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Precarious Work

Precarious Work
Precarious Work
This volume presents original theory and research on precarious work in various parts of the world, identifying its social, political and economic origins, its manifestations in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Global South, and its consequences for personal and family life
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Research in the Sociology of Work
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Precarious Work
Precarious Work
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  • Intro -- Precarious Work -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Probing Precarious Work: Theory, Research, and Politics -- Introduction -- Theoretical Foundations -- Precarious Work: Manifestations and Trends -- Consequences of Precarious Work -- Social Movements and Political Responses -- Looking Ahead -- References -- PART I: THEORY AND METHOD -- Precarious Work, Regime of Competition, and the Case of Europe -- Introduction -- Understanding Precarious Work -- The Regime of Competition -- From a â{u0080}{u009C}Socialâ{u0080}{u009D}â{u0080}{u0099} to a â{u0080}{u009C}Marketâ{u0080}{u009D} Europe -- Effects on Employment -- The Regime of Competition: Institutionalization Effects and Precarious Work -- Collective Bargaining -- Social Welfare, Employment Policy, and Unemployment -- Conclusion -- REFERENCES -- Classification Struggles in Semi-Formal and Precarious Work: Lessons from Inmate Labor and Cultural Production -- The Classification of Work -- Classification Struggles -- Data and Methods -- Context: Challenges of Semi-Formal Classification in Two Sectors -- Inmate Laborer Challenges -- Independent Cultural Producer Challenges -- Struggles Over Bureaucratic/Legal Identity -- Struggles for Nomination -- Struggles for Industrial Citizenship -- Cross-Sector Dual Employment -- Struggles Over Moral/Symbolic Identity -- Struggles for Group Legitimacy -- Struggles for Personal Dignity -- Discussion and Conclusions -- References -- Non-standard employment and subjective insecurity: how can we capture job precarity using survey data? -- Introduction -- The Pitfalls of Measuring Precarity -- Objective Insecurity: Contractual Arrangement -- Subjective Insecurity -- Linking Objective with Subjective: Hypotheses -- Data and Variables -- Empirical Results -- Discussion -- Concluding Remarks -- References -- PART II: PRECARIOUS WORK IN THE UNITED STATES
  • Bad Jobs in a Troubled Economy: The Impact of the Great Recession in Americaâ{u0080}{u0099}s Major Metropolitan Areas -- Introduction -- The Great Recession and Precarious Work -- Contours of the Great Recession -- The Great Recession and the Labor Market -- Background: The Making of a Troubled Economy -- Deindustrialization -- Union Decline -- Casualization -- Globalization -- Financialization -- Declining Public Sector Employment -- Data and Methods -- Data -- Dependent Variables -- Key Independent Variables -- Control Variables -- Analytic Strategy -- Analysis -- Descriptive Statistics -- Good Jobs and Bad Jobs -- Bad Job Characteristics -- Discussion -- Conclusions -- References -- Hackathons as Co-optation Ritual: Socializing Workers and Institutionalizing Innovation in the â{u0080}{u009C}Newâ{u0080}{u009D} Economy -- Historical and Theoretical Background -- Hacker Subculture: Work is Play -- Data and Methods -- The Hackathon Landscape -- Sample and Field Work -- The Hearst Immersive Hack -- Discussion: Discourse, Effervescence, and Interaction -- Aspiration -- Recreation and Career -- Reputation -- Innovation -- Conclusion -- References -- A Racial-Gender Lens on Precarious Nonstandard Employment -- Introduction -- Grounding a Racialâ{u0080}{u0093}gender Lens -- The Expansion of Precarious Work -- Educational Attainment and Precarity: an Intersectional View -- Data and Methods -- Results -- How Has the Distribution of Precarious Nonstandard Work Changed over Time? -- How do Race, Gender, and Education Shape Exposure to Precarious Nonstandard Work? -- How Does Education Intersect with Race and Gender to Predict Exposure to Precarious Nonstandard Work? -- Conclusions -- References -- The Gender of Layoffs in the Oil and Gas Industry -- Gendered Organizations in the New Economy -- Methods -- Barb -- Alice -- Claire -- Conclusion -- References
