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The Resource The Power of Resistance : Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts

The Power of Resistance : Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts

The Power of Resistance : Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts
The Power of Resistance
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Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts
This book is guided through the powerful ideological frameworks of culture and social reproduction and looks specifically to the role of schooling as a vehicle for catalysing change
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Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research, Policy and Praxis
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The Power of Resistance : Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts
The Power of Resistance : Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts
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  • Front Cover -- The Power of Resistance: Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Introduction -- References -- Section 1 Institutional and Historical Factors in Inequality -- Conceptions of Equity in an Age of Globalized Education: A Discourse Analysis of How Theprogramforinternational Student Assessment (Pisa) Discusses Equity -- Background to the OECD and the PISA -- Literature Review -- Classical Conceptions of Equity in Education -- The Current Discourse on Equity in Education -- Theoretical Framework -- Discourse Theory -- Discourse Analysis -- Methodology -- Document Context -- Data Analysis Process -- Findings and Interpretations -- Discourse Theme 1: The Meaning, Production and Implications of Equity -- 1(a). Equity-Defining Statements -- 1(b). The Rewards of Education, and the Rewards of Equity -- Discourse Theme 2: Socio-Economic Status as the Primary Mediator of Outcomes and Equity -- 2(a). Socio-Economic Status -- 2(b). Immigration Status, Language, Gender, and Ethnicity -- Summary of Findings -- Discussion and Implications -- References -- Appendix -- Advancing or Inhibiting Educational Opportunity: The Power of New Teachers to Reinforce or Deconstruct Social Reproduction ... -- The Capacity of Beliefs -- Theoretical Lenses -- The Power of Teachers' Beliefs -- How Teacher Beliefs Change -- New Teacher Beliefs -- Social Reproduction in Schools -- Schooling for Social Justice -- Research Design -- Site Selection -- Data Collection -- Survey -- Interviews -- Data Organization -- Analysis -- Findings -- Teaching Practice -- Teaching for Social Justice -- School Purpose -- Changing Beliefs -- Survival Phase -- Disillusionment Phase -- Changes toward Specific Groups -- Discussion -- Implications for Social Reproduction in Schools -- Study Limitations -- Conclusion
  • Notes -- References -- Tracing Egyptian Education Policy in Changing Eras and Regimes: From 1954 to 2011 -- Education under Nasser -- Education Liberalization and the "Open Door Policy" under Sadat -- Education Decentralization under Mubarak -- Conclusions across Three Egyptian Regimes -- References -- Accommodating and Resisting Dominant Discourses: The Reproduction of Inequality in a Chinese American Community -- Contextual Background: Global Flows of Chinese Immigrants Encountering Racial and Class Discourses -- Fluidity of Discourse of "Chinese American": From Yellow Peril to Model Minority Ideology -- Model Minority Ideology: Conflict of Race and Class -- Dynamics of Contemporary Chinese Immigrants: Highly Professional Chinese Immigrants versus Working-Class Chinese Immigrants -- Dynamics and Social Reproduction of Chineseness in Global Context -- Context of Study: Oakville -- Methodology -- Participants -- Findings: Social Reproduction of Class in Global Flows and Negotiation of Ideologies -- The Immigrant Experience of Chinese and Dynamics of Social Reproduction -- Working-Class Chinese's Renegotiation of Immigrant Experience and Dynamic of Social Reproduction -- Immigration Experiences of Middle-Class Chinese -- Negotiating Dominant Educational Discourses as Chinese and Dynamics of Social Reproduction -- Working-Class Chinese Parents' Negotiations of Educational Discourse -- Middle-Class Chinese Parents' Negotiations of Educational Discourse -- Negotiating the Model Minority Ideology and Struggles of Class Reproduction -- Middle-Class Chinese' Negotiation of Model Minority Ideology -- Working-Class Chinese' Negotiation of Model Minority Ideology and Social Reproduction -- Negotiating Dominant Racial Discourse: Resistance and Accommodations under Unequal Racial Hierarchy
