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The Resource Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal : Phoenix rising

Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal : Phoenix rising

Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal : Phoenix rising
Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal
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Phoenix rising
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Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal : Phoenix rising
Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal : Phoenix rising
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  • Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Notes on Contributors -- Acknowledgments -- Editors' Introduction: Phoenix Rising: Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal -- Phoenix Image as Symbol -- The Importance of Location as Psyche and Symbol -- Rebirth and Renewal of the Ascendant Matrilineal Function -- The Importance to Jung of Archaic, Imaginative, Associative, Indirect Thinking -- An Overemphasis on German Aestheticism by Stressing Other Ethnologies -- Jung's Interest in the "Fourth" Psychological Function -- References -- Part I The Phoenix as Symbol -- 1 Phoenix Rising: A Comparative Study of the Phoenix Symbol as a Goal of Alchemical Work and the Individuation Process -- Introduction -- C.G. Jung and the Phoenix Symbol -- Count Michael Maier -- The Grand Peregrination -- Ascent and Descent -- Secrets of the Phoenix and the Self -- Conclusion -- Postscript -- References -- Part II Native America -- 2 Borderland Consciousness: Re-establishing Dialogue between the Western Psyche and the Psyche-Left-Behind -- Introduction -- The Psyche-Left-Behind -- Borderland Consciousness -- Structure of Language and its Relationship to Psychic Structure -- Global Warming Crisis -- Responses of Dr. Jeanne Lacourt and Frank Morgan -- The Nature of Polemic -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 3 Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Birthing Symbolic Life -- Author's Note -- Introduction -- We are the Forest -- Transformation -- Differentiation -- Direct Relationship -- Clinical Example - Beaver Woman -- Conclusion -- Note -- References -- Website Addresses -- Part III Synchronistic Symbols as Liminal Place/Space -- 4 The Burden of Modernity: Three Takes on the Snake and Recombinant Visionary Mythology -- Introduction -- Part One: The Snake and the Transformation of Energy -- Dream One: Eagle and Horse
  • Dream Two: Depths of the Ocean -- Part Two: The Snake and Healing -- Part Three: The Snake That is Not a Symbol -- the Snake That is not a Cigar -- Conclusion -- Author's Note -- References -- 5 Rebirthing Biblical Myth: The Poisonwood Bible as Visionary Art -- Introduction -- Rebirthed Mythical Imagery -- A Renewed Approach to Biblical Text -- A Rebirthing of the Bible's Creation Myth -- The Bible's Deliverance Myth Spoken Anew -- In Closing, an Opening -- References -- Part IV India -- 6 Life Threads: C.G. Jung's 1938 and 1944 'Orissa' Awakenings -- Introduction -- Weaving an Indian Journey -- Setting up a Loom to Weave a Cradle Story -- Late in Life Journeys to India: 2013 -- World Wars and Dream Threads -- Embroidered Fingerprints -- Village Artisans: Living Through Creation -- Jodhpur: Marriage Preparations and Mehrangah Museum -- Yoni-Lingam Wholeness: Jung's Genius Seen Afresh -- Confrontation with Orissa: 2014 -- Puri Temple and Puri Potters -- Weaving Orissa: A Living Myth -- Love Through Aesthetic Experience -- The Temple of Konark -- Puri and Cremation -- Bhubaneswar: Mercurial Threads -- Personal Placental Threads -- Conclusion: Interwoven Threads -- Notes -- References -- 7 Paramapada Sopanam: The Divine Game of Rebirth and Renewal -- Introduction -- Vaikuntha Ekadasi -- Paramapada Sopanam -- The Play of Opposites and Their Psychological Relevance -- Serpent Symbols and Serpent Myths -- Serpent Dreams and Working Through Opposites -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 8 Responses to a Film About Integrity -- Introduction -- A Review of the Film -- A Discussion of the Excerpt from Monsoon Wedding -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Part V Primordial Archetypal Feminine -- 9 Remembering Eve's Transgression as Rebirth -- Introduction -- Remembering Eve -- The Image of Eve's Transgression -- The Problem of Eve
