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The Resource Systems biology of Alzheimer's disease, edited by Juan I. Castrillo, Stephen G. Oliver

Systems biology of Alzheimer's disease, edited by Juan I. Castrillo, Stephen G. Oliver

Systems biology of Alzheimer's disease
Systems biology of Alzheimer's disease
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edited by Juan I. Castrillo, Stephen G. Oliver
"Alzheimer's disease (AD) and many other neurodegenerative disorders are multifactorial in nature, involving a combination of genomic, epigenomic, network dynamic and environmental factors. A proper investigation requires new integrative Systems Biology approaches, at both the experimental and computational level. The interplay of disease mechanisms and homeostatic networks will underlie the time of onset and rate of progression of the disease. This book addresses such an integrated approach to AD. It aims to present Systems Biology, including both experimental and computational approaches, as a new strategy for the study of AD and other multifactorial diseases, with the hope that the results will translate into more effective diagnosis and treatment, as well as improved public health policies. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, practical and cutting-edge, Systems Biology of Alzheimer's Disease is intended for post-graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and experts in different fields with an interest in comprehensive Systems Biology strategies applicable to AD and other complex multifactorial diseases (including other neurodegenerative diseases and cancers). This book aims to complement other excellent volumes and monographs on AD that cover fundamental, physiological or medical aspects of the disease."--Back cover
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Systems biology of Alzheimer's disease, edited by Juan I. Castrillo, Stephen G. Oliver
Systems biology of Alzheimer's disease, edited by Juan I. Castrillo, Stephen G. Oliver
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  • RNA-sequencing to elucidate early patterns of dysregulation underlying the onset of Alzheimer's disease
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  • Practical guide for exploring opportunities of repurposing drugs for CNS diseases in systems biology
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  • Effects of mild and severe oxidative stress on BACE1 expression and APP amyloidogenic processing
  • Jiangli Tan, Qiao-Xin Li, and Genevieve Evin
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