  • Working-Class Chinese Parents: I Don't Want My Daughter to Marry an American (Caucasian) -- Middle-Class Chinese Parents: "Mommy wants you to become a governor" -- Discussion and Conclusion -- References -- An Examination of Mainstream Media as an Educating Institution: The Black Lives Matter Movement and Contemporary Social Protest -- Definitions -- Literature Review: Inequality and the Elusive Nature of the American Dream -- Understanding Racial Inequality in America: Racist Structures and Ideology -- Bridging History and the Future: Present Movement -- Understanding the Lived Experience of Inequality: Motivation to Protest -- Theoretical Frameworks: Social Constructivism, Media Framing, and Critical Race Theory -- Social Constructivism and Media Framing -- Critical Race Theory -- Context and Significance: Media and Activism after the 1996 Telecommunications Act -- Data and Methods -- Findings -- Source and Time Differences in Article Returns -- Racial Inequality and Resistance in BLM Coverage -- Police and Shooting Victims -- Racial Inequality More Broadly -- Resistance -- Discussion -- Conclusion and Future Research -- Future Research -- Notes -- References -- The Stonewall Riots: Moving from the Margins to the Mainstream -- Homosexuality: Terminology and Etiology -- Historical and Political Context of Homosexuality in United Sates during Pre-Stonewall Era -- Early Homophile Activism, Civil Rights, and Anti-War Movements: Pre-cursors and Correlates of Stonewall Inn riot -- What Made the Stonewall so Popular? -- The Stonewall Inn Riots -- Immediate Aftermath of Stonewall Riots -- Long-Term Impact of Stonewall Riots on Gay Rights in the United States and Globally -- Contextualizing the Stonewall Legacy -- Global Estimates of the LGBT Population -- References
  • PPPs in Global Education Policy: Looking at the case of the Egyptian Education Initiative -- Defining Public Private Partnerships in Education -- Theoretical Framework for Analyzing PPPs Globalization in Education and ICTs -- Framing PPPs in Education: The Use of "Statecentric" and "Polycentric" Lens -- Education Policy in Egypt: A Brief Overview -- PPPs in Egypt: The Egyptian Education Initiative -- The Emphasis on Privatization and PPPs in Education in Post-Revolution Egypt -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Section 2 Students, Youth, and Families as Agents of Resistance -- Resisting the Hegemony of School Bureaucracy and Organizing for Safe Schools: First Generation Immigrant Asian Students Dev... -- Background and Context -- School Violence and Immigrant Communities -- Community Struggles -- South Philadelphia High School and the December 3, 2009 Incident -- School and Neighborhood -- December 3, 2009 -- Site and Participants -- Methodology -- Theoretical Frameworks -- Analytical Frameworks -- Youth Activism -- Identity and Identities -- Literacy and Literacies -- Acquiring Identities through Social Justice Action -- Asian Immigrant Student Identities - The Common Stereotypes -- Arriving as the Outsider - The "Other" -- Before December 3 -- From Victims to Youth Activists -- Charting Identities, Capital, and Literacies -- Self-Identifying as Youth Activists and Organizers -- Possible Selves: The Question of Social Futures -- Finding Meaning in the Experience of Political Activism -- What It Has Meant -- The Significance of Journeys -- "You Can't Go Home Again" -- Acquiring Literacy Practices -- Authentic Use of Language -- Intergenerational Supports: The Importance of "Bridging Social Capital" -- Discussion and Conclusions -- Notes -- References -- Appendix -- Standing in Solidarity with Black Girls to Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Power of Resistance: Culture, Ideology and Social Reproduction in Global Contexts -- A Legacy of Colonial Schooling -- Criminogenic Framing of Black Students -- Data on Black Girls' Suspension Rates -- Black Girls Muted -- School Counselors: Making Megaphones or Muzzles? -- Culturally Empowered School Counselors -- Black Females and Hip Hop -- School Counselors and Hip Hop -- Black Girls Reconsider, Recalibrate, and Reclaim á la Hip Hop -- Hip Hop and School Design -- References -- Educational and Social Challenges in the Reintegration Process of Former Child Soldiers -- Introduction -- Education and Conflict in South Sudan -- Methods -- Theoretical Framework -- Demobilization and the Hunger for Education -- Social and Economic Disadvantages -- Impacts of War -- Cultural Practices -- Concluding Remarks -- Notes -- References -- Appendix -- Academic Achievement of Latino Immigrant Adolescents: The Effects of Negative School Social Relationships, School Safety, a... -- Literature Review -- Negative School Social Relationships -- Discrimination -- Composition of School Social Relations -- Linking Negative School Social Relationships, School Safety and Educational Expectations -- Methods -- Data -- Analytical Framework and Measures -- Analytical Framework -- Exogenous Variables -- Mediating Variables -- School Level Exogenous Variables -- Dependent Variable -- Analytical Strategies -- Results -- Descriptive Statistics -- Multi-Level Structural Equation Modeling -- Indirect Effect of Negative School Social Relationships on GPA through School Safety -- Indirect Effect of Negative School Environments on GPA through Educational Expectation -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgment -- References -- Youth in Modern Egypt: Toward an Understanding of Civic Engagement and Underlying Social Dynamics -- Poverty -- Unemployment -- Educational Disparity
  • Gender Disparity
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