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The Resource That's the joint! : the hip-hop studies reader, Murray Forman & Mark Anthony Neal, editors

That's the joint! : the hip-hop studies reader, Murray Forman & Mark Anthony Neal, editors

That's the joint! : the hip-hop studies reader
That's the joint! : the hip-hop studies reader
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Murray Forman & Mark Anthony Neal, editors
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.T43 2004
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That's the joint! : the hip-hop studies reader, Murray Forman & Mark Anthony Neal, editors
That's the joint! : the hip-hop studies reader, Murray Forman & Mark Anthony Neal, editors
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Includes bibliographical references and index
  • pt. 1. Hip-hop ya don't stop : hip-hop history and historiography / Murray Forman -- Breaking / Sally Banes -- The politics of graffiti / Craig Castleman -- Breaking : the history / Michael Holman -- B-beats bombarding Bronx : Mobile DJ starts something with oldie R&B disks / Robert Ford, Jr. -- Jive talking N.Y. DJs rapping away in black discos / Robert Ford, Jr. -- Hip-hop's founding fathers speak the truth / Nelson George
  • pt. 2. No time for fake niggas : hip-hop culture and the authenticity debates / Mark Anthony Neal -- The culture of hip-hop / Michael Eric Dyson -- Puerto rocks : rap, roots, and amnesia / Juan Flores -- It's a family affair / Paul Gilroy -- Hip-hop Chicano : a separate but parallel story / Raegan Kelly -- On the question of nigga authenticity / R.A.T. Judy -- Looking for the "real" nigga : social scientists construct the ghetto / Robin D.G. Kelley -- About a salary or reality?--rap's recurrent conflict / Alan Light -- The rap on rap : the "black music" that isn't either / David Samuels
  • pt. 3. Ain't no love in the heart of the city : hip-hop, space, and place / Murray Forman -- Black empires, white desires : the spatial politics of identity in the age of hip-hop / Davarian L. Baldwin -- Hip-hop am Main, rappin' on the Tyne : hip-hop culture as a local construct in two European cities / Andy Bennett -- "Represent" : race, space, and place in rap music / Murray Forman -- Rap and hip-hop : the New York connection / Dick Hebdige -- Uptown throwdown / David Toop
  • pt. 4. I'll be Nina Simone defecating on your microphone : hip-hop and gender / Mark Anthony Neal -- Translating double-dutch to hip-hop : the musical vernacular of black girls' play / Kyra D. Gaunt -- Empowering self, making choices, creating spaces : black female identity via rap music performance / Cheryl L. Keyes -- Hip-hop feminist / Joan Morgan -- Seeds and legacies : tapping the potential in hip-hop / Gwendolyn D. Pough -- Never trust a big butt and a smile / Tricia Rose
  • pt. 5. The message : rap, politics, and resistance / Mark Anthony Neal -- Organizing the hip-hop generation / Angela Ards -- Check yo self before you wreck yo self : the death of politics in rap music and popular culture / Todd Boyd -- The challenge of rap music from cultural movement to political power / Bakari Kitwana -- Rap, race, and politics / Clarence Lusane -- Postindustrial soul : black popular music at the crossroads / Mark Anthony Neal
  • pt. 6. Looking for the perfect beat : hip-hop aesthetics and technologies of production / Murray Forman -- Airshafts, loudspeakers, and the hip hop sample : contexts and African American musical aesthetics / Andrew Bartlett -- Public enemy confrontation / Mark Dery -- Hip-hop : from live performance to mediated narrative / Greg Dimitriadis -- Sample this / Nelson George -- "This is a sampling sport" : digital sampling, rap music, and the law in cultural production / Thomas G. Schumacher -- Challenging conventions in the fine art of rap / Richard Shusterman -- Hip-hop and black noise : raising hell / Rickey Vincent -- Dance in hip-hop culture / Katrina Hazzard-Donald -- Wendy Day, advocate for rappers / Norman Kelley -- The business of rap: an inteview with Carmen Ashhurst-Watson / Tricia Rose -- An exploration of spectacular consumption: gangsta rap as cultural commodity / Eric K. Watts
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