  • An Epistrophe of Eve's Transgression -- Transgression and Knowledge -- The Serpent, the Tree, and the Goddess -- Adam -- An Interlude: Eve's Moment -- Conclusion -- References -- 10 Symbolic Renewal -- Renewal of Symbols, The Rebirth of the Trickster Goddesses in Mysteries -- Introduction -- The Ecocritical Psyche -- From Tricksters to Goddesses in Mysteries -- Reclaiming Aphrodite in Symbols -- Symbols of Aphrodite Absent in Trophies and Dead Things by Marcia Muller (1990) -- Hunting Symbols of Artemis in Mysteries -- Symbols in Mysteries of Hestia's Hearth -- Athena's Troubled Cities -- Conclusion: Renewal in Symbols -- References -- Part VI Ancestral Memories: Familial Constellations of Rebirth and Renewal -- 11 Adam and Eve as a Kleinian Narrative of Infancy -- Part 1: Introduction -- Part 2: Some Cultural, Religious, and Psychological Background -- Augustinian Original Sin -- The Gnostic Wisdom Interpretation -- Two Stories, Two Gods -- Goldman: The Infant as Destroyer of Paradise -- Part 3: Melanie Klein's Narratives of Infancy Embodied in the Story of Adam and Eve -- Klein's Basic Narrative -- Mirroring Conflicting Theologies -- A Destroyer of Paradise Aspect -- The Resurgence of Splitting -- Sequencing and Nature of Objects -- The Super-ego in Klein's Scheme -- Part 4: Some Implications -- References -- 12 Symbols of Creation in Myth and Dream: Directive, Orientative, Regenerative -- Introduction: Myth and Dream -- Belonging: The Longing to Be -- Temporal and Eternal -- The Cultural Myth and the Individual Dream -- In Illo Tempore -- All Was in Suspense -- Unlocking the Doors of Matter -- Desire -- Defined Time -- Cosmos to Boundaried Space to Cosmos -- Why Must We Attend to the Symbols of Creation in the Dream? -- Conclusion -- References -- Online sources -- 13 Trickster, Trauma, and Transformation: The Vicissitudes of Late Motherhood
  • Late Motherhood - A Field of Plenty -- Researching Unconscious Processes of Late Motherhood -- The First Meeting - Mrs. Anyer -- Jung's Word Association Experiment and Mrs. Anyer -- Affective Communication -- Fast and Slow Numbers Parallel High Feeling-Toned Dreams -- Metabolizing Trickster and Trauma -- Conclusion -- References -- Part VII Eco-Psychological, Synchronistic Carriers of Rebirth and Renewal -- 14 Archetypal Images in Japanese Anime: Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) -- Introduction: Anime as a Full-fledged Medium of Expression in Japan -- Acceptance of Japanese Anime Around the World -- Japanese Anime and Analytical Psychology -- Why Battleship Yamato? -- Battleship Yamato, Some Background History -- The Story of Space Battleship Yamato -- Okita as Hero in the Samurai Tradition -- The Bildungsroman of Susumu Kodai -- Yuki as Eternal Virgin -- Starcha and Yamato Itself as Great Mother -- Space Battleship Yamato and Japan in the 1970s -- Conclusion -- References -- 15 Prometheus in Our Midst: The Planet's Overdependence on Oxygen -- Introduction as Personal Odyssey -- Renewal and Regeneration -- Deep History, Mythic Time, and Time's Arrow -- Myth and the Laws of Thermodynamics -- Historical Accidents, Contingencies, and Opportunities -- Endosymbiosis -- NOX and ROS: A Faustian Bargain -- Secularized Genesis Myth -- A New Scientific Spirit -- Conclusion: The Titan Personified -- References -- 16 Arctic Calving: Birthing a New Vision of the Earth through the Symbol of Ice -- Introduction: Arctic Calving as an Archetypal Image -- Cracking Open a New Understanding -- The Images as Mