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The Resource Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace : Perspectives from the Rock-Face

Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace : Perspectives from the Rock-Face

Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace : Perspectives from the Rock-Face
Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace
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Perspectives from the Rock-Face
The book highlights the day-to-day lived experience of miners' work and organisational practices that shape the day-to-day running of the production process in a deep-level mining workplace
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Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace : Perspectives from the Rock-Face
Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace : Perspectives from the Rock-Face
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  • Front Cover -- Production, Safety and Teamwork in a Deep-Level Mining Workplace -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- About the Author -- Acknowledgements -- Chapter 1 Introduction -- Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in South African Mines -- Safety Performance in South African Mines -- Reorganisation of Work Processes and Workplace Practices in South African Mines -- The Contribution of This Book -- The Structure of the Book -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 2 A Workplace Ethnography of Deep-Level Mining Teams -- Production, Safety and Teamwork at AfricaGold Mine -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 3 The Work Process and Informal Work Practices -- Scientific Management and Informal Workplace Practices -- The Hawthorne Plant Studies and Informal Workplace Practices -- Frontline Workersâ{u0080}{u0099} Informal Work Strategies and Formalised Work Systems -- Managerial Interests and Informal Work Processes -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 4 Making a Plan (Planisa) and the Work Process at the Rock-Face -- The Triggers of Planisa -- Imposition of Standards -- Budgetary Constraints -- Production Material Shortages -- Mechanical Breakdowns -- Production Pressure -- Production Bonuses -- The Pros and Cons of Planisa -- Planisa and the Irony of Workplace Change in Deep-Level Mining -- The Significance of Making Plan (Planisa) in the Mining Workplace -- Conclusion -- Note -- References -- Chapter 5 Making a Plan (Planisa) and the Production Bonus Scheme: Cooperation or Conflict? -- Worker Motivation, Productivity and Safety -- Goals of the Production Bonus Scheme -- Implementation of the Bonus Scheme at the Rock-Face -- Perceptions of Unfairness -- Worker Absenteeism and Labour Shortages -- Work Intensification -- Poor Resourcing of Mining Teams -- Poor Mine Planning
  • Ineffective Shop-Steward Leadership -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 6 Generational Differences and Team Performance: Millennial Miners and the Older Generation -- Millennials in a Multigenerational Workplace -- What Is the Fuss about the Millennial Workforce? -- Millennials in a Post-Apartheid Deep-Level Mining Workplace -- Co-worker Conflict within Mining Teams -- Animosity over the Team-Based Production Bonus Scheme -- The Township Boys â{u0080}{u0093} â{u0080}{u0098}slackersâ{u0080}{u0099} -- The â{u0080}{u0098}Bad Boysâ{u0080}{u0099} and â{u0080}{u0098}Party Animalsâ{u0080}{u0099} -- The Literate Bunch, Politically Conscious -- Implications of the Evolving Mining Workforce -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 7 Self-Directed Work Teams and Mining Workplace Productivity -- Self-Directed Work Team Training -- Day One -- Day Two -- Day Three -- Day Four -- Day Five -- Assessment of SDWT Training -- Positive Aspects -- Negative Aspects -- Implementation of SDWT Training in the Mining Workplace -- Lack of Supplies -- Equipment Failure and Mechanical Breakdowns -- Lack of Organisational and Managerial Support -- Autocratic Supervisory Styles -- Cost-Cutting Measures -- The Relationship between SDWT Training and Production Results -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 8 Frontline Supervisors: Change Facilitators or Change Resisters -- The Changing Role of Frontline Supervision -- The Frontline Supervisor as a Key Change Agent in the Workplace -- The AfricaGold Frontline Supervisory Training Programme -- Day One -- Day Two -- Day Three -- Assessment of the Frontline Supervisory Training Course -- Positive Aspects -- Recognising Frontline Supervisors as Change Agents -- Informative and Interactive -- Negative Aspects -- Very Top-Down -- Exclusion of Underground Mining Teams -- Lack of Organisational and Managerial Support -- Taking Frontline Supervisors Seriously in Mining Workplace Change Initiatives
  • Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 9 Frontline Supervision and Leadership Styles in Deep-Level Mining: A Tale of Two Shift-Bosses -- The Frontline Supervisor as Agent and Recipient of Workplace Change -- The Impact of Jimmyâ{u0080}{u0099}s and Leeâ{u0080}{u0099}s Supervisory Styles on the Work Performance of Their Charges -- Organisation of Production -- Leadership -- Communication -- Trust and Fairness -- Team Cohesiveness -- Worker Motivation -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Chapter 10 Conclusion and Reflections: Organising and Managing Production, Safety and Teamwork: Leveraging Perspectives from the Rock-Face -- The Significance of Informal Organisational Practices and Processes -- The Significance of Management Commitment, Proactive Safe Production and Congruent Socio-Technical Systems -- Taking Frontline Workers Seriously -- Harnessing Frontline Operatorsâ{u0080}{u0099} Tacit Knowledge -- Taking Frontline Supervisors Seriously -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Appendix â{u0080}{u0093} Photo Essay -- A Day in the Life of a Deep-Level Gold Miner -- A Tale of Deep-Level Gold Mining in Photographs -- References
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