding in Rural Australia -- Introduction -- The Financialization of Farming: Global Perspectives -- The Financialization of Farming: Australian Perspectives -- Hancock's Global Group Structure -- Community Perspectives: Hancock's Embedding within Rural Spaces -- Discussion and Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Chapter 2 Impacts of Financialization on Agricultural and Rural Investment: Lessons from the Portuguese Case -- Introduction -- What Is Financialization? What Are Its Impacts? -- Impacts on Agriculture and the Rural World: The Portuguese Case -- Conclusive Remarks -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 3 The Chicken Game - Organization and Integration in the Norwegian Agri-Food Sector -- Introduction: Transforming Chicken - Evolving Rules, Risks, Challenges and Opportunities -- The Perfect Model? -- Data and Methods -- Evolving Rules, Risks, Challenges and Opportunities in the Norwegian Chicken Sector -- Developments in Policy Instruments and Regulations -- Developing Chicken Production in Norway -- Changing Market Regulation -- Structuring Chicken Producers -- Structuring Slaughterhouses -- Changing Chickens -- Market Changes -- Chicken Industry Trends Negotiating Politics, (Bio)Technology and the Market -- Three Ways of Organizing Chicken Production in Norway -- Farmers and Worker's Autonomy -- Animal Welfare and Risk Assessment -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgements -- References
  • Chapter 4 Re-Ordering the Rural? Canada, Dairy Supply Management and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations -- Introduction -- New Zealand as Dairy Superpower -- The US Perspective -- The Canadian Case and 'Free Trade' -- The Benefits of Supply Management to Farmers and the Wider Society -- The Trans-Pacific Partnership? -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Part II: Standardization -- Chapter 5 Standards and Their Problems: From Technical Specifications to World-Making -- Introduction -- The Ubiquitous World of Private Standards -- Four Assumptions of Modernity -- The "Forms" of Reality -- Categories and Everyday Worlds -- Methods -- Individual Autonomy -- Conclusions: Bringing Democracy Back in -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 6 Creating Actionable Knowledge for Sustainability: A Case of "Standards in the Making" -- Introduction -- Transitions and Standards in the Making -- Intermediation within the ISEAL Alliance: Identifying Matters of Concern -- Making Knowledge Actionable: Experiencing the Field Test -- The Role of Reflexivity -- Conclusions -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 7 Legitimation and De-legitimation in Non-State Governance: LEO-4000 and Sustainable Agriculture in the United States -- Introduction -- Legitimating Non-State Governance -- The LEO-4000 Initiative: Making a Sustainability Standard for US Agriculture -- Legitimating LEO-4000 -- Input Practices -- Procedural Practices -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 8 Farmer's Freedom in the Productive World Order: Standard Takers, Contesters and Negotiators, or Dissenters? -- Introduction -- FARMER'S Freedom and Agricultural Standards -- Farmer's Freedom as a Discursive Notion -- Research Context and Method -- Results -- Farmer 1: Assimilation - Freedom in Economic Interests -- Farmer 2: Protection - Freedom in Organic Farming
  • Farmer 3: Entrepreneurship - Freedom in Economic Creativity -- Farmer 4: Independence - Freedom in Self-Sufficiency -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Part III: Commodification and Consumption -- Chapter 9 A Blot on the Landscape: Consensus and Controversies on Wind Farms in Rural Portugal -- Introduction -- Renewables and Wind Energy in Portugal: A Brief Overview -- Wind Farms and Rural Landscapes: A Research Overview -- Methodological Procedures -- Landscape Issues in the Media Coverage of Wind Farms -- Landscape as an Argument against Wind Farms in Public Consultation Procedures -- The Role of Landscape Issues in EIA Decisions -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 10 Changing the Olive Oil Value Chain: Food Regime and Development in Portugal -- Introduction -- Olive Oil Political and Institutional Frameworks -- Production Geography and Rural Development -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Appendix -- Chapter 11 Consuming Rural Connections: Tracing Leeks Back to Their Roots -- Introduction: The Beginning of a Story about Leeks -- Short Food Chains and Supermarkets - A Contradiction in Terms? -- Abundant, Native and Seasonal: The British Leek -- Leeks, Supermarkets and Consuming Rural Connections -- Information at the Point of Sale -- Digging Deeper - A Post-Purchase Review -- Conclusions -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 12 Consuming Animals, Constructing Naturalness -- Introduction -- Naturalness as Animal Welfare in Animal Food Production -- Techniques of Translation and Qualification: Ethnography of an Organic Farm Producing Organic Eggs -- Housing and Prevention of Diseases -- Breeds -- Slaughter -- Electrocution -- On Naturalness and Animal Welfare in Egg Production -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 13 Return to the Land: Decommodification of Local Foods in South Italy -- Introduction
  • Commodification and Decommodification: Back to Marx -- The Case Study: The Consortium 'Galline Felici' -- Labour as an Expression of Life -- Goods as Use Value -- Social Relationships: Exchange Versus Market -- Social Cooperation: Beyond Exchange -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 14 Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet: A Historical and Sociological Analysis of the Concept of a 'Healthy Diet' in Spanish Society -- Introduction -- Food Policies and Health Standards -- Changes in Food Recommendations -- First Phase: The Beginning of the Consumer Society -- Second Phase: Development and Urbanization -- Third Phase: Modernity -- Food Individualization and the 21st Century Begins -- Changes in Concepts in Health and Food -- Conclusions -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 15 School Meals and the Rural Idyll: Children's Engagements with Animals, Plants and Other Nature -- Introduction -- Children's Eating Practices, School Meals and the Rural Idyll -- Methodology -- National and Regional School Meals Policies: Concerns with Children's Diet -- The Northern Region: Case Study in the Rural Hinterland of a Medium-Size City -- The Multiple Realities of the Rural: Catering for Fragmented Food Tastes -- CHILDREN'S Eating Habits and the Rural Idyll -- Children's Engagements with Animals, Plants and Other Nature -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- About the Authors -- Index
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