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The Resource Spike Milligan's Accordion : The Distortion of Time and Space in the Goon Show

Spike Milligan's Accordion : The Distortion of Time and Space in the Goon Show

Spike Milligan's Accordion : The Distortion of Time and Space in the Goon Show
Spike Milligan's Accordion
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The Distortion of Time and Space in the Goon Show
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Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Ser
Spike Milligan's Accordion : The Distortion of Time and Space in the Goon Show
Spike Milligan's Accordion : The Distortion of Time and Space in the Goon Show
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  • Spike Milligan's Accordion: The Distortion of Time and Space in The Goon Show -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- Prelude: A Few Words of Explanation -- Introduction -- "Good morning, sir, welcome to Chapter Two": A Few Words on the Structure of This Book -- 1 The Accordion under Construction: The Origins of Spike Milligan's Comedic Style, and of The Goon Show -- 1 Portrait of The Milligan as a Young Goon: Laying the Groundwork for a Personal Vision of Comedy -- 2 "Well, that's the end of that corny routine": The Goon Show's Sketchy Beginnings -- 3 New Producer, New Approach: Peter Eton and the Transformation of The Goon Show -- 4 The Goon Show's 'Classic' Format: Dramatic Structures Mature in the Service of Comedic Immaturity -- 5 Little Cardboard-and-String Heroes: The Goon Show's Regular Cast of Characters -- 6 "This is the BBC": The Goon Show vis-à-vis Mainstream Practices in Contemporary Radio Drama -- 6.1 "What is this Go On Show?" The BBC's Official Narratives and The Goon Show's Place in Them -- 6.2 "Meantime, back in the BBC torture room": The Goon Show's Deviations from BBC Radio's Dominant Aesthetic for Dramaturgy and Performance -- 7 "Who are you, Ben Lyon?": The Goon Show's Thematic Links to Popular Culture between the Two World Wars -- 2 The Accordion Beating Time: Temporal Distortions in The Goon Show -- 1 Looking Backward to Look Forward Again: The Goon Show's Narrative Framework -- 2 One Narrative, Many Narrators: The Goon Show's Democracy of Diegesis -- 3 The Fragmentation of Time-Frames in The Goon Show and Its Effects on Narrative -- 4 That Sabrina Sure Gets Around: The Free Flow of Anachronisms in The Goon Show -- 5 Musical Interludes in The Goon Show: Interruptions in Narrative Flow and Opportunities for Temporal Distortion -- 6 The Ageless Aging Process of The Goon Show's Characters
  • 7 "I'm for the dreaded deading this week alright": The Impermanence of Death in The Goon Show -- 8 The Passage of Time and the Completion of Tasks: Two Sides of the Same Coin -- 9 Sounds and Their Effects on Temporality -- Interruption 1: Milligan's Laws of Time -- 3 The Accordion Stretching in All Directions: Spatial Distortions in The Goon Show -- 1 Setting the Scene: A Few Words on the "Landscape" of Radio Theatre -- 2 Mise en Scène as Mise sans Scène: The Goon Show as 'Black Box' Theatre for Radio -- 3 Contents Not Necessarily to Scale: The Variability of Container Capacity in The Goon Show -- 4 "My Lord, a piece of junk being found on the King's Highway, it is declared treasure trove": The Appearance of Objects Exactly When, and Exactly Where, They Are Needed -- 5 The Conundrum of Self-Duplication and Rapid Spatial Displacement, or, Being in Two Places at Once is Easier When You Don't Know It Can't be Done -- 6 Perceptual Fields Forever: Milligan's Use of Simultaneous Multiple Perspectives within the Same Scene -- 6.1 The Perception of Doors -- 6.2 Getting That Long-Distance Feeling-Telephones as Disruptors of Spatial Integrity -- 6.3 The Use of Pre-Recorded Voices and Effects to Establish Additional Spatial Frames -- 7 All the World's a Soundstage: The Recording Studio as Determinant of Spatial Frameworks -- 8 When Mental Maps Suffer Breakdowns: Around the World (and Back Again) with The Goon Show -- Interruption 2: Milligan's Laws of Space -- 4 Children Teach Lessons on the Accordion: Preoperational Cognitive Strategies in The Goon Show -- 1 "Hello, folks, this is Neddy Seagoon speaking, folks": The Spoken Word as Stage Manager of Radio Theatre -- 2 Suffer Little Children to Come unto Metonymy: The Preoperational Substitution of Words for Things -- 3 A Child's Garden of Goon-Sense: Milligan as Children's Author and Perpetual Child
  • 4 Putting Together Pieces from Different Puzzles: Children, Goons and Cognitive Constructivism -- 5 Preoperational Perceptions of Time and The Goon Show -- 6 "And this is where the story really starts": The Preoperational Mind at Work in Milligan's Construction of Narrative -- 7 Time, Task Completion, Preoperational Cognition and The Goon Show -- 8 The Goon Show and Preoperational Modes of Spatial Cognition -- 8.1 Childlike Spatial Readings of Objects and Locales -- 8.2 "It must be a drowning cartoonist": Other Childlike Animation-Based Spatial Reconfigurations in The Goon Show -- 8.3 "I have got a Boy Scout street map of Shanghai": Childlike Geography in The Goon Show -- 5 The Accordion Plays a New Tune before Anyone Can Write It Down: Anticipations of Postmodernism in The Goon Show -- 1 Pipping Them at the Postmodern: Milligan the Advance Scout -- 2 Milligan's Deconstructions of History and Historical Fictions -- 3 The Goon Show as Reductio ad Absurdum of the Metanarratives of Scientific Thought -- 4 Breaking Causal Chains Causes Causal Chain Reactions: Indeterminacy in The Goon Show -- 5 Postmodern Geographies, Thirdspace, and The Goon Show -- 6 Superspace-the Final Frontier: The Goon Show's Universe of Multiple Universes -- 7 The Goon Show Hits a Heisenberg, but Doesn't Sink: Milligan and the Uncertainty Principle -- 8 Disorder as a Creative Force in The Goon Show -- 9 Chaos in The Goon Show: Not So Much a Theory as a Way of Life -- Conclusion: The Accordion is Packed Away -- Sources -- Index
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