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The Resource Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia : Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age

Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia : Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age

Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia : Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age
Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia
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Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age
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Higher Education in Asia: Quality, Excellence and Governance Ser
Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia : Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age
Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia : Possibilities and Challenges in the Global Age
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  • Foreword -- Contents -- Contributors -- 1 Introduction -- The Context -- Development and Challenges -- Concepts of, and Approaches to, Liberal Arts Education -- The Organization of the Book -- Analysis Framework -- Book Chapters -- Acknowledgments -- References -- 2 Development of Liberal Arts Education and Colleges: Historical and Global Perspectives -- The Birth and Evolution of Liberal Arts Education in Europe -- The Middle Ages: Logic at the Center of Liberal Education -- The Renaissance and Reformation: The Rise of the Humanities -- The Scientific Revolution: From Logic to Mathematics -- The Development of Liberal Education in the US -- Early US Colonial Colleges -- The 19th Century: The Rise of Science and Challenges to Liberal Arts Colleges -- The Great War: the Revival of the Humanities -- Liberal Education Initiatives at Columbia, Wisconsin and Chicago -- Conclusion: Accomplishments and Future Tasks of Liberal Arts Colleges -- Acknowledgments -- References -- 3 The East-West Axis? Liberal Arts Education in East Asian Universities -- Liberal Arts Education Hype in East Asia -- East Asian Legacy of Liberal Arts Education -- East Asian Liberal Arts Education in Identity Crisis -- A Possible Pathway to Future Liberal Arts Education in East Asia -- References -- 4 Going Global and Adapting to Local Context: Handong Global University in South Korea -- Brief Outline of Liberal Arts Education in South Korea -- Handong Global University: Vision, Mission, and Brief History -- The HGU Undergraduate Curriculum -- HGU and Globalization -- The Issues and Challenges Facing HGU -- Conclusion -- References -- 5 Liberal Arts for a New Japan: The Case of the International Christian University -- The History of ICU -- A Joint US-Japanese Project -- ICU's Mission and Principles -- ICU's Liberal Arts Education
  • General Education as a Core of Liberal Arts Education -- Bilingualism and Beyond -- Globalization -- Challenges -- Internationalization, Organizational Identity and Well-Being -- Diversity and Excellence -- Conclusion: Implications for East Asia -- Acknowledgements -- References -- 6 Making the Global Local: Twenty Years at Miyazaki International College, Japan -- Historical Antecedents -- Development of the MIC Vision and Concepts -- Vision and Early Concepts -- Initial Experiences -- Accomplishments and Challenges -- Success and Failures -- Faculty Recruitment and Professional Development -- Integration of Practical Components in a Liberal Arts Education -- Assessment of Critical Thinking Skills -- Technology Integration -- Needs-Based Curriculum Change -- Future Developments -- References -- 7 Adapting the Western Model of Liberal Arts Education in China: The Cases of Fudan University and Lingnan University -- The Evolution of Liberal Arts Education in the Chinese Higher Education Context -- Liberal Arts Education at Fudan University -- The Tradition of General Education -- Recent Undergraduate Education Reforms -- Language Learning and International Education -- Liberal Arts Education at Lingnan University -- The Development of Liberal Arts Education at Lingnan -- Challenges in Lingnan's Liberal Arts Education -- Conclusion -- References -- 8 Liberal Arts Education in Postwar Taiwan: A Case Study on General Education Reform at National Taiwan University -- A Historical Overview of University-Level General Education in Taiwan -- The Incubation Stage -- The Development Stage -- The Expansion Stage -- NTU's Experience of General Education Reform -- The Need for General Education Reform -- Curricular Reform -- Establishment of the General Education Center -- Outcomes of General Education Reform -- Challenges Faced -- Some Administrative Solutions
  • Conclusion: Future Prospects and Suggestions -- References -- 9 Global Education with High Impact and Deep Learning in the United States: The Liberal Arts at Pomona College -- Pomona College's Vision of a Liberal Arts Education -- High Impact Practices -- First-Year Seminars -- Undergraduate Research -- Internships -- Study-Abroad Programs -- Capstone Courses -- Excellence, Elitism and Diversity -- Policies and Strategies to Promote Global Education -- International Education -- Global Learning Throughout Pomona's Curriculum -- Recent Innovative Initiatives -- Challenges for International Initiatives -- Technology Integration to Promote International and National Networking -- Videoconferencing -- Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning (LACOL) -- Implications for Liberal Arts Colleges in East Asia -- Acknowledgements -- References -- 10 Liberal Arts and Sciences Education for the 21st Century Knowledge Economy: A Case Study of Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands -- Introduction -- An International Curriculum -- Communication and Language Programs -- Information and Communications Technologies in the Curriculum -- The Well-Being of the Total Campus Community -- Conclusion: The Challenges and Implications for East Asian Liberal Arts Institutions -- References -- 11 Revisiting Key Values, Roles and Challenges of Liberal Arts Education in East Asia -- Differing Concepts and Modes of Liberal Arts Education in East Asia -- Higher Education in East Asia and Liberal Arts Traditions -- The Tradition of Intellectual Bureaucrats and Examinations -- Preparation for Specialized University Studies -- Integration of Christianity Education into the Secular Education System -- Transformations to a Democratic Society -- Skills Development for the Knowledge Society -- International Liberal Arts Education as a New Concept -- Challenges Ahead
  • Beyond the Dichotomy of General and Specialized Knowledge -- From Pragmatic Values to Pedagogic Values -- From English Language Skills to Intercultural Competencies -- Organizational and Individual Well-Being Issues -- References -- 12 Cultivating Intercultural Communicative Competence in Liberal Arts Institutions -- Intercultural Communicative Competence -- Foreign Language Education in Liberal Arts Institutions -- Understanding Complex and Compound Nature of FLE Policies -- FLE Curricula in Liberal Arts Institutions -- Emphasis on English in East Asian and European Liberal Arts Institutions. -- Approaches to Enhancing Intercultural Communicative Competence via Language Programs -- Language Tables -- Language Tutoring -- Language Residents -- Self-instructional Language Acquisition -- Other Approaches -- Approaches to Enhancing Intercultural Communicative Competence via International Programs -- Study Abroad Programs -- International Internships -- International Service Learning Programs -- Conclusions -- Flexibility in Curricular Construction -- Learner Support in English Programs -- Maximizing Multichannel Learning Experience -- Using International Students as Intercultural Communicative Resources -- Balancing Foreign Language Programs -- References -- 13 Applications of Digital Technologies in Liberal Arts Institutions in East Asia -- Digital Technology Adoption in Liberal Arts Institutions: An Overview -- The Technology Options for Education in East Asia -- Technology Infrastructure -- E-Learning -- M-Learning -- Culture and Synchronous Interaction -- Social Media -- OER and MOOCs -- Conclusions: Suggestions for East Asian Liberal Arts Colleges and Programs -- Broadening Students' Perspectives -- Supporting Dialogue and Reflection -- Overcoming Limitations of Scale -- Extending Education Beyond the Campus
  • Exploring the Major Issues of Technologies -- Developing Digital Literacy -- References -- 14 Internationalization and Faculty Well-Being in Liberal Arts Colleges: An Often Neglected Issue in East Asia -- Internationalization and Expanding Roles of Faculty in East Asia -- Faculty Well-Being: Concepts and Sources -- Common Sources of Faculty Well-Being -- Additional Sources of Faculty Well-Being in East Asia -- The College Campus as Community: Embracing Sense of Community for Faculty Well-Being -- A Survey on Impact of Internationalization Efforts and Faculty Well-Being in Japanese Liberal Arts Colleges and Programs -- Respondents and Procedure -- The Survey Instrument -- Results and Discussion -- Policy Recommendations for Liberal Arts Institutions in East Asia -- Acknowledgements -- References -- 15 Conclusions: Summary, Remaining Issues and Recommendations -- Summary -- Foundations of Liberal Arts Education -- Current Practices in Liberal Arts Education in East Asia -- Issues Common to Liberal Arts Colleges and Programs in East Asia -- Remaining Issues -- Governance of Liberal Arts Institutions -- Role of Christianity in Liberal Arts Education -- Curricular Issues -- University Evaluation Systems -- Recommendations -- References -- Afterword: Toward a Global Liberal Education, in Asia and With the World -- Liberal Education and the Liberal Arts Tradition: Exploring the Connections -- Enduring Goals, Adaptive Practices: Liberal Education for an Interconnected World -- Broad Learning: Organized to Foster Big Picture and Comparative Knowledge Across Global Boundaries and Borderlands -- The Powers of the Mind: Re-conceived as Teaching Students to Think Deeply and Work Collaboratively Across Cultural Boundaries and Differences
  • Ethical and Civic Responsibility Enacted as Purposeful Learning: Across General Education and Major Fields and for a World Shared in Common
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