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The Resource Principles of regenerative medicine, Anthony Atala, ... [et al.], [eds.]

Principles of regenerative medicine, Anthony Atala, ... [et al.], [eds.]

Principles of regenerative medicine
Principles of regenerative medicine
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Anthony Atala, ... [et al.], [eds.]
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Principles of regenerative medicine, Anthony Atala, ... [et al.], [eds.]
Principles of regenerative medicine, Anthony Atala, ... [et al.], [eds.]
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Includes bibliographical references and index
Part I: Introduction to regenerative medicine -- Current and future perspectives of regenerative medicine / Anthony Atala & Mark E. Furth -- Fundamentals of cell-based therapies / Ross Tubo -- Stem cell research / T. Ahsan, A.M. Doyle, & Robert M. Nerem -- Part II: Biologic and molecular basis of regenerative medicine -- Molecular organization of cells / Jon D. Ahlstrom & Carol A. Erickson -- Cell-ECM interactions in repair and regeneration / M. Petreaca & Manuela Martins-Green -- Developmental mechanisms of regeneration / David L. Stocum -- Molecular basis of pluripotency in principles of regenerative medicine / Ariel J. Levine & Ali H. Brivanlou -- How cells change their phenotype / Peter W. Andrews & Paul J. Gokhale -- Somatic cloning and epigenetic reprogramming in mammals / Heiner Niemann, ... [et al.] -- Transgenic cloned goats and cows for the production of therapeutic proteins / William Gavin, ... [et al.] -- Part III: Cells and tissue development -- Genetic approaches in human embryonic stem cells and their derivatives / Junfeng Ji, Bonan Zhong & Mickie Bhatia -- Embryonic stem cells: derivation and properties / Junying Yu & James Thomson -- Stem cells derived from amniotic fluid and placenta / Paolo De Coppi, Shay Soker & Anthony Atala -- Stem cells derived from cord blood / Julie G. Allickson -- Multipotent adult progenitor cells / Catherine M. Verfaillie, ... [et al.] -- Bone marrow stem cells: properties and pluripotency / Munira Xaymardan, ... [et al.] -- Hematopoietic stem cells properties, markers and therapeutics / S.M. Chambers, William J. Lindblad & M.A Goodell -- Neural stem cells / Yang D. Teng, ... [et al.] -- Mesenchymal stem cells / Zulma Gazit, ... [et al.] -- Hepatic stem cells: lineage biology and pluripotency / N. Cheng, Hsin-lei Yao & Lola M. Reid -- Skeletal muscle stem cells / Jason H. Pomerantz & Helen Blau -- Islet cell therapy and pancreatic stem cells / Juan Dominguez-Bendala, Antonello Pileggi & Camillo Ricordi -- Regenerative medicine for diseases of the retina / Deepak Lamba & Thomas A. Reh -- Peripheral blood stem cells / Shay Soker, Gunter Schuch & J. Koudy Williams -- Prospects of somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived embryonic stem cells in regenerative medicine / Z. Beyhan & J.B. Cibelli -- Somatic cells: growth and expansion potential of T lymphocytes / Rita B. Effros -- Mechanical determinants of tissue development / Jonathan A. Kluge, Gary G. Leisk & David Kaplan -- Morphogenesis and morphogenetic proteins / A.H. Reddi -- Physical stress as a factor in tissue growth and remodeling / Robert E. Guldberg, ... [et al.] -- Engineering cellular microenvironments / Wendy F. Liu, ... [et al.] -- Applications of nanotechnology / Benjamin S. Harrison -- GeneChips in regenerative medicine / Jason Hipp & Anthony Atala -- Part IV: Biomaterials for regenerative medicine -- Design principles in biomaterials and scaffolds / Hyukjin Lee & Tae Gwan Park -- Naturally occurring scaffold materials / Stephen F. Badylak -- Synthetic polymers / M.C. Hacker & A.G. Mikos -- Hybrid, composite, and complex biomaterials for scaffolds / Gilson Khang, ... [et al.] -- Surface