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The Resource Pipelines 2015 : recent advances in underground pipeline engineering and construction : proceedings of the Pipelines 2015 Conference, August 23-26, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by V. Firat Sever, Ph.D., P.E., Lynn Osborne, P.E

Pipelines 2015 : recent advances in underground pipeline engineering and construction : proceedings of the Pipelines 2015 Conference, August 23-26, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by V. Firat Sever, Ph.D., P.E., Lynn Osborne, P.E

Pipelines 2015 : recent advances in underground pipeline engineering and construction : proceedings of the Pipelines 2015 Conference, August 23-26, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland
Pipelines 2015
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recent advances in underground pipeline engineering and construction : proceedings of the Pipelines 2015 Conference, August 23-26, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland
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sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by V. Firat Sever, Ph.D., P.E., Lynn Osborne, P.E
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Pipelines 2015 : recent advances in underground pipeline engineering and construction : proceedings of the Pipelines 2015 Conference, August 23-26, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by V. Firat Sever, Ph.D., P.E., Lynn Osborne, P.E
Pipelines 2015 : recent advances in underground pipeline engineering and construction : proceedings of the Pipelines 2015 Conference, August 23-26, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by V. Firat Sever, Ph.D., P.E., Lynn Osborne, P.E
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  • Sugarloaf Pipeline, Kp41 Tunnel Design and Construction -- Challenges and Rewards of a Successful Compound Curve Microtunnel Drive -- Microtunneling Technology Implemented for the Replacement of an Aging One Mile PCCP 36-inch Force Main to Minimize Environmental Impacts -- Kaw WTP Water Transmission Main : Serving North Lawrence and Beyond -- Permitting Requirements Drive Trenchless Design and Project Risk : An HDD Pressure Pipeline Case History -- HDD Utilized to Complete Key Crossings for Transmission Lines from New Woodbridge Energy Center -- How to Manufacture an Endless Pipe Onsite -- Hitting the Bulls-Eye : How to Cut-In a 108" Outlet to a 108" Vertical Shaft 230' Beneath a Lake -- Alternative Pipe Material Choice Provides Trenchless Solution -- Teamwork in Trenchless Projects : The Martha Lake Gateway Experience -- Experimental Examination of the Mathematical Model for Predicting the Borehole Pressure during Horizontal Directional Drilling -- Victory Pipeline Duchesne County Utah Water Conservancy District -- Big Pipe Tight Quarters : Lessons Learned from Large Diameter Urban Pipelines -- Arching Effects in Box Jacking Projects
  • Pipe Haunching Study Using Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis Including the Use of Soilcrete -- Trenchless Rehabilitation Saves Grottoes, VA, Culverts and Money Without Disrupting Traffic -- Trenchless Technologies Decision Support System Using Integrated Hierarchical Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms -- Water Pipeline from Turkey to Cyprus 1,600 mm Diameter Polyethylene 100 Pipeline and Its Flange-Technology Solution -- Make Way for Progress The Challenges of Relocating Large Diameter Water Mains for Light Rail System Expansion -- Under the River and through the Woods : Design and Construction of Two Large Diameter Horizontal Directional Drills for the City of Corpus Christi -- Lessons Learned from Horizontal Directional Drilling Installation of HDPE Sewer Forcemains in Anne Arundel County, Maryland -- HDD River Crossing Improves Reliability of Water System and Meets Growing Demand -- Thermal Contraction Lesson Results in Steel Tunnel Liner Damage -- An Engineer's Guide to Nondestructive Weld Examination -- Streamlining the Submittal Process Do's and Don'ts -- Liquefaction-Induced Differential Settlement and Resulting Loading and Structural Analysis of Buried Steel and Cast Iron Pipelines -- Guidance from Tunnel Impact Analyses for DC Clean Rivers Project : Design Build Bidding to Protect Critical Pipelines -- Seismic Fragility Functions for Sewerage Pipelines
