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The Resource Statehood under Water : Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States

Statehood under Water : Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States

Statehood under Water : Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States
Statehood under Water
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Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States
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Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development Ser.
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Statehood under Water : Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States
Statehood under Water : Challenges of Sea-Level Rise to the Continuity of Pacific Island States
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  • Contents -- Series Editor's Preface -- Prologue -- Acknowledgements -- List of Relevant International Instruments and National Legislation -- List of Cases -- List of Acronyms -- List of Figures and Tables -- Introduction: The Law on Statehood in the Anthropocene -- 0.1 'Statehood under Water': An Allegory of the Law on Statehood in the Anthropocene -- 0.2 The Oscillation of the Law on Statehood: Between Stability and Flexibility -- 0.3 Changing Scales: From Climate Change to the Anthropocene -- Chapter 1 The Challenge of De-Territorialisation -- 1.0 Introduction -- 1.1 Territorialisation of Nationhood: Fundamental Factor in the Creation of States -- 1.1.1 The Meaning of Territory at the Inception of the Modern European State -- A From Feudal Allegiance to the Westphalian Principle of Territorial Sovereignty -- B Pre-Charter Theories on the Legal Nature of State Territory -- 1.1.2 The Meaning of Territory in the Creation of Post-Colonial Pacific Island States -- A Decolonisation and the Creation of Pacific Island States -- B Newly Independent Micro-States in the United Nations -- 1.2 Partial De-Territorialisation: Maritime Spaces in Jeopardy -- 1.2.1 Effects of Coastal Geographical Changes on Maritime Rights -- A Sea-Level Rise and Undelimited Maritime Boundaries -- B Sea-Level Rise and Maritime Delimitation Agreements -- 1.2.2 Reactions to the Loss of Maritime Spaces -- A Protecting the Coasts -- B 'Freezing' the Baselines -- 1.3 Total De-Territorialisation: From State Continuity to New Forms of Subjectivity -- 1.3.1 Applying New Strategies: 'Re-Territorialisation' -- A Cession or Purchase of Land from another State -- B Merger with Another State -- 1.3.2 Coining a New Category: De-Territorialised Pacific Island States -- A The Holy See and the Order of Malta: Existing Forms of 'Non-State Sovereign Entities'
  • B Towards the Recognition of 'Water States'? -- 1.4 Conclusions -- Chapter 2 The Challenge of De-Population -- 2.0 Introduction -- 2.1 The Facts: Climate-Induced Relocation in and among Pacific Island States -- 2.1.1 Regional Homogeneity of Preventive Relocation Actions -- A Common Vulnerabilities -- B Common Responses -- 2.1.2 Regional Heterogeneity of Reactive Relocation Actions -- A Differing Scenarios -- B Differential Factors -- 2.2 The Proposal: A Multi-Layered Legal Scheme for Climate-Induced Relocation -- 2.2.1 Assessment of the Existing Approaches to Climate-Induced Relocation -- A Relevant Diagnosis and Legal Regimes Analysed -- B Limited Normative and Institutional Solutions Proposed -- 2.2.2 Proposal for a New Integrative and Pluralistic Approach -- A Widening the Spectrum of Applicable Legal Regimes -- B (Re-)Introducing the Role of the State -- 2.3 Possible Scenarios: Applying the Multi-Layered Legal Scheme to Pacific Island States -- 2.3.1 'Safe' Statehood: National Relocations -- A Legal Framework in a Preventive Relocation Phase -- B Legal Framework of the Reactive Phase -- 2.3.2 Endangered Statehood: Transnational Relocations -- A Legal Framework for Ongoing Partial De-Population -- B Legal Framework for Prospective Total De-Population -- 2.4 Conclusions -- Chapter 3 The Challenge of Government Failure -- 3.0 Introduction -- 3.1 The National Challenge: Impacts on Pacific Islands' Domestic Governmental Capacity -- 3.1.1 Partial De-Territorialisaton and De-Population: From 'Vulnerable' to 'Failed' States? -- A Controversial Labels: 'Failing', 'Failed', or 'Collapsed' States -- B Controversial Assumption: From 'Failed State' to 'Extinct State'? -- 3.1.2 Total De-Territorialisation and De-Population: Pacific Island Governments in Exile -- A 'Traditional' Forms of Governments in Exile -- B 'New' Climate-Induced Governments in Exile
  • 3.2 The International Challenge: Impacts on Pacific Islands' Capacity to Maintain International Relations -- 3.2.1 Pacific Island States in the International Community -- A General Active Participation in International Life -- B Launch of the Climate Change and International Security Discourse -- 3.2.2 The International Community and Pacific Island States -- A Creation of Pacific Island States: Past Reflection of the De-Colonisation Movement -- B Extinction of Pacific Island States: Future Reflection of the 'Limits to Growth'? -- 3.3 Exploring Normative Grounds for the Continuity of Pacific Island States -- 3.3.1 Remedies for Climate Change Loss and Damage -- A Principal Remedy: Economic Compensation -- B Subsidiary Remedy: Recognition of State Continuity or New Forms of International Political Support -- 3.3.2 Sources of Legitimacy for the Continuity of Pacific Islands States -- A The Wider Context: A Global, Southern, and Post-Colonial Issue -- B The Turn to the Peoples: Self-Determination and the Future of Pacific Islands' Statehood -- 3.4 Conclusions -- Conclusions -- Physical Reality and Legal Construct: A Correlation Revisited -- The Looming Transformation of the Three Dimensions of the State -- From Statehood to International Legal Personality? The Adaptation of the Law on Statehood to the Anthropocene -- Bibliography -- Index
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