modification of biomaterials / Andrés J. Garcia -- Cell-substrate interactions / Aparna Nori, ... [et al.] -- Histogenesis in three-dimensional scaffolds / Nicole M. Bergmann & Jennifer West -- Biocompatibility and bioresponse to biomaterials / James M. Anderson -- Essential elements of wound healing / William J. Lindblad -- Proteins controlled with precision at organic, polymeric and biopolymer interfaces for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine / Buddy D. Ratner -- Part V: Therapeutic applications: cell therapy -- Biomineralization and bone regeneration / Jiang Hu, Xiaohua Liu & Peter X. Ma -- Blood substitutes: reverse evolution from oxygen carrying to non-oxygen carrying plasma expanders / Amy Tsai, Marcos Intaglietta & Mark Van Dyke -- Articular cartilage / Francois Ng kee Kwong & Myron Spector -- Implantation of myogenic cells in skeletal muscles / Daniel Skuk & Jacques P. Tremblay -- Islet cell transplantation / Juliet A. Emamaullee & A.M. James Shapiro -- Cell-based repair for cardiovascular regeneration and neovascularization: what, why, how and where are we going in the next 5-10 years? / Doris A. Taylor & Andrey G. Zenovich -- Retinal pigment epithelium derived from embryonic stem cells / Irina Klimanskaya -- Cell therapies for bone regeneration / Rehan N. Khanzada, ... [et al.] -- Cell-based therapies for musculoskeletal repair / Wan-Ju Li, ... [et al.] -- Hepatocyte transplantation / Steven C. Strom & Ewa C.S. Ellis / Bioartificial livers / Randall E. McClelland & Lola Reid -- Neuronal transplantation for stroke / Douglas Kondziolka & Lawrence Wechsler -- Cell-based drug delivery / Grace J. Lim, Sang Jin Lee & Anthony Atala -- Part VI: Therapeutic applications: tissue therapy -- Fetal tissues / Seyung Chung & Chester J. Koh -- Engineering of large diameter vessels / Saami K. Yazdani & George Christ -- Engineering of small diameter vessels / Chrysanthi Williams & Robert Tranquillo -- Vascular assembly in engineered and natural tissues / Eric M. Brey & Larry V. McIntire -- Cardiac tissue / Milica Radisic & Michael V. Sefton -- Regenerative medicine in the cornea / Heather Sheardown & May Griffith -- Alimentary tract / Mike K. Chen -- Liver cell-based therapy in regenerative medicine -- bioreactors as enabling technology / Jörg Gerlach, ... [et al.] -- Intracorporeal kidney support / James J. Yoo, Akira Joraku & Anthony Atala -- The kidney / William H. Fissell & H. David Humes -- Genitourinary system / Anthony Atala -- Tissue engineering of the reproductive system / Stefano Giuliani, ... [et al.] -- Therapeutic opportunities for bone grafting / Jeffrey O. Hollinger, ... [et al.]-- Cartilage tissue engineering / Paulesh Shah, ... [et al.] -- Phalanges and small joints / Makoto Komura, ... [et al.] -- Functional tissue engineering of ligament and tendon injuries / Savio L.-Y. Woo, ... [et al.] -- Tissue therapy: implications of regenerative medicine for skeletal muscle / Shen Wei & Johnny Huard -- Tissue therapy: central nervous system / Jordan H. Wosnick, M. Douglas Baumann & Molly Shoichet -- Peripheral nerve regeneration / Mahesh C. Dodla & Ravi Bellamkonda --Dental tissue engineering / Yan Lin & Pamela Yelick -- Innovative regenerative medicine approaches to skin cell-based therapy for patients with burn injuries / Jörg Gerlach, ... [et al.] -- Military needs and solutions in regenerative medicine / Sara Wargo, Alan J. Russell & Col. John B. Holcomb -- Part VII: Regulations and ethics -- Ethical considerations / Louis M. Guenin -- To make is to know: the ethical issues in human tissue engineering / Laurie Zoloth -- US stem cell research policy / Josephine Johnston -- Overview of FDA regulatory process / Celia Witten, ... [et al.] -- Current issues in US patent law / Patrea L. Pabst -- Index
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