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The Resource The Economics of Airport Operations

The Economics of Airport Operations

The Economics of Airport Operations
The Economics of Airport Operations
This volume examines the role that airports play in economic development and land values, the regulation and economic efficiency of airports, airport pricing and competition, and the role played by airports in influencing airline operations and networks
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Advances in Airline Economics
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The Economics of Airport Operations
The Economics of Airport Operations
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  • "Front Cover" -- "The Economics of Airport Operations" -- "Copyright Page" -- "Contents" -- "List of Contributors" -- "Editorial Members" -- "About the Editors" -- "Chapter 1 Introduction" -- "The Changing Nature of Airport Operations and the Role of Government" -- "Efficiency, Structure and Pricing of Airport Services" -- "Airport Effects on Local and Regional Economies" -- "Airport Operations and Airport Connectivity" -- "Summary and Concluding Observations" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 2 Light-Handed Regulation of Airport Services: An Alternative Approach to Direct Regulation?" -- "Introduction" -- "What is â{u0080}{u009C}Light-Handedâ{u0080}{u009D} Regulation?" -- "Examples of Light-Handed Regulation of Airports" -- "Structure of the Chapter" -- "Regulation of Airport Services â{u0080}{u0093} The Rationale" -- "Traditional Approaches to the Economic Regulation of Airports" -- "Rate of Return Regulation and Cost-based Regulation" -- "Price Cap Regulation" -- "Variations to Direct Regulatory Approaches" -- "Governance Arrangements Involving â{u0080}{u009C}Checksâ{u0080}{u009D} and â{u0080}{u009C}Balancesâ{u0080}{u009D} â{u0080}{u0093} Airports in the US" -- "The Evolution of Light-Handed Regulation" -- "Introduction of Light-Handed Regulation in New Zealand (late 1980s)" -- "Light-Handed Regulation in the Utility Sector in North America (1980s onwards)" -- "The Introduction of Light-Handed Regulation of Airports in Australia (2002)" -- "Changes to Light-Handed Regulation in New Zealand (2000s)" -- "General Reasons for Moving to Light-Handed Regulation of Airports" -- "Difficulties Experienced with Price Cap Regulation of Airport Services" -- "Increased Complexity and Regulatory Intervention Over Time" -- "Risk and Uncertainty" -- "The Benefits of Greater Negotiation of Airport Services" -- "Comparison of Light-Handed Approaches to Regulation of Airport Services in Australia and New Zealand"
  • "Information Disclosure and Price and Quality of Service Monitoring Regulation" -- "Negotiate-Arbitrate Regulation" -- "Summary" -- "Reviews of Light-handed Regulation of Airport Services in Australia and New Zealand in the Literature" -- "The Design of Light-Handed Regulation" -- "Threat of a Stronger Regulatory Measure, or Regulatory Intervention, Under Light-handed Regulation" -- "Information Disclosure Regulation and Price and Quality of Service Monitoring" -- "Negotiate-Arbitrate Regulation" -- "Transparency of Airport Performance under Light-handed Regulation" -- "Information Disclosure Regulation and Price and Quality of Service Monitoring" -- "Negotiate-arbitrate Regulation (Dispute Resolution Approach)" -- "Regulatory Compliance Costs of Alternative Approaches" -- "Information Disclosure Regulation and Price and Quality of Service Monitoring" -- "Negotiate-arbitrate Regulation" -- "Summary of Design Characteristics that Contribute to the Effectiveness of Different Types of Light-handed Regulation" -- "Conclusions on Light-Handed Regulation of Airport Services" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 3 Two-Sidedness and Welfare Neutrality in Airport Concessions" -- "Introduction" -- "Two-Sidedness in Airport Concessions" -- "Welfare Neutrality in Airport Concessions" -- "The Substitutability between Concession Goods at Airport and Goods Elsewhere" -- "Traveler and Non-traveler Surplus in Concessions Consumption" -- "The Relationship between Two-sidedness and Welfare Neutrality in Airport Concessions" -- "Concluding Remarks and Avenues for Future Research" -- "Notes" -- "Acknowledgments" -- "References" -- "Chapter 4 Estimation of Allocative Efficiency in Airports for a Pre-Privatization Period" -- "Introduction" -- "The Spanish Airport System" -- "Taxonomy of Spanish Airports" -- "Privatization Schedule" -- "Methodology"
  • "Definition of Distance Function" -- "Parametric Approach" -- "Error Component Approach" -- "Econometric Specification and Data" -- "Econometric Specification" -- "Data" -- "Results" -- "Input-Oriented Distance Function" -- "Allocative Inefficiency through the Parametric Approach" -- "Allocative Inefficiency through the Error Component Approach" -- "Conclusions" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Appendix" -- "Chapter 5 Airportâ{u0080}{u0093}Airline Arrangements: An Interpretive Review of Industry Practices and Recent Studies" -- "Introduction" -- "Alternative forms of Airportâ{u0080}{u0093}Airline Arrangements" -- "Residual RATE-Setting Method and Signatory Airline Status" -- "Airlines Control and/or Invest in Airport Facilities" -- "Long-Term Usage Contract" -- "Airports Issue Revenue Bonds Backed by Airlines" -- "Revenue and Risk Sharing between Airports and Airlines" -- "Airportâ{u0080}{u0093}Airline Consortium" -- "Common Ownership and Joint Decision of Airport and Airline" -- "Information Sharing and Joint Marketing" -- "Incentive Programs and Other Agreements" -- "Analytical Approaches and Key Findings of Recent Studies" -- "Revenue Sharing" -- "Bargaining Game" -- "Collusion or Joint Venture" -- "Contract Design and Moral Hazard" -- "Case Studies" -- "Other Study Approaches" -- "Interpretation of Findings and Implications" -- "Summary and Conclusions" -- "Notes" -- "Acknowledgment" -- "References" -- "Chapter 6 Airport and Airline Relationship of Multiple Functional Structures" -- "Introduction â{u0080}{u0093} Airport and Airline Vertical Relationship" -- "Background â{u0080}{u0093} Complex and Risky Business" -- "Risk Sharing Across Industries" -- "Airport and Airline Risk Sharing Contract" -- "Risk Sharing Contract between Airport and Airline" -- "Information on the Noto Airport" -- "Noto Airport Load Factor Guarantee Mechanism (LFGM)" -- "Balance of Airport and Airline Risk Sharing"
  • "Framework of Gauging Risk Sharing Balance" -- "Model Formulation for Risk Sharing Balance" -- "Gauging the Balance" -- "Incomplete Contract Framework Analysis" -- "Incomplete Contract Theory and its Application to Risk Sharing Contracts" -- "Model" -- "Numerical Illustrations" -- "Summary and Concluding Remarks" -- "Notes" -- "Acknowledgments" -- "References" -- "Chapter 7 Pricing of Airport Operations" -- "Introduction" -- "Norwegian Airport Network, Airport Charges and Operating Costs" -- "Norwegian Airport Structure" -- "Current Airport Charges" -- "Costs at Norwegian Airports" -- "Marginal Cost-based Airport Charges" -- "Price Equal to Long-run Marginal Cost" -- "Charges Adjusted to Meet Revenue Restrictions (Revenue-Adjusted MC)" -- "Charges when Considering the Cost of Raising Public Funds" -- "Consequences of Long-run Marginal Cost Pricing â{u0080}{u0093} A Numerical Example" -- "Consequences for the Airport Owner (Avinor)" -- "Consequences for the State" -- "Consequences for the Airline Companies and Passengers" -- "Welfare Considerations" -- "Ramsey Pricing Approach under Budget Constraints" -- "Applying a Ramsey Pricing Approach at Norwegian Airports: A Calculation Example" -- "Conclusions and Implications" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Appendix A" -- "Consequences for the Airport Owner (Avinor)" -- "Welfare Effects" -- "Appendix B" -- "Chapter 8 The Cost Structure of the Airport Industry: Methodological Issues and Empirical Evidence" -- "Introduction" -- "Output and Input Measurement in the Airport Industry" -- "Outputs" -- "Inputs" -- "Technology of Multiproduct Firms" -- "Scale and Scope Economies in the Airport Industry: a Critical Survey of the Recent Literature" -- "The United States" -- "Other Single Country Studies" -- "Cross-Country Studies" -- "A Critical Assessment" -- "Conclusions and Policy Implications" -- "Notes" -- "References"
  • "Appendix" -- "Chapter 9 Airport Charges â{u0080}{u0093} Interactions between Airlines and Airports" -- "Introduction" -- "Models for Airlines and Airports behavior" -- "Airlines Response to Airport Charges â{u0080}{u0093} A General Model" -- "Airport Charging Under Different Objectives" -- "Profit Maximizing Airports" -- "Welfare Maximizing Airports" -- "Utility Maximizing Airports" -- "Pass-On Rates Under Different Market Characteristics" -- "Case I â{u0080}{u0093} Linear Demand" -- "Case II â{u0080}{u0093} Power Demand Function" -- "Case III â{u0080}{u0093} Exponential demand function" -- "Case IV â{u0080}{u0093} Linear Demand â{u0080}{u0093} Duopoly" -- "Discussion and Numerical Example" -- "Main Model Results" -- "Numerical Example" -- "Concluding Remarks" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 10 Spatial Evolution of Airports: A New Geographical Economics Perspective" -- "Introduction" -- "Conceptual Framework of New Geographical Economics" -- "Increasing Returns" -- "Imperfect Competition" -- "Transportation/Trade Costs" -- "Endogenous Firm Locations" -- "Endogenous Location of Demand" -- "Model Outcomes" -- "The Vertical Linkages Model" -- "NGE: Implications for Airport Economics and Policy" -- "NGE as an Approach to Transport Project Appraisal" -- "Implications for the Approach and Analysis of a Specific Airport Location Problem" -- "Main Critique of the New Geographical Economics Approach" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 11 The Heterogeneous Impact of Airports on Population and Employment Growth in Cities" -- "Introduction" -- "Literature Review" -- "Local Labor Markets and Airports" -- "Data" -- "Estimating the Effect of Airports on Cities" -- "Research Design" -- "Estimation Strategies" -- "Baseline OLS Estimates of Aggregate Airport Effects" -- "Difference-in-Differences Estimation of Aggregate Airport Effects and Standard Errors" -- "Synthetic Control Analysis" -- "Case Studies" -- "Results"
  • "Consistency of Synthetic Control Estimator"
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