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The Resource New research on biotechnology and medicine, A.M. Egorov and Gennady Zaikov, editors

New research on biotechnology and medicine, A.M. Egorov and Gennady Zaikov, editors

New research on biotechnology and medicine
New research on biotechnology and medicine
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A.M. Egorov and Gennady Zaikov, editors
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.N49 2006
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New research on biotechnology and medicine, A.M. Egorov and Gennady Zaikov, editors
New research on biotechnology and medicine, A.M. Egorov and Gennady Zaikov, editors
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Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Liposomal antibiotics in treatment chlamydioz / N.N. Ivanova -- Use of europium nanoparticles as a reporters in thyroxin fluorescent immunoassay / V.V. Jerdeva ... [et al.] -- Expression of human interleukin-18 in E. coli and biological activity of recombinant protein / E.A. Khrapov ... [et al.] -- Creation of the new foodstuffs on the basis of carotene of microbiological origin / L.V. Krichkovskaya ... [et al.] -- Genetic diversity and genomic evolution of particulary dangerous infectious agents of plague, cholera and anthrax / V.V. Kutyrev and N.I. Smirnova -- Elaboration of new approaches to the synthesis of pharmacologically active steroids / N.V. Lukashev ... [et al.] -- Biotechnology of nucleic acid constituents / Igor A. Mikhailopulo -- The general technique to establish dependence between various bioobject's parameters / V.S. Sibintsev and A.V. Garabadzhiu -- Enzymatic transformation and synthesis of beta-Lactam antibiotics / A.V. Sklyarenko .. [et al.] -- Erythrocyte as a potential vehicle for mitoxantrone / T.A. Vuimo ... [et al.] -- Use of transgenic carrot plants producing human interleukin-18 for modulation of mouse immune response / E.V. Yakushenko ... [et al.] -- Polyphenols of some tannin containing plants and creation on their base drug remedies / Sh.I. Salikhov ... [et al.] -- Prevention and treatment of postoperative complications in patients of carotid atherosclerosis / D.V. Yanshin -- Synergy of advanced virtual and high-throughput screening technologies for increasing productivity of small molecule drug discoveries / Konstantin V. Balakin ... [et al.] -- HPLC quantification of hyaluronic acid by the products of its enzymatic degradation with streptococcus hyaluronate lyase / A.V. Beldoded ... [et al.] --
  • Synthesis of nitrogen- and oxygen-containing macrocycles based on the derivatives of litocholic acid / N.V. Lukashev ... [et al.] -- Biotechnological perspectives for obtaining and application of bacterial peptides in medicine and veterinary / M.V. Bibikova ... [et al.] -- Inhibition of melanoma B16 growth in mice by liposomal forms of angiostatin and endostatin / A.V. Digtyar ... [et al.] -- Development of optimal conditions for production of compactin by strain 18-12 of penicillium citrinum in labscale fermenter / V.V. Dzhavakhiya and T.M. Voinova -- Construction of strains producing the main protective antigens of vibrio cholerae based on altered expression of the global regulatory gene toxR / Nina I. Smirnova ... [et al.] -- Research of influence of liposomal form of polynonsaturated fat acids from the Baikal seal fat on transport of antituberculosis means / G.P. Lamazhapova ... [et al.] -- Nano-scaled polymeric aggregates with encapsulated model proteins / A.N. Kuskov ... [et al.] -- Perspectives of enzyme application in therapy / E.V. Lukasheva ... [et al.] -- Fragments of receptor-binding sites of EGF and TGF as vehicles for targeted delivery of antitumor drugs to human prostate carcinoma cells / S.V. Lutsenko ... [et al.] -- Inductor of interferon of a vegetable origin / Sh.I. Salikhov ... [et al.] -- The influence of melanin of microbe origin on the secondary metabolism of callus tissues of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) and dyer's madder (Rubia tinctorum) / E.N. Shcherbakova ... [et al.] -- Obtaining the highly productive mutant penicillium citrinum producing compactin and optimization of fermentation process in shaken flasks / S.N. Ukraintseva ... [et al.]
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