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The Resource Teacher Educator International Professional Development As Ren

Teacher Educator International Professional Development As Ren

Teacher Educator International Professional Development As Ren
Teacher Educator International Professional Development As Ren
  • Teacher-educator international professional development involves personal and professional, research- and practice-oriented, and pragmatic and aesthetic growth. This text encourages teacher educators to explore this work as Ren, or benevolent human beings, in cultivating global professional communities. As faculties engage in Ren as a vital 21st century form of development, new insights may emerge for how to revive and apply this concept in our changing global society. This text begins by discussing evolving concepts of achievement in an era of globalization, contrasting comparative conquest with global notions of relational integrity. Evolving aspects of achievement in 21st century China are also included. The text goes on to explore aspects of 21st century teacher quality and professional development, before presenting a theoretical framework for the international professional development of teacher education faculties as a process of becoming professional individuals, research-based practitioners, and aesthetic engineers. Narrative inquiry, including the aesthetic approach employed in this text, is described as the research method used to explore the development of 15 faculty participants in this text's case study of one teacher education research center at a Chinese university. Findings from the author's two-year immersion at the research site involve three overarching "complementary contrasts," or "tensions held in balance," across the 15 faculties in this study. These tensions included harmonizing (1) community and individuality, (2) adaptability and expression, and (3) authority and compassion. The findings are discussed in light of the original theoretical framework for teacher-educator international professional development by integrating participant interviews, research publications, and further observations into current academic
  • discourse. The text concludes by offering implications for teacher-education practice, research, and policy for China, and other countries including the U.S., and suggests how the findings connect to global academic discourses on teacher-educator professional development across international settings
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Teacher Educator International Professional Development As Ren
Teacher Educator International Professional Development As Ren
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  • Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Abstract -- 1 Conceptualizing Achievement in an Era of Globalization -- 1.1 Achievement as a Contextualized, Evolving Concept -- 1.2 Achievement as Comparative Conquest -- 1.2.1 Comparative Assessment Scores -- 1.2.2 Marketized Economic Conquest -- 1.2.3 Competitive, Collaborative Innovation -- 1.3 Achievement as Relational Integrity -- 1.3.1 Aesthetic R̀̀hizomatic'' Relationality -- 1.3.2 Compassionate Equity Awareness -- 1.4 Achievement as Ren -- References -- 2 Teacher Educator Quality and Professional Development in an Era of Globalization -- 2.1 Teacher Quality and Professional Development -- 2.1.1 Teacher Autonomy and Support -- 2.2 Teacher Educator Professional Development -- 2.2.1 Teacher Educator Autonomy and Support -- 2.3 International Professional Development as Ren -- 2.3.1 Ren and Rendao as Relational Road-Building -- 2.3.2 Looking out to Look in, Reaching up to Reach Down -- 2.4 Integrating Contrasts as Complements -- 2.4.1 Personal Professionals, Professional Persons -- 2.4.2 Research-Based Practitioners, Practice-Based Researchers -- Phronesis and Episteme -- Inquiry as Stance -- 2.4.3 Aesthetic Architects, Engineering Artists -- Humility as Aesthetic C̀̀ement'' -- Li as Vocation -- 2.5 Achievement Conceptions Revisited -- References -- 3 China's Evolving Education System and Conceptions of Achievement -- 3.1 National Conceptions of Achievement -- 3.1.1 Education as a System -- 3.1.2 Evolving National Conceptions of Achievement -- 3.1.3 National Educational Aims and Assessments -- 3.1.4 Teachers as Engineers of the Human Soul -- 3.1.5 Teacher Education Aims and Assessment in China -- 3.2 G̀̀localizing'' Conceptions of Achievement in China -- 3.2.1 Internationalizing Education in China -- 3.2.2 Narrowing the Education Gap
  • 3.3 International Professional Development in Education -- References -- 4 Aesthetic Narrative Inquiry Methodology -- 4.1 Aesthetic Narrative Inquiry -- 4.1.1 Bridging Personal and Professional: Accepting Self and Other -- 4.1.2 Integrating Research and Practice: Bridging as Stance -- 4.1.3 Infusing the Aesthetic and Pragmatic: Imagining Healing Practices -- Mythopoesis -- A/R/Tography -- Imaginative Reconciliation -- 4.2 Case Study Design -- 4.2.1 Research Purpose -- 4.2.2 Research Questions -- 4.2.3 Research Site -- 4.2.4 Researcher Subjectivity -- 4.2.5 Data Collection -- Participatory Observation -- Narrative Inquiry Interviews -- 4.2.6 Data Analysis -- References -- 5 Findings as Aesthetic Storytelling -- 5.1 Complementary Contrasts as Ren -- 5.2 Individuality and Community -- 5.2.1 Intentional Community* Theory into Practice -- 5.2.2 International Nationality* the Middle Way -- 5.2.3 Sustaining Foundation* Constant in Change -- 5.3 Adaptability and Expression -- 5.3.1 Reflective Climb* Learn from Others -- 5.3.2 Resilient Flexibility* Take Things as They Come -- 5.3.3 Hopeful Perseverance* More Haste, Less Speed -- 5.4 Authority and Compassion -- 5.4.1 Inclusive Creativity* Inclusivity Produces Growth -- 5.4.2 Inner Courage* Body and Mind as One -- 5.4.3 Practical Hope* Teach Others How to Fish -- References -- 6 Teacher Educator International Professional Development as Ren -- 6.1 Brunelleschi's Tower -- 6.2 Looking Out to Look In, Reaching Up to Reach Down -- 6.3 Embracing Contrasts as Complements -- 6.3.1 Growing Personally and Professionally -- Cultivating a Globally Inclusive Individuality -- Language Learning with Intention -- Navigating Cultural Misunderstanding -- 6.3.2 Developing as Researchers and Practitioners -- Bridging Theory and Practice
  • Cultivating an Ethical Theory-Based Practice -- Building Community via Practice-Oriented Theory -- 6.3.3 Blending the Aesthetic and Engineering Eye -- Evaluating to Enhance Personal Development -- Harmonizing Personal--Societal Development -- Aspiring Toward Compassionate National Development -- References -- 7 Implications for Teacher Education Practice, Policy, and Research -- 7.1 Look Out to Look in, Reach up to Reach Down -- 7.2 Teacher Educators as Global Practitioners -- 7.2.1 Engage in Global Personal--Professional Development -- 7.2.2 Cultivate Global Communities of Unique Individuals -- 7.2.3 Engage in Language Learning as Global Learning -- 7.2.4 Engage Aesthetic Reflection as a Self-Other Bridge -- 7.3 Teacher Educators as Global Researchers -- 7.3.1 Engage in Global Theory--Practice Transfer -- 7.3.2 Connect Theory and Practice Orientations -- 7.3.3 Engage in Aesthetic, Narrative Inquiry -- 7.4 Teacher Educators as Global Policy Shapers -- 7.4.1 Orient Policy Toward Personal and Professional Growth -- 7.4.2 Connect Evaluation to Meaningful Learning -- 7.4.3 Integrate Global Inclusivity into the Chinese Dream -- 7.5 Cultivating Global Citizens: Ren as Achievement -- References
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