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The Resource Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators : Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands

Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators : Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands

Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators : Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands
Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators
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Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands
Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators provides strategic communication students and professionals with expert insights on the various major business functions and areas from an assemblage of top strategic communication leaders
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Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators : Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands
Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators : Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands
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  • "Front Cover" -- "Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators" -- "Copyright Page" -- "Endorsements" -- "Dedication" -- "Contents" -- "List of Contributors" -- "Acknowledgments" -- "Preface" -- "Foreword" -- "Part I: Introduction" -- "1 Advising â{u0080}{u009C}the Room Where It Happensâ{u0080}{u009D}: The Business Case for Business Acumen" -- "Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities for Future Leaders" -- "The New CCO" -- "The CCOâ{u0080}{u0099}s Expanding Leadership Role" -- "Advising Those â{u0080}{u009C}In the Room Where It Happensâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Challenges and Opportunities for the CCO" -- "References" -- "Part II: Communications, Business Acumen, and the C-suite" -- "2 The Communicator as Integrator" -- "Note" -- "3 Why Business Acumen Matters More Than Ever" -- "The â{u0080}{u009C}Ah-Haâ{u0080}{u009D} Moment: Getting Grilled By MBAs" -- "If You Canâ{u0080}{u0099}t Beatâ{u0080}{u0099}em, Joinâ{u0080}{u0099}em: Time to Get an MBA" -- "Putting My Education to Work" -- "The Telescope and the Microscope" -- "Problem-Solving Requires Common Understanding" -- "Reference" -- "4 From Farm to Pharm: Business and Life Lessons Learned in the Barnyard" -- "Lesson #1: Others Always Come First, Even If They Are Cows" -- "Lesson #2. Sleep Is highly Overrated, and Multi-Tasking Will Serve a Communications Professional Well" -- "Lesson #3: Stand Up, Speak Up, and Help Those Who Donâ{u0080}{u0099}t Have a Voice" -- "Lesson #4: Education Is a Gift That Should Never Be Taken for Granted" -- "Lesson #5: Never Underestimate the Power of the Human Spirit" -- "Lesson #6: People Are People and Have the Same Hopes and Dreams, Regardless of Where They Are Born or Where They Live" -- "Lesson #7: Pursue Your Passion and Do Something with Your Life That Makes You Feel Good and Energizes You" -- "Lessons Learned on the Farm Help Navigate the C-suite" -- "Part III: Finance and Investor Relations" -- "5 Taking the Numb Out of Numbers: Working with the Office of the CFO"
  • "It Starts with the Fundamentals" -- "Numbers Need a Storyteller" -- "Making Friends in Finance" -- "Financials Form the Foundation" -- "6 The Partnership between Corporate Communications and Investor Relations" -- "The Growth of a Partnership" -- "Building Business Acumen Is a Necessity" -- "Tips of the Trade" -- "Part IV: Human Resources and Employee Engagement" -- "7 Mastering Business Means First Understanding Your People" -- "True Partners in the Business" -- "Applying the â{u0080}{u009C}Partner Lensâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "A Different Kind of Company" -- "8 Employees as Drivers of Corporate Brand and Reputation" -- "Nuts, Bolts, and Culture" -- "Beyond Your Walls" -- "Pearls of Wisdom" -- "Teamwork" -- "Reference" -- "9 Have a Seat at the Table â{u0080}{u0094} Not on the Fringes" -- "Get Smart â{u0080}{u0094} And Get Help Getting Smart" -- "Your Company Hired You to Be Great. Be Great. Get in There!" -- "Itâ{u0080}{u0099}s All about Your Audience" -- "What I Wish I Had Known from the Beginning" -- "Part V: Corporate Strategy, Innovation, and Legal" -- "10 Collaborating with Strategy and Innovation: Taking on the Challenge to â{u0080}{u009C}Communicate the Amoebaâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "First Step: Whatâ{u0080}{u0099}s in It for Me?" -- "Communicating the Amoeba" -- "Making the Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal Real" -- "11 Telling the Story of Value Creation" -- "What Strategy Does" -- "How We Work Together" -- "12 Lessons from My Father: Bringing the â{u0080}{u009C}Greener Rulesâ{u0080}{u009D} to Corporate Strategy and Planning" -- "Rule #1: â{u0080}{u009C}Make Sure Your Assumptions Are Rightâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Rule #2: â{u0080}{u009C}You Cannot Create an Imageâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Rule #3: â{u0080}{u009C}Donâ{u0080}{u0099}t Confuse Three Yards with a Cloud of Dustâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Rule #4: â{u0080}{u009C}Things That Get Measured Get Betterâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Rule #5: â{u0080}{u009C}We Serve as the Connecting Tissueâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Rule #6: â{u0080}{u009C}Make Sure You Know What You Are Fighting forâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Rule #7: â{u0080}{u009C}A Lot of Humility Never Hurtâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Reference"
  • "13 Understanding the Corporate Legal Department" -- "What Legal Does" -- "Where Legal and Communications Intersect" -- "Working with Legal" -- "Conclusion" -- "Reference" -- "Part VI: Marketing, Brand, and Data Analytics" -- "14 Driving to the Right Place: Aligning Communications with Business Goals and Objectives" -- "The Bolt EV: Aligning Communications with Business Goals and Objectives" -- "An EV for Everyone: Brand Strategy and Results" -- "Todayâ{u0080}{u0099}s Communications Professional: A True Business Partner" -- "Reference" -- "15 Peas in a Pod: Communications and the Chief Marketing Officer" -- "Marketing and Communications: Kindred Spirits" -- "Peas in a Pod, but Differences Too" -- "Getting on the Same Page" -- "Key Qualities and Characteristics Overlap" -- "References" -- "16 Learn the Language of Business and Keep What You Earn" -- "Donâ{u0080}{u0099}t Fear the Numbers" -- "The Role of Strategic Communications" -- "Protecting What Youâ{u0080}{u0099}ve Gained" -- "Boosting Marketing Power" -- "Coordination across Channels" -- "Part VII: Social Responsibility and Transparency" -- "17 Trust, Truth, and Transparency: Why Hard Facts and Corporate Honesty Matter" -- "Hard Facts, Hard Cash" -- "Spies and Secret Truths" -- "Changing the Conversation" -- "Choose Wisely" -- "18 How Communicators Can Help Corporations Make a Difference" -- "Communicators as Champions for Social Good" -- "Communicators as Storytellers" -- "Communicators as Strategic Partners" -- "References" -- "19 Communications for Social Good" -- "The Role of Foundations in Society" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Why Do We Need to Communicate?â{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Advice for the Nonprofit Communicator" -- "References" -- "Part VIII: Communication and Corporate Transformations" -- "20 Building Communicationsâ{u0080}{u0099} Influence during Corporate Transformation" -- "Establish the Right Team" -- "Align Behind the Narrative and Donâ{u0080}{u0099}t Waver"
  • "Convey Outside Perspectives" -- "Key Takeaways" -- "21 Accentuate the Positive: The Communicatorâ{u0080}{u0099}s Catalytic Effect" -- "Building Strong Personal Relationships" -- "Keeping a Positive Attitude in Challenging Times" -- "Communicating during Times of Change" -- "Open Communication Yields Positive Results" -- "22 Communications Leadership that Strong Leaders Expect" -- "Integrated Communications Leadership" -- "Business Acumen: Key to the Office of the CEO" -- "Reference" -- "Part IX: Summing Up" -- "23 Observations and Conclusions from â{u0080}{u009C}Masters of Businessâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Courageous Counsel and Corporate Conscience" -- "Human Capital, Employee Engagement, and Corporate Culture" -- "Who Do CCOs Want on Their Teams?" -- "The Journey to Becoming a Leader" -- "Actionable Advice on â{u0080}{u009C}Learning the Language of Businessâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "Looking Ahead" -- "References" -- "About the Authors" -- "Resources on Business Acumen" -- "Journal Articles on Business Acumen and Communications Education" -- "Books Related to Strategic Communications and Business Acumen" -- "Trade and Professional Articles Related to Business Acumen" -- "White Papers and Reports Related to Business Acumen" -- "Strategic Communications-Related Professional and Academic Associations" -- "University-Affiliated Strategic Communications Research Centers" -- "Financial and Economic Literacy-Related Websites" -- "Glossary"
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