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The Resource The Catalyst Effect : 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance

The Catalyst Effect : 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance

The Catalyst Effect : 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance
The Catalyst Effect
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12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance
Provides a practical, research-based roadmap for developing and applying twelve key competencies to multiply an individual's impact, elevate the performance of others, and accelerate progress toward mission-oriented goals, generating greater value
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The Catalyst Effect : 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance
The Catalyst Effect : 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance
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  • Front Cover -- The Catalyst Effect -- Copyright Page -- Endorsement -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Foreword -- Preface -- What Creates a Catalyst Effect? -- Introduction: Catalytic Teamwork in Action -- Multiple Catalysts Propel Performance -- Why Managers Need Catalysts Now More Than Ever -- Catalytic Leadership and Teamwork -- Becoming a Catalyst: The 12 Catalytic Competencies -- Cornerstone 1: Building Credibility -- Trust, Integrity, and Credibility: Hallmarks of a Catalyst -- 1. Acts With Integrity and Inspires Trust -- It Takes More Than Just Showing Up -- What is Integrity? What is Trust? Why Are They So Important? -- Live Your Values Consistently -- Values: The Core of Who You Are -- Identifying and Demonstrating Your Values -- Recharge Your Trust Battery -- Integrity and Trust -- Conclusion -- 2. Communicates Clearly -- Communicating across Boundaries -- The Fundamentals of Effective Communication -- Nonverbal Communication -- Active and Reflective Listening -- Asking Open-Ended and Thought-Provoking Questions -- Open-Mindedness -- Communication Objectives -- Listener or Audience Assumptions -- Storytelling -- Feedback -- Content Value versus Volume -- The Challenger Communication Disaster -- Overcoming Communication Barriers -- Overcoming Skepticism and Objections -- Addressing Conflicting and Incomplete Data -- Combatting Arrogance -- Listening -- Questioning -- Feedback -- Prevailing over Groupthink -- Conclusion -- 3. Invigorates with Optimism -- Optimism Fuels Team Success -- Impact of Optimism -- Optimism in Practice -- Invigorating with Optimism Is Applied Psychological Capital -- The Impact of Pessimism -- How the McDonaldâ{u0080}{u0099}s Crew Exemplifies Invigorating with Optimism -- Conclusion -- Cornerstone 2: Creating Cohesion -- Top Team Performance Requires Cohesion
  • What is the Purpose of a Team and What Makes It Cohesive? -- Build on Credibility to Create Cohesion -- 4. Connects Emotionally -- Empathy in Action -- The Power of Emotion -- Three Performance Challenges -- Preventing or Mitigating Performance-Suppressing Emotions -- Turning Around Performance-Suppressing Emotions -- Activating and Perpetuating Performance-Elevating Emotions -- Conclusion -- 5. Develops Camaraderie -- Camaraderie at McDonaldâ{u0080}{u0099}s -- What Creates Camaraderie? -- Common Commitment to a Purpose -- Healthy Culture -- Mutual Respect among Team Members -- Workplace Friendships -- Conclusion -- 6. Puts the Teamâ{u0080}{u0099}s Goals and the Organizationâ{u0080}{u0099}s Mission before Personal Interests -- Igniting a Movement -- The Importance of Putting Team before Self -- Self versus Other or Self and Other -- Leadership, Sacrifice, and the Greater Good -- What Is Selflessness? -- Drivers of Selflessness -- Selflessness Aimed at the New Teammate -- Conclusion -- Cornerstone 3: Generating Momentum -- Progress Requires Momentum -- Inspire to Vigorously Achieve Lofty Goals -- 7. Energizes Others to Execute with the Mission