  • Identifying Seismic Vulnerability Factors for Wastewater Pipelines after the Canterbury (NZ) Earthquake Sequence 2010-2011 -- Shaking Table Test for Axial Behavior of Buried Inner Rehabilitated Pipes Affected by Aging Pipes in Liquefied Ground -- Design and Fabrication Requirements of a High-Pressure Steel Pipeline -- Analysis of a Steel Pipeline in a Seismically Active Region -- Analysis and Behavior of Steel Pipe Welded Lap Joints in Geohazard Areas -- Performance of Polypropylene Corrugated Pipe in North America -- The Modified Use of the Rehabilitation of Water Mains Manual, AWWA M28 and ASTM F1216, to Design Large Diameter Pressure Pipes Using FRP Systems -- Why Design Engineers Do Not Follow AWWA M9 Chapter 9? Here Are Some Suggestions to Encourage Its Use -- 2014 Updates to ASTM C12 -- Numerical Analysis of Pipe-in-Pipe Filled with Various Materials -- Design and Construction Case History South Catamount Transfer Pipeline Float-Sink -- Improved Design and Constructability through Five Installation Methods for One HDPE Pipeline Project -- CSO Projects What Is the Right Solution? A Case Study for South Bend, Indiana -- Deep Water Coastal Stormwater Outfalls : Designing for the Surf Zone -- Fast Track Relief to Midland's Emergency Thirst -- Share the Road : Challenges and Opportunities Facing Joint Pipeline and Roadway Construction Contracts -- Challenges Associated with the Implementation of the Carlsbad Desalination Conveyance System
  • New Day, New Conflict (The Challenges of Water/Wastewater Design for a Multi-Billion Dollar Highway Design-Build Project) -- Ductile Iron or Welded Steel? A Comparative Analysis between Pipe Materials for the Replacement of a Large Diameter Transmission Main -- C303 A Pipe Material in Search of a History and Searching for a Name -- Exploring Use of Large-Diameter HDPE Pipe for Water Main Applications -- It's a Blasting Good Time! Installation of a 30-inch HDPE Transmission Main in a Corrosive Environment, through Rock, under a River, and Adjacent to an Active Failing Pipe -- Evaluation of Corrugated HDPE Pipes Manufactured with Recycled Content underneath Railroads -- Survey of Water Utilities on Their Experiences with Use of Large-Diameter HDPE Pipe for Water Main Applications -- Can a Design Engineer Rely on D/t Ratio as a Rational Indicator to Manage Stresses and Strains in Welded Steel Pipe During Handling? -- Stulling of Large Diameter Steel Water Pipe What It Is and What It Is Not -- Extremely Controlled Rock Blasting Near Critical Pipes Where Mechanical Excavation Is Not Practical -- Completion and Startup of Utah Lake System Pipelines -- Compacting Pipeline Embedment Soils with Saturation and Vibration -- Sayreville Relief Force Main : 10 Years of Monitoring and Proactive Management -- Incorporating GIS-Based Structural Evaluation Tools into Pipeline Asset Management -- Structural Integrity of Damaged Cast Iron Pipelines and Identifying When Damaged Pipes Should be Repaired or Replaced -- Water Resources Integration Program Update : Water Delivery and Operational Flexibility with a 60-inch, 45-mile Pipeline -- Interconnections of the Lakeview Pipeline and Inland Feeder from Concept to Operation in 10 Months
  • Proposed Simplified Changes to ANSI/AWWA C304 Standard for Design of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe -- Cost Savings Using Optimization Methods for Water Conveyance Systems Case Study for Recharge Fresno Program -- Setting the Record Straight ISO S4 Testing for AWWA C900 Pipe -- Development of a Testing Protocol for Fatigue Testing of Large Diameter HDPE Pipes -- Reduce Diameter, Increase Capacity! -- How to Estimate Flow Area Reduction and Excessive Roughness Effects in Aged Pipelines -- Combating Subsidence by Delivering Surface Water to Three Million Water Users The Successes and On-Going Efforts -- Flow-Based Modeling for Enhancing Seismic Resilience of Water Supply Networks -- Benefits and Lessons Learned from Implementing Real-Time Water Modeling for Jacksonville Electric Authority and Western Virginia Water Authority -- Development of a Wastewater Pipeline Performance Prediction Model -- Pressure and Transient Monitoring of Water Transmission Pipelines and Wastewater Force Mains -- The Link between Transient Surges and Minimum Pressure Criterion in Water Distribution Systems -- Metrics for the Rapid Assessment of Transient Severity in Pipelines
