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The Resource Rock Legends : Stories of Asteroids and Their Discoverers

Rock Legends : Stories of Asteroids and Their Discoverers

Rock Legends : Stories of Asteroids and Their Discoverers
Rock Legends
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Stories of Asteroids and Their Discoverers
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Rock Legends : Stories of Asteroids and Their Discoverers
Rock Legends : Stories of Asteroids and Their Discoverers
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  • Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Chapter 1: My Asteroid, My Book -- Arrested Development or Chip off the Old Block? -- Chapter 2: When the Stars Fell Down -- 2008 TC3: The Asteroid That Fell to Earth -- Jenniskens: Finding the Almahata Sitta Meteorites -- 55P/Tempel-Tuttle: Source of the Leonids -- Phaethon: Dead Source of the Geminids -- Chapter 3: Finding Asteroids by Eye -- Tempel: Sweeping Up New Stars -- Palisana: Finding Minor Planets -- Kleopatra: Rubble Pile -- Piazzia: A New Planet Swims into His Ken -- Ramsden: Tardy Genius -- Ceres: The First Asteroid -- Gaussia: Predicting and Recovering the New Planet -- Pallas: A Second New Planet -- Keats: Like Some Watcher of the Skies -- Chapter 4: Finding and Investigating Asteroids Using Technology -- Photographica: Automation -- LONEOS, Catalina, Spacewatch, NEAT and LINEAR: Staring at the Sky for Asteroids -- Ida: An Asteroid with a Moon -- YORP: Getting Faster by the Brush of a Feather -- Toutatis: The Sky Might Fall -- Itokawa: The Falcon's Dusty Perch -- Chapter 5: Naming and Possessing -- Antarctica: Common Heritage of Mankind -- Galilea: The Medicean Stars -- Uranus and Neptune: Sticking to Mythology -- Ceres Ferdinandea: Ferdinand's Ceres -- Planet X: Pluto -- Imago: Gods, Asteroids and Names in Pictures -- Victoria: Imperial or Mythological? -- "Maximiliana": The Illegal Exercise of Astronomy -- Hera and Ragazza: Goddesses and Girls -- Bettina and Albert: Raising Funds, Rewarding Patrons -- Eros: A St. Valentine's Day Encounter -- Utopia: Commemorating Places -- Juewa: Star of China's Fortune -- Vulcan: Minor Planets That Weren't There -- Universitas: Commemorating Universities -- Urania: Astronomers in Space -- Chapter 6: The Catalog and the Names It Inspires -- MPC: In Charge, with a Computer -- Annefrank: Practice for Stardust -- Hestia: Friends and Relations -- Mathilde: Coal Black
  • James Bond and Tripaxeptalis: Heroes and Curiosities -- Myriostos: Kilo-Asteroids -- Herschel: The Word "Asteroid" -- Chapter 7: At the Edge of the Solar System -- Oort: The Final Frontier? -- 1992 QB1: The First Cubewano -- Orcus and Ixion: Plutinos -- Quaoar: Object X -- Sedna: eXotic and eXcentric -- Haumea: The Disputed Planet -- Eris: The Tenth Planet at Last? -- Pluto: Dwarf Planet -- Chapter 8: Filling the Gap -- Kepler: Mind the Gap! -- Titius: One Departure from an Exact Progression -- Bodea: The Law Usurped -- Zachia: The Celestial Police -- Juno: The Third Piece of the Picture -- Vesta: Fourth-And Last? -- Snick Meteorites: Asteroids from Mars and Earth -- Chapter 9: Ruled by the Planets -- Lagrangea and Charlier: Trojan Asteroids -- Kirkwood: The Asteroid No-Fly Zones -- Thule: A Far Land -- Cruithne: "Earth's Second Moon" -- Chapter 10: The Chaos of the Solar System -- Moriarty, Sherlock and Doctorwatson: The Rarefied Heights of Mathematics -- Morbidelli: A Nice Story from Nice -- Damocles: Dead Comet -- Chiron: The Most Dangerous Object in the Solar System? -- Themis and Elst-Pisarro: Water on Asteroids -- P/2010 A2: Asteroid Collision -- Gefion: Asteroid and Meteorite Family -- Hartmann and Davis: Asteroid Theia Made the Moon -- Asaph: Asteroids Captured by Mars? -- Chapter 11: The Fate of Asteroids -- Nemesis: Dust to Dust -- References and Sources -- General Reference Works -- Chapter 1 -- Murdin: Arrested Development or Broken -- Chapter 2 -- 2008 TC3: The Asteroid That Fell to Earth -- Jenniskens: Finding the Almahata Sitta Meteorites -- Phaethon: Dead Comet and Source of Meteors -- Chapter 3 -- Tempel: Sweeping Up New Stars -- Palisana: Finding Minor Planets -- Ramsden: Tardy Genius -- Ceres: The First Asteroid -- Gaussia: Predicting and Recovering the New Planet -- Pallas: The New Field Opens Up -- Chapter 4
  • Photographica: Automation -- YORP: Getting Faster by the Brush of a Feather -- Chapter 5 -- Antarctica: Common Heritage of Mankind -- Galilea: The Medicean Stars -- Uranus and Neptune: Sticking to Mythology -- Ceres Ferdinandea -- Imago: Asteroids in Pictures -- Victoria: Imperial or Mythological? -- "Maximiliana": The Illegal Exercise of Astronomy -- Hera and Ragazza: Goddesses -- German Text: -- Bettina and Albert: Raising Funds, Rewarding a Patron -- Juewa: Star of China's Fortune -- Vulcan: Minor Planets That Weren't There -- Chapter 6 -- Hestia: Friends and Relations -- James Bond and Tripaxeptalis: Heroes and Curiosities -- Herschel: "asteroid" -- French Texts -- Chapter 7 -- Quaoar: Object X -- Sedna: eXotic and eXcentric -- Haumea: The Disputed Planet -- Eris: The Tenth Planet? -- Pluto: Dwarf Planet -- Chapter 8 -- Kepler: Mind the Gap! -- Titius: One Departure from an Exact Progression -- Zachia: The Celestial Police -- Juno: The Third Piece of the Picture -- Vesta: Fourth-and Last? -- Snick Meteorites: Asteroids from Mars and Earth -- Chapter 9 -- Lagrangea and Charlier: The Trojan Asteroids -- Chapter 10 -- Moriarty, Sherlock and Doctorwatson: The Rarefied Heights of Mathematics -- Morbidelli: A Nice Story from Nice -- Damocles: Dead Comet -- Gefion: Asteroid and Meteorite Family -- Chapter 11 -- Nemesis: Dust to Dust -- Index of Named People -- Index of Planet, Moon, Asteroid, Meteor and Crater Names
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