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The Resource Researching Higher Education in Asia : History, Development and Future

Researching Higher Education in Asia : History, Development and Future

Researching Higher Education in Asia : History, Development and Future
Researching Higher Education in Asia
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History, Development and Future
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Higher Education in Asia: Quality, Excellence and Governance Ser
Researching Higher Education in Asia : History, Development and Future
Researching Higher Education in Asia : History, Development and Future
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  • Foreword: The Centrality of Research onHigher Education -- Contents -- Chapter 1: Introduction: Higher Education Research as a Field of Study in Asia -- Introduction -- Higher Education as a Field of Study -- Higher Education Research in Asia -- About This Book -- References -- Part I: Conceptualization and Understandings of Higher Education Research in Asia -- Chapter 2: Higher-Education Researchers in Asia: The Risks of Insufficient Contribution to International Higher-Education Research -- Introduction -- Methods -- Database and Analysis -- Results -- Evolution of Higher-Education Research Worldwide and in Asia -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 3: Foil to the West? Interrogating Perspectives for Observing East Asian Higher Education -- Introduction -- Perspective, Frame of Reference, and Comparative Historical Analysis -- Knowledge Politics and the Searching for an East Asian Scholarly Identity -- Examples from the Literature on East Asian Higher Education -- Authors Writing About East Asian Higher Education -- Areas of East Asia Higher Education Researched -- References Cited -- Theoretical Framework Employed -- End Remarks -- References -- Chapter 4: Higher Education Knowledge Production in Postcolonial-Neoliberal Asia -- Introduction -- Knowledge Production as a Field in Asia -- Ad Hoc Methodology for Higher Education? -- Possibility of an Asian Methodology -- Researchers and Research Subjects in "HE Field" -- Higher Education and Asian Problems -- Knowledge Mobility in Asia -- Scholarly Publications -- Community-Bound Knowledge Transfer -- From West to Asia, Then Back to the Ideal of University -- Brace, the Worst May Be Ahead -- Conclusion: Toward a "Fourth Mission" of Asian Higher Education -- References
  • Chapter 5: Regionalism, Regionalization of Higher Education, and Higher Education Research: Mapping the Development in Regionalization of Higher Education Research -- Introduction -- Regionalism and Asian Regionalism Research -- Asian Regionalization of Higher Education: A Conceptual Framework -- Regionalization of Higher Education Research in Asia -- Discussion -- Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia Research Community -- Path Dependency -- Actors and Thematic Selection -- Research and Government Policies -- Conclusion -- Appendixes -- Appendix 1: Selected List of Asian Regionalism Research and Their Focus -- Appendix 2: Selected Edited Volumes of Asian Regionalism Research -- Appendix 3: Selected Asian Regionalism Research and Their Publishers -- Appendix 4: Selected List of Asian Higher Education Regionalism Research -- Appendix 5: Selected Edited Volumes of Asian Higher Education Regionalism Research -- Appendix 6: Selected Journal Articles of Asian Higher Education Regionalism Research -- Appendix 7: Selected Chapters in 2015 Edited Volume (European Higher Education Area) -- Appendix 8: International/Regional Organizations' Selected Publications -- Appendix 9: Selected Regionalization of Higher Education Research in Asia (FOPA) -- References -- Part II: East Asia -- Chapter 6: Higher Education Research in Japan: Seeking a Connection with the International Academic Community -- Introduction -- The Platform of Higher Education Research in Japan -- The Audience for Higher Education Research in Japan -- The International Context of Higher Education Research in Japan -- Independence from the International Research Community -- Borrowing the Models Outside of Japan -- Developing Comparative Frameworks from Japan -- Seeking New Models for Japan's Higher Education -- Active Participation to International Projects
  • Growing Attention to Asian Higher Education -- Future Challenges -- References -- Chapter 7: Higher Education Research in China: An Independent Academic Field Under the State -- Introduction -- Scholars Making the Field -- 1970s: The First Generation -- 1980s-1990s: The Second Generation -- After 1999: The Third Generation -- Scholarship and the State Institutionalizing the Field -- Features of Higher Education Research in China -- An Independent Academic Field -- An Organized Academic Community -- HER Themes and Orientation -- The State Support -- Outward-Looking from Referencing -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 8: Higher Education Research in Hong Kong: Context, Trends, and Vision -- Introduction -- Context for the Study -- Theoretical Orientations -- Higher Education Development in Hong Kong, 1984-2014 -- Policy Orientations and Higher Education Research -- Assumption 1 -- Assumption 2 -- Assumption 3 -- Assumption 4 -- The Study -- Methods -- Findings -- Significant Growth of Higher Education Research -- New Sector in the Field -- Increase in Research Collaborations -- The Scope of Higher Education Research -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 9: Higher Education Research in South Korea: Research Themes and Methodologies in National Journals -- Introduction -- From the 1960s to the 2010s -- International Perspective -- Journals: Where Is Higher Education Research Being Published? -- Themes: What Areas of Higher Education Have or Have Not Been Researched? -- Methodologies: How Has Higher Education Been Researched? -- Conclusion: Issues and Challenges -- References -- Chapter 10: What It Is Like and What Needs to Be Done: A Status Report on Higher Education in Macau and Its Research -- A Brief History of Higher Education in Macau -- Findings from the Current Research on Higher Education in Macau
  • The Mission of Higher Education and Its Vocationalization -- The Role of the Government and Autonomy of University Governance -- Academic Freedom, Professionalization, and the Role of Faculty -- What Needs to Be Done in the Future -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 11: The Development and Progress of Higher Education Research in Taiwan: Massification Matters -- Introduction -- Higher Education as a Research Community -- Research Methods -- Massification and Higher Education Research -- Taking Shape: The Emergence of a Specialized Society, Journal, and Agency -- Dynamics of the Constrained Labour Market and Its Impact on Degree Programs -- Research Themes and Methods: Towards Diversification -- Discussions of the Driving Forces, Growth, and Core Issues -- Conclusions and Prospects -- References -- Chapter 12: Higher Education Research in Mongolia During the Transition Period of Development -- Formation, Expansion, and Composition of the Field -- Challenges to the Current Landscape and Research Level of Higher Education -- Higher Education Research in Mongolia: Who Conducts This Research? -- Higher Education Research in Mongolia: What Publications Does It Have? -- The Research Focus of Higher Education -- Conclusion -- References -- Part III: Southeast Asia -- Chapter 13: Researching Higher Education in "Asia's Global Education Hub": Major Themes in Singapore -- Introduction -- Higher Education Research Community in Singapore -- Developmental State, Globalization and Higher Education -- Developmental State and Higher Education in Singapore -- Challenges from Globalization on Higher Education in Singapore -- Main Research Themes in Singapore Higher Education -- Centralized Decentralization -- Massification -- Quality and Excellence -- Globalization -- Marketization -- Internationalization -- Entrepreneurialization
  • Lessons from Singapore's Experience -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 14: Higher Education as a Field of Study in Malaysia: Towards an Epistemic Community of Practice -- Introduction -- Evolution of the Field -- Graduate Programmes in Higher Education -- Research -- Publication -- Community of Practice in Higher Education -- HE as a Discipline: Issues and Implications -- Short-Term Projects, Funding and Infrastructure -- Theory Development and Methodology -- Critical Mass of Scholars -- Academic Community and Internationalization -- Concluding Remarks/Epilogue -- References -- Chapter 15: Higher Education Research in Thailand: Current Trends and Development -- The Role of Higher Education in Promoting Teaching, Learning and Research -- Thailand's Policy on Higher Education Research -- Current Status of Programmes Offered in the Area of Education and Higher Education -- Trends in Higher Education Research in Thailand -- Publication in Higher Education Research -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 16: Higher Education Research in the Philippines: Policies and Prospects -- Higher Education Research: A Glimpse of the Past -- The Present Status of Higher Education Research -- Policy Reforms and Research Direction -- Conclusion -- References -- Part IV: South/West Asia -- Chapter 17: Education Research and Emergence of Higher Education as a Field of Study in India -- Introduction -- The Origins of Higher Education as a Field of Study -- Education Research and Emergence of Higher Education as a Field of Study in India -- Study Programmes in Education -- Educational Research in India -- Institutional Arrangements for Education Research in India -- Trends in Educational Research in India -- Concluding Observations -- References -- Chapter 18: Higher Education Research in Iran: Quantitative Development and Qualitative Challenges -- Introduction
  • A Historical Glance on Higher Education
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