  • Case Study : Hydraulic Modeling and Field Verification on the Rietspruit-Davel-Kriel Bulk Water Supply Pipeline -- Managing Liquid Transients and Vibration within Pump Facilities -- The Need for Holistic System-Wide Transient Assessment -- Modeling Halfway Around the World : Advanced Hydraulic Model Calibration for a Large Utility -- Analyzing Pump Energy through Hydraulic Modeling -- Benefits of PACP® Version 7.0 Update NASSCO -- The Condition Assessment of a 30-inch Ductile Iron Water Line by WaterOne of Johnson County, Kansas -- Developing an Inline Pipe Wall Screening Tool for Assessing and Managing Metallic Pipe -- Comprehensive Condition Assessment of Large Diameter Steel Pipe The Next Chapter in San Diego County Water Authority's Asset Management Program -- The Case for Large Diameter Pipeline Condition Assessment -- Condition Assessment Methods for 1920s Lock-Bar Steel Pipe -- A Look Back : Analyzing the Results of LWC's PCCP Condition Assessment Pilot Projects -- And the Kitchen Sink Using a Full Toolbox to Assess a Critical Bulk Water Asset in South Africa -- Large Diameter Pipeline Asset Management for Sustaining Silicon Valley's Water Needs -- A Repair Program to Minimize Failure Risk of Highly Distressed PCCP Circulating Water Lines -- Condition Assessment of Sanitary Sewer Lines Using Acoustic Inspection -- Development of Performance Index for Stormwater Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Protocol for Water Pipeline Failure and Forensic Data Analysis -- Condition Assessment of Aging, Hard to Access Sewer Mains -- Boston Water and Sewer Commission : Data Integration to Support Asset Management -- Pipeline Asset Integration Planning for a Major Water Supply System : The Southern Delivery System, Colorado Springs, CO -- A Successful CCCP Rehabilitation on Two 96-inch CMP Culverts -- New ASTM Standards to Encourage Wider Use of Laser Profilers and Video Micrometers in Post-Construction Inspection of Pipelines -- Understanding the Benefits of Multi-Sensor Inspection -- Looking Past the Pipe Wall : Quantifying Pipe Corrosion and Deterioration with Pipe Penetrating Radar -- Case Study from Application of High-Resolution Ultra-Wideband Radar for QC/QA Analysis of Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation and Pipeline Condition Assessment -- Drinking Water Pipelines Defect Coding System -- Capital Planning for Shawnee County, Kansas, the Easy Way -- Assessment of a Critical Raw Water Infrastructure for the City of San Diego El Monte Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment Project -- Evaluation of Acoustic Wave Based PCCP Stiffness Testing Results -- Alternative Construction Methods and Pipe Material Provide Solutions for Cleveland WWTP Project -- Padre Island Water Supply Project Minimizes Environmental Impact Using HDD Technology -- Water Mains Degradation Analysis Using Log-Linear Models -- Rehabilitation and Replacement of the East Layton Pipeline
  • Validating "Fully Structural" : Development and Testing of a New Carbon Composite in situ Pressure Barrier for Trenchless Rehabilitation of Small-Diameter Pressure Pipelines -- Integrated Technology Applications for Effective Utility Infrastructure Asset Management -- Beyond Water Audits into Asset Management : The Process of Non-Revenue Water Reduction and Revenue Enhancement Activities -- Fully Structural Renewal of 39-inch PCCP Water Transmission Main with Swagelining(tm) and HDPE -- City of Baltimore SW Diversion 78-in. Diameter PCCP : 2,140 LF Continuous Carbon Fiber Pipe Rehabilitation -- Miami-Dade Implements Hybrid FRP Trenchless Repair System -- Composite versus Stand-Alone Design Methodologies for Carbon Fiber Lining Systems -- Better Data Equals Better Decisions : New Developments in Multi-Sensor Condition Assessment Technologies -- Application and Laboratory Tests of Stainless Steel Liner for Trenchless Rehabilitation of Water Mains in China -- Non-Invasive and Remote Pipeline Rehabilitation Technology Using Reactive and Magnetic Particles -- Engineering Rehabilitations Based on Non-Destructive Examinations -- Asset Management : Performance, Sustainability, and Resiliency Model Development -- Finite Element Modeling of Full-Scale Concrete Manholes under Soil Pressure -- Comparative Analysis of Geopolymer Technology for Sewer System Rehabilitation -- An Evaluation of Trenchless Point Repair Solutions for Pipes of Varying Inner Diameter and Offset Joints -- Effective Repair of Incidental Construction Damage to 54-inch PCCP Line
