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The Resource Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times : Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times : Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times : Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times
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Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
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Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times : Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Student Engagement in Neoliberal Times : Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
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  • Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- List of Tables -- Exploring Mainstream Views of Student Engagement -- 1 Glimpsing Student Engagement -- Abstract -- A Snapshot of Mainstream Engagement -- Defining Engagement? -- Theoretical Assumptions? -- Purposes, Structures and Processes -- Part 1: Exploring Mainstream Views of Student Engagement -- Part 2: Questioning the Mainstream View -- Part 3: Student Engagement Beyond the Mainstream -- References -- 2 Mainstream Perspectives and Frameworks -- Abstract -- Major Meaning Perspectives in Mainstream Student Engagement -- A Quantitative Generic Pedagogical Perspective -- A More Qualitative Learning Focused Perspective -- A Holistic Lifewide Experience Perspective -- From Meaning Perspectives to Practice -- Engagement: One Word, Many Meanings and Applications -- References -- 3 Towards an Emergent Mainstream Engagement Framework -- Abstract -- Emergence: Ten Propositions for Enabling Student Engagement -- Students' Invest in Their Own Learning -- Student Self-belief Is Vital for Success -- Students' Motivation Grows from Self-belief -- Social and Cultural Capital Enhance Engagement -- Engaged Learners Are Deep Learners -- Teachers and Institutions Are Vital Enablers of Engagement -- Quality Teaching and Institutional Support Enhance Engagement -- Disciplinary Knowledge Engages Students -- Adapt to Changing Student Expectations -- Engagement Requires Enabling External Environments -- Engagement Occurs Across the Life-Span -- Engagement Is Linked to Subjective Well-being -- Active Citizenship Is Important for Student Engagement -- Emergence: A Conceptual Organizer for Mainstream Student Engagement -- References -- Questioning the Mainstream View -- 4 Higher Education in Neoliberal Times -- Abstract -- Neoliberalism, Globalization and Governmentality in Higher Education -- Globalization
  • Governmentality -- Neoliberalism and Higher Education -- Spontaneous Order Theory -- Public Choice Theory -- Agency Theory -- Human Capital Theory and Knowledge Capitalism -- The Effects of Neoliberalism on Higher Education: A Case Study -- Theory to Practice -- References -- 5 Student Engagement and Neoliberalism: An Elective Affinity? -- Abstract -- Research Culture and Neoliberalism -- Student Engagement and Neoliberalism -- Elective Affinity: A Metaphor for the Relationship -- Student Engagement Practice in Neoliberal Times -- A Neoliberal Perspective of an Elective Affinity with Engagement -- Elective Affinity from a Student Engagement Perspective -- Looking Back, Looking Forward -- References -- 6 A Critique of Mainstream Student Engagement -- Abstract -- Selected Critiques in the Student Engagement Research Literature -- Technical Critiques -- Critiques Originating in Philosophical/Theoretical Concerns -- Questioning an Academic Orthodoxy -- Elective Affinity, Normality and Governmentality -- Quality and the Generic Learner -- Engagement Pedagogy: Only a Partial Understanding of Student Learning -- Questioning an Affinity with Psychology -- Mainstream Engagement Research: Anticipating a New Direction -- References -- Student Engagement Beyond the Mainstream -- 7 Student Engagement Beyond the Mainstream -- Abstract -- Jürgen Habermas: Reason, Communicative Action and Emancipatory Knowledge -- Paulo Freire and Critical Pedagogy -- bell hooks: Transgression, Feminism, Antiracism and Critical Pedagogy -- Linda Tuhiwai Smith et al.: Decolonizing Research and Teaching Methodologies -- Theodore Brameld: Education for the Future -- Looking Forward: Ten Proposals for Action -- References -- 8 Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Engagement -- Abstract -- Critical Reflections Leading to Action -- Student Engagement Occurs in a Specific Ideological Climate
  • Student Engagement Visualizes a Pedagogy of Hope -- Student Engagement Has an Emancipatory Sociocultural Ecological Meaning -- Student Engagement Validates Emancipation -- In Student Engagement One Size Does not Fit All -- Four Emancipatory Purposes Characterize Student Engagement -- Proposals for Critical Practice -- Exposing Ideological Dominance -- Examples of Practice -- Developing Critical Consciousness -- Examples of Practice -- Fostering Empowered Learners -- Examples of Practice -- Acting to Change Society -- Examples of Practice -- Classroom Applications and Experiences -- Student Engagement Beyond the Mainstream: A Synthesis -- Discussion -- End Note -- References -- 9 Towards a Critical Curriculum for Engagement -- Abstract -- Purposes -- Critical Purposes in Practice -- Knowledge in a 'Big E' Critical Curriculum -- Critical Knowledge in Practice -- Values -- Critical Values in Practice -- An Example of a 'Big E' Critical Curriculum in Action -- References -- 10 Supporting Engagement Through Critical Evaluation -- Abstract -- Connections -- Evaluation in the Neoliberal Mainstream -- Critique -- Towards a More Critical Approach to Evaluation -- Purposes -- Knowledge -- Values -- Planning Criteria for Critical Evaluation -- References -- 11 Through Distributive Leadership to Critical Engagement -- Abstract -- Engaging Students in Leadership for Change -- Enacting Critical Student Engagement Using Distributive Leadership: Three Case Studies -- New Zealand: Student as Partner -- The United Kingdom: Student as Producer -- The United States: Student as Course Planner -- Making Meaning -- References -- 12 Achieving Change: Opportunities, Challenges and Limits -- Abstract -- Making Change -- Towards a Practice Framework for Critical Engagement -- Stories of Critical Engagement in Practice -- Towards a Democratic Classroom
  • Dialogue and Power in the Classroom -- Critical Thinking and Critical Incidents -- Engagement in the World -- Challenges and Limitations -- References -- Appendix A: What Students Say About the 10 Propositions in Chap. 3 -- Appendix B: Published Work Informing the Argument in the Book -- Index
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