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The Resource Research in Organizational Change and Development

Research in Organizational Change and Development

Research in Organizational Change and Development
Research in Organizational Change and Development
This volume brings forth the latest scholarly work and practice in the fields of organization development and change. It is a resource for scholars who are interested in well-integrated reviews of the literature, advances in research methods, and ideas about practice that open new ways of working with organizations
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Research in Organizational Change and Development
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Research in Organizational Change and Development
Research in Organizational Change and Development
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  • "Front Cover" -- "Research in Organizational Change and Development" -- "Copyright Page" -- "Contents" -- "List of Contributors" -- "Preface" -- "The Future of Research and Practice in Organizational Change and Development" -- "Introduction" -- "Motivation" -- "From a Hierarchy of Needs to Needing and Wanting It All" -- "The New Psychological Contract" -- "Irrational Expectancies" -- "Authority" -- "Leadership" -- "From Leader to â{u0080}{u009C}Usâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Matching Leadership to the Moment" -- "Authenticity over Privilege" -- "Learning Leadership through Enlightened Trial and Error Coupled with Augmented Decision Making" -- "Building a Leadership Brand" -- "Teamwork" -- "When Does a Team Exist?" -- "Team Development" -- "Team Performance and the Knowledge-Resource Allocation Gap" -- "Organization Design" -- "New Organizational Forms" -- "From Organization-Centric to Network-Centric" -- "Global versus International" -- "Organization Development" -- "Change and Development across Quasi-Stable Systems and Networks: The Nominal Organization" -- "Influencing Behavior in Flat Organizations and Communities: From Social Movements to Organizational Movements" -- "Creating Conditions for Optimal Action Learning" -- "Additional Topics for Change-Related Research" -- "Creating Ethical Organizations" -- "Developing More Complex Process Models of Organizational Change" -- "Building the Capacity to Create into the Organization" -- "Developing a Deeper Understanding of the Ways that Organizations Change the People Who Work in Them" -- "Improving Research Methodology in the Organizational Change and Development Field â{u0080}{u0093} A Final Plea" -- "Hope for the Future" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Taking Stock of 30 Years of Change Management: Is It Time for a Reboot?" -- "Introduction" -- "Change Managementâ{u0080}{u0099}s Journey to Professionalization"
  • "Yesterday â{u0080}{u0093} Our Change History (in Brief)" -- "Today â{u0080}{u0093} Case for Change and the Current State" -- "A Need for Speed and Agility" -- "Change Impacts" -- "The Digital Environment" -- "Change Impacts" -- "Keep It Simple and Do It Yourself" -- "Change Impacts" -- "The ROI of Change Management: Show Me the Money" -- "Change Impacts" -- "Multiplying Constituencies and Locations" -- "Change Impacts" -- "The Voice of the Employee and Customer" -- "Change Impacts" -- "Diffusion of Methods" -- "Change Impacts" -- "Summary: Change Management Today" -- "Our Future State? Rebooting Change Management and Refocusing Our Research" -- "The Case for Initiating Change â{u0080}{u00A6} to Ourselves" -- "Lewin Force Field Analysis" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Managing/Leading Changeâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "High Touch" -- "Measuring Outcomes" -- "Conclusion: A Research Agenda" -- "References" -- "The Gift of New Eyes: Personal Reflections after 30 Years of Appreciative Inquiry in Organizational Life" -- "Introduction to the Article and 2017 Reflections" -- "Appreciative Inquiry in Organizational Life" -- "Introduction" -- "Toward Generative Theory in Action-Research" -- "The Sociorationalist Alternative" -- "The Power of Theory in Understanding Organizational Life" -- "Establishing a Perceptual and Contextual Frame" -- "Providing Presumptions of Logic" -- "Transmitting a System of Values" -- "Creating a Group-Building Language" -- "Extending Visions of Possibility" -- "Reawakening the Spirit of Action-Research" -- "Paradigm 1: Organizing As a Problem to be Solved" -- "Proposal for a Second Dimension" -- "Principle 1: Research into the social (innovation) potential of organizational, life should begin with appreciation" -- "Principle 2: Research into the social potential of organizational life should be applicable" -- "Principle 3: Research into the social potential of organizational life should be provocative"