  • Repairing the World's Largest Prestressed Concrete Pipe : A Case Study of the Central Arizona Project's Centennial Wash Siphon -- Motts Run Dam Outlet Rehabilitation A Case Study Illustrating Design and Construction Aspects -- Design and Construction of a Raw River Water Welded Steel Transmission Main for a New Water Supply System in Northern Virginia -- Lessons Learned in the Design, Manufacture, Shipping, and Installation of the 108-inch Integrated Pipeline (IPL) Section 15-1 -- Steel Water Transmission Mains in Liquefiable Soils in Hillsboro, Oregon, Planning Considerations -- Addressing Rehabilitation Challenges for the Underwood Creek Force Main -- Decision-Making Guidance for Culvert Rehabilitation and Replacement Using Trenchless Techniques -- Hot Tapping and Plugging Procedures Enable Replacement of Concrete Pressure Pipelines Reaching the End of Service Life without Service Interruption -- Evaluating Chloramine Loss in Raw Water Supply Pipelines -- Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Sewer Root Control Program for the City of Baltimore -- Performing a Condition Assessment of a 24-inch Diameter Gas Line Supplying an Important Part of a Suburban Area of a Large Midwest City -- Influences on the Rate of Pressure Drop in Automatic Line Break Control Valves on a Natural Gas Pipeline -- More Precise Hydro-Static Test Evaluation of High Pressure Petroleum Pipelines Using Automated Data Collection Techniques -- Maximum Transient Pressures in Batch Pipelines due to Valve Closures -- Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy : Characterizing the Performance of Corrosion Protective Pipeline Coatings
  • Watertightness of CFRP Liners for Distressed Pipes -- Oil and Gas Pipeline Technology Finds Uses in the Water and Wastewater Industry -- Strategic Management of AC Pipe in Water Systems -- Pipe Bursting Asbestos Cement Pipe : The Process Is Established but What's Next -- Management of a Pipe of High Concern for Failure : Asbestos Cement Pipes -- A Comparison Study of Water Pipe Failure Prediction Models Using Weibull Distribution and Binary Logistic Regression -- Where are the Hot Zones : Prioritization with Historical Pipe Break -- Minimizing the Risk of Catastrophic Failure of PCCP in the City of Baltimore -- Extending the Life of Existing Pipelines through the Use of a Retrofit Cathodic Protection and Internal Lining Program -- Evaluating Remaining Strength of Thinning and Weakening Lined Cylinder PCCP Force Mains due to Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion -- Pipelines at Bridge Crossings : Empirical-Based Seismic Vulnerability Index -- Benefits of Global Standards on the Use of Optical Fiber Sensing Systems for the Impact of Construction of New Utilities and Tunnels on Existing Utilities -- Integrated Fiber Optic Sensing System for Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring -- Effects of Ultraviolet (UV) and Thermal Cycling on Polyurethane (PUR) Coated Water Transmission Pipelines -- Development of Constrained Soil Modulus Values for Buried Pipe Design -- The Value of Value Engineering Functionality without Breaking the Bank on a Raw Water Transmission Project in Texas
  • Triple Bottom-Line Assessment of Alternatives for a Large-Diameter Transmission Main from a Congested 280-MGD Water Treatment Plant Site -- Value Engineering of Conveyance System Projects on a Large Wet Weather Program -- Tools for Successful Risk Management of Your Next Underground Project -- Assessing the Condition and Consequence of Failure of Pipes Crossing Major Transportation Corridors -- Risk Model for Large-Diameter Transmission Pipeline Replacement Program -- Understanding Risk and Resilience to Better Manage Water Transmission Systems -- Shifting the Paradigm from Replacement to Management -- Baltimore's First Step towards Advanced Pipeline Management -- Driving the Industry Forward Again : WSSC's Pipeline Management System -- Asset Management Mixing Bowl : Idea Sharing Amongst Owners -- Smart Pipeline Infrastructure Network for Energy and Water (SPINE) -- Developing Design Standards for a New Multi-Agency Regional Water Supply System -- What Pipeline Management Can Do for You A Review of the Costs and Benefits -- Developing a Pre-Certification Process for Using ISI Envision during the Planning Phase of a Pipeline Project -- Picking a Pipeline Route through a Densely Developed Urban Environment : The Challenges Are Not Technical -- DC Water Uses 3D FEM in Assessing Century Old Trunk Sewer -- Wilburton Sewer Improvements No Problems, Just Opportunities to Provide a Toolbox of Engineering Solutions -- Potts Ditch : Rerouting the Impossible
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