in Mind -- Cycling and Energizing toward a Goal -- Breakaway -- Drafting -- Lead-Out Train -- Team Position within the Peloton -- Taking on the Skyuka Mountain -- Energize to Elevate Performance -- Promote Pride, Confidence, Belief, and a Robust Unified Team Spirit -- Identify Whatâ{u0080}{u0099}s at Stake -- Make the Mission and Vision Personally Meaningful -- Keep the Importance of the Mission and Its Benefits Uppermost in Coworkersâ{u0080}{u0099} Minds -- Remind Others Regularly of the Personal Rewards and the Teamâ{u0080}{u0099}s Rewards that Will Come with Success -- Convey a â{u0080}{u009C}Can-Doâ{u0080}{u009D} Attitude. Catalysts Create Belief in What Is Possible -- Channel Execution -- Connect Individual and Team Goals with the Teamâ{u0080}{u0099}s Mission and Vision -- Identify Team Milestones. Chart Progress
  • Retain Focus on the Mission: Stop, Start, Continue -- Pursue a Synchronized Course of Action to Achieve Specific Outcomes -- Advocate for Taking Advantage of the Best Expertise on the Team for a Given Challenge -- Influence Discussions That Take Place Outside of Formal Meetings to Keep Teams Focused and On Course with the Mission and Vision -- Seek Fresh Perspectives on How to Invigorate, Improve, and Direct Team Performance -- Keep the Team on Track -- Conclusion -- 8. Upgrades and Rejuvenates Skills and Knowledge -- Revitalizing an Inner-City School: The Process That Created a Community of Catalysts -- Creating a Community of Catalysts -- Upgrading and Rejuvenating Our Own Skills -- Practice â{u0080}{u0094} and More Practice -- Experimentation -- Curiosity -- Team and Organizational Learning -- Practice Together -- Debriefing Sessions -- Team Problem-Solving -- Guiding and Assisting Each Other -- Experimentation -- Benchmarking and Team Best Practices -- Learning at the Organizational, Team, and Individual Levels: A Familiar Setting -- Conclusion -- 9. Leads and Follows -- Leadâ{u0080}{u00A6} Followâ{u0080}{u00A6} Leadâ{u0080}{u00A6} Followâ{u0080}{u00A6} -- Leading, Partnering, and Following -- The Art of Following -- What Makes a Good Follower? -- Conclusion -- Cornerstone 4: Amplifying Impact -- The Multiplier Effect: Success Requires Collective Commitment -- 10. Pursues Excellence -- Achieving Excellence -- How the 2014 NCAA Team Inspired Performance -- Excellence: What Does It Look Like? -- Understanding and Measuring Organizational Excellence -- The Individual Drive for Excellence -- Focus -- Passion and Commitment -- Passion and Grit -- Conclusion -- 11. Mentors and Coaches Others to Excel -- A Nurse Who Is Eager to Advance -- Managing and Supervising -- Mentoring -- Coaching -- Jenny: Reflections on Her Situation -- The Skills of Outstanding Mentors and Coaches -- Mentoring and Coaching in Practice
  • Mentoring and Coaching in Organizational Settings: What Are the Differences? -- How Intel Approaches Mentoring -- Coaching Olympic Athletes -- Coaching and Mentoring in Education -- Paying It Forward -- Conclusion -- 12. Proposes Imaginative Solutions -- Catalytic Competencies Mastered -- Spurring Creative Ideas -- The Three-Part Pattern of Imaginative Solutions -- Wise People Committees -- Imaginative Ideas in Practice: What You Can Do to Activate Creativity -- Connections with the Expertise of Others Are Key -- Connections with Outside/Non-Job Phenomena Make a Difference -- Connections with Experience and Existing Knowledge -- Connections with Trends -- Complacency Is Dangerous -- Conclusion -- Whatâ{u0080}{u0099}s Next? Assessing and Developing Catalytic Competencies -- How Catalytic Are You? -- Step 1: Assess Yourself -- Step Two: Score Your Self-Assessment -- Step Three: Determine Current Strengths and Areas for Improvement within each of the 12 Competencies -- Letâ{u0080}{u0099}s Get Started -- Instructions -- How You Work Best with Others: A Self-Reflection in Practice -- References -- About the Authors -- Index
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