  • "Principle 4: Research into the social potential of organizational life should be collaborative" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "Contemporary Commentary References" -- "References to the Original Article" -- "How Organizational Transformation Has Been Continuously Changing and Not Changing" -- "The Context of the 1988 Chapter" -- "The Focus of the 1988 Chapter" -- "Punctuated Equilibrium and OT during Episodic Change" -- "The Possibility that Change Is Ongoing Rather than Episodic" -- "Enacting Transformation while Not Talking about It Much" -- "Large Group Interventions" -- "Appreciative Inquiry" -- "Dialogic OD" -- "Levels of Analysis in the OD Interventions" -- "Taking Stock of the First Three Approaches in Relation to the 1988 Chapter" -- "Presencing and Theory U" -- "The Importance of Adding an Individual Level Perspective for Scholarship and Practice Regarding Organizational Change" -- "Implications of Adding an Individual Level Perspective for Scholarship" -- "Implications for Practice of Adding an Individual Level Perspective" -- "Concluding Thoughts" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Co-Researching and â{u0080}{u0093} Doing M&A Integration: Crossing the Scholar-Practitioner Divide" -- "Fortuitous Beginnings: From QWL to M&A" -- "An â{u0080}{u009C}Unfriendlyâ{u0080}{u009D} Bid for GC" -- "Human Dynamics in M&A" -- "Studying M&A Integration: Qualitative or Quantitative Methods?" -- "Conceptualizing Post-Merger Integration: Storytelling" -- "Conceptualizing Post-Merger Integration: Quantitative Analysis" -- "Publishing The Merger Syndrome: For Scholars or Practitioners?" -- "Creating Unisys: From Conceptualizing to Doing" -- "Lead Company Dynamics" -- "Interventions to Make Mergers Work" -- "Principles for Combining" -- "Whole System in the Room" -- "Delaying Management Appointments" -- "Co-Theorizing and â{u0080}{u0093}Authoring" -- "Practice-Based Theorizing and Intervention"
  • "Assessing â{u0080}{u009C}Fitâ{u0080}{u009D} in M&A" -- "Handling Winners, Losers, Survivors" -- "Managing Transition Structures" -- "Tracking the Combination" -- "Preparing Strategically and Psychologically" -- "Joining Forces 2nd Edition" -- "New Forms of M&A" -- "New Concepts" -- "New Practices" -- "Eldering and Advising" -- "References" -- "X-Ray Vision at Work: Seeing Inside Organizational Life" -- "Introduction" -- "Systems Psychodynamics and Psycho-Social Research" -- "Covert Dynamics" -- "Diagnostic and Dialogic Organization Development (OD)" -- "Evidence-Based Practice" -- "The Burke-Litwin Model for Organizational Performance and Change and Beneath the Surface of the Burke-Litwin Model for Organizational Performance and Change" -- "The Theoretical Background for the Tool: Beneath the Surface of the Burke-Litwin Model" -- "The Method of Inquiry for the Tool: Beneath the Surface of the Burke-Litwin Model" -- "The Tool: Beneath the Surface of the Burke-Litwin Model" -- "Discussion" -- "Implications for Theory" -- "Implications for Research" -- "Implications for Practice" -- "Concluding Thoughts" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Achieving Strategic Change through Performance Management: The Role of Identity Threat" -- "Introduction" -- "Conceptual Framework" -- "Performance Management as Enabler of Strategic Change" -- "Identity Threat Resulting from Strategic Change" -- "Performance Ratings as Identity Confirmation or Disconfirmation" -- "Occupational Identity as a Determinant of Identity Concordance" -- "Identity Threat as a Mediator of Reactions to Strategic Change" -- "Emotions" -- "Mindset and Behavior" -- "Method" -- "Empirical Setting and Background to the Organizational Change" -- "The Old and the New Practices" -- "Data Collection" -- "Dimensions of Analysis: Performance Ratings and Occupational Identity" -- "Performance Ratings" -- "Occupational Identities"
  • "Data Analysis" -- "Findings" -- "High Ratings -- Organizational Identity: Encouraged Champions" -- "Identity Threat" -- "Reactions" -- "Low Rating -- Organizational Identity: Thwarted Careerists" -- "Identity Threat" -- "Reactions" -- "High Ratings -- Professional Identity: Pragmatic Skeptics" -- "Identity Threat" -- "Reactions" -- "Low Ratings -- Professional Identity: Disillusioned Idealists" -- "Identity Threat" -- "Reactions" -- "Synthetization of Findings" -- "Discussion and Conclusions" -- "Limitations and Suggestions for Future Research" -- "Notes" -- "Acknowledgment" -- "References" -- "Organizational Change and Ambidexterity in Higher Education: A Case Study of Institutional Merger" -- "Introduction to Change in Higher Education" -- "Defining Terms: The Language of Merger in Higher Education" -- "Literature on Merger within American Higher Education" -- "Examples of Merger in American Higher Education" -- "Success and Failure of Institutional Mergers" -- "Motivations for Institutional Merger" -- "Organizational Ambidexterity as a Lens for Examining Merger in Higher Education Institutions" -- "Exploration: Adapting in Response to External Pressures" -- "Exploitation: Preservation of Institutional Culture" -- "Balance" -- "Methods" -- "Case Study Site Selection" -- "Data Collection and Sample of Participants" -- "Study Limitations" -- "Case Study of Bridant University and Millstone University Merger" -- "Mid-1850sâ{u0080}{u0093}Early 1970s: The Founding of Two Institutions" -- "Early 1970sâ{u0080}{u0093}Mid-1970s: Financial Crisis and Competition Lead to Merger" -- "Early 2000s: Institutional Tables Turn, Attempted Merger Fails" -- "Mid-2000s: Revitalization and Merger Revisited" -- "Late 2000s: Affiliation as a Pathway to Merger" -- "Early 2010s: Affiliation Achieved" -- "Alignment through Affiliation: 18 Months to Merger" -- "Case Study Patterns and Findings"
  • "Seven Phases of Institutional Merger"
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