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The Resource Porous media transport phenomena, Faruk Civan, (electronic resource)

Porous media transport phenomena, Faruk Civan, (electronic resource)

Porous media transport phenomena
Porous media transport phenomena
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Faruk Civan
"This book covers the mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations, and their applications in engineered and natural porous media for general applications. This book is an important text for graduate courses in various disciplines involving fluids in porous materials and a useful reference book. It provides a multi-disciplinary approach to transport in porous media. This book covers general porous media applications including chapters on the effect of temperature and particle migration and provides emphasis in energy resources development. The material is presented in a uniform format with consistent SI units"--
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Porous media transport phenomena, Faruk Civan, (electronic resource)
Porous media transport phenomena, Faruk Civan, (electronic resource)
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Machine generated contents note: Preface.Chapter 1 Overview.1. Introduction.2. Synopses of Topics Covered in Various Chapters.Chapter 2 Transport Properties of Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Permeability of Porous Media Based on the Bundle of Tortuous Leaky Tubes Model.3. Permeability of Porous Media Undergoing Alteration by Scale Deposition.4. Temperature Effect on Permeability.5. Effects of Other Factors on Permeability.6. Exercises.Chapter 3 Macroscopic Transport Equations.1. Introductiion.2. Representative Elementary Volume.4. Mass-Weighted Volume Averaging Rule.5. Surface-Area Averaging Rules.6. Applications of Volume and Surface Averaging Rules.7. Double-decomposition for Turbulent Processes in Porous Media.8. Tortuosity Effect.9. Macroscopic Transport Equations by Control Volume Analysis.10. Generalized Volume-Averaged Transport Equations.11. Exercises.Chapter 4 Scaling and Correlation of Transport in Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Dimensional and Inspectional Analyses Methods.3. Scaling.4.Exercises.Chapter 5 Fluid Motion in Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Flow Potential.3. Modification of Darcy's Law for Bulk- vs. Fluid-Volume Average Pressures.4. Macroscopic Equation of Motion from the Control Volume Approach and Dimensional Analysis.5. Modification of Darcy's Law for the Threshold Pressure Gradient.6. Convenient Formulations of the Forchheimer Equation.7. Determination of the Parameters of the Forchheimer Equation.8. Flow Demarcation Criteria.9. Entropy Generation in Porous Media.10. Viscous Dissipation in Porous Media.11. Generalized Darcy's Law of Control Volume Analysis.12. Equation of Motion for Non-Newtonian Fluids.13. Exercises.Chapter 6 Gas Transport in Tight Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Gas Flow through a Capillary Hydraulic Tube.3. Relationship between Transports Expressed on Different Bases.4. The Mean-Free-Path of Molecules: Fixed Vs. Variable Cross-Section Hard Sphere.5. The Knudsen Number.6. Flow Regimes and Gas Transport at Isothermal Conditions.7. Gas Transport at Nonisothermal Conditions.8. Unified Hagen-Poiseuille-Type Equation for Apparent Gas Permeability.9. Single-Component Gas Flow.10. Multi-Component Gas Flow.11. Effect of Different Flow Regimes Flow Path-Extended Klinkenberg Equation.12. Effect of Pore-Size Distribution on Gas Flow through Porous Media.13. Exercises.Chapter 7 Fluid Transport through Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Coupling Single-Phase Mass and Momentum Balance Equations.3. Cylindrical Leaky-Tank Reservoir Model Including the Non-Darcy Effect.4. Coupling Two-Phase Mass and Momentum Balance Equations for Immiscible Displacement.5. Potential Flow Problems in Porous Media.6. Streamline/Streamtube Formulation and Front Tracking.7. Exercises.Chapter 8 Parameters of Fluid Transfer in Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Wettability and Wettability Index.3. Capillary Pressure.4. Work of Fluid Displacement.5. Temperature Effect on Wettability Related Properties of Porous Media.6. Direct Methods for Determination of Porous Media Flow Functions and Parameters.7. Indirect Methods for Determination of Porous Media Flow Functions and Parameters.8. Exercises.Chapter 9 Mass, Momentum, and Energy Transport in Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Dispersive Transport of Species in Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Porous Media.3. General Multi-Phase Fully-Compositional Non-Isothermal Mixture Model.4. Formulation of Source/Sink Terms in Conservation Equations.5. Isothermal Black-Oil Model of a Nonvolatile Oil System.6. Isothermal Limited-Compositional Model of a Volatile Oil System.7. Flow of Gas and Vaporizing-Water Phases in the Near-Wellbore Region. 8. Flow of Condensate and Gas-Phase Containing Non-Condensable Gas Species in the Near-Wellbore Region.9. Shape-Averaged Formulations.10. Conductive Heat Transfer with Phase Change.11. Simultaneous Phase Transition and Transport in Porous Media.12. Modeling Non-Isothermal Hydrocarbon Fluid Flow Considering Expansion/Compression and Joule Thomson Effects.13. Exercises.Chapter 10. Suspended Particulate Transport in Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Deep-Bed Filtration under Non-Isothermal Conditions.3. Cake Filtration over an Effective Filter.4. Exercises.Chapter 11. Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Transport Units and Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media.3. Models for Transport in Fissured/Fractured Porous Media.4. Species Transport in Fractured Porous Media.5. Immiscible Displacement in Naturally-Fractured Porous Media.6. Method of Weighted Sums (Quadrature) Numerical Solutions.7. Finite-Difference Numerical Solution.8. Exercises.References
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