  • PART III: INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON PRECARIOUS WORK -- The Rise of Precarious Employment in Germany -- The Changing German Labor Market -- Explanations for Rising Precarious Employment -- Data and Methods -- Dependent Variables -- Time Variables -- Independent Variables -- Results -- Trends in Key Explanatory Variables -- Models of Temporal Change in Labor Market Outcomes -- The Case for Institutional Change -- Conclusion -- References -- Precarious Work in Europe: Assessing Cross-National Differences and Institutional Determinants of Work Precarity in 32 European Countries -- Introduction -- Conceptualizing and Measuring Precarious Work -- Macro-Level Predictors of Precarious Work -- The Varieties of Capitalism and Power Resource Theory Perspectives -- The Effects of Labor Market Institutions and Labor Market Conditions on Precarious Work: Theoretical considerations and hypotheses -- Vocational Training -- Active Labor Market Policy -- Unemployment Benefits -- Unemployment Rate -- Data and Methods -- Data -- Dependent Variable -- Contract Uncertainty -- Development Uncertainty -- Income Uncertainty -- Predictors at the Micro-level -- Analytical Strategy and Method -- Results -- Country Differences in Work Precarity -- Assessing Individual-level Predictors of Work Precarity -- Assessing Macro-level Predictors of Work Precarity -- Discussion and Conclusion -- References -- Informal Employment in the Global South: Globalization, Production Relations, and â{u0080}{u009C}Precarityâ{u0080}{u009D} -- Introduction -- Conceptualizing Precarious Work vs. Informal Employment -- Informal Employment in the Global South -- Home-Based Work, Production Networks, and Precarity -- Differentiation by Status in Employment -- A â{u0080}{u009C}Relationalâ{u0080}{u009D} Lens: Informal/Formal Linkages in the Production Chain
  • Views from the South: Self-Employment, â{u0080}{u009C}Adverse Incorporationâ{u0080}{u009D} and Asymmetry Among Self-Employed Workers -- Informal Retail, Street Vendors, and â{u0080}{u009C}Adverse Incorporationâ{u0080}{u009D} -- â{u0080}{u009C}Precarityâ{u0080}{u009D} at the Margins of the Recycling Value Chain -- A Global Challenge? -- The Informal Economy and Precarious Employment: A Way Forward? -- References -- Determinants Of Precarious Employment In India: An Empirical Analysis -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The Labor Market and Irs in India -- 3. Empirical Strategy, Data, and Methodology -- 3.1 Identification Strategy -- 3.2 Determinants of Participation in Temporary Contract Employment -- 4. Results and Discussion -- 4.1 Descriptive Statistics -- 4.2 The Determinants of Temporary Employment -- 5. Conclusion -- References -- PART IV: THE CONSEQUENCES OF PRECARIOUS WORK -- Precarious Early Careers: Instability And Timing Within Labor Market Entry -- Introduction -- The New Employment Narrative -- Unequal Exposure to Job Instability and Job Precarity -- Early Career Setbacks -- Career Trajectories -- Analytical Approach -- Data And Methods -- Findings -- Descriptive Statistics -- Early Career Trajectories -- Demographics and Early Careers -- Macro-Economic and Economic Niche Effects -- Monetary Penalties -- Conclusion and Implications -- References -- â{u0080}{u009C}Bad Jobsâ{u0080}{u009D} For Marriage: Precarious Work And The Transition To First Marriage -- Theoretical And Empirical Background -- Indicators of Precarious Work -- Fringe Benefits -- Part-Time Employment -- Precarious Work and the Transition to First Marriage -- Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Precarious Work and Marriage Entry -- Data And Methods -- Data -- Measures -- Precarious Work -- Controls -- Results -- Conclusions And Discussion -- References -- â{u0080}{u009C}You Donâ{u0080}{u0099}t Dare Plan Muchâ{u0080}{u009D}: Contract work and personal life for international early-career professionals
  • Introduction -- Literature Review -- The Costs and Benefits of Contract Work -- Early-Career Workers, Ambiguous Career Ladders, and Prestige -- Contract Work, Transnational Settings, and Personal Lives -- Data and Methods -- Findings -- The Necessity of Demonstrating Flexibility -- How International Contract Work Impacts Self -- How International Contract Work Impacts Financial Planning -- How International Contract Work Impacts Romantic Relationships -- The Relationship Toll of the Inability to Plan -- Placing Limits on Contract Uncertainty -- Discussion -- References -- ABOUT THE AUTHORS -- About the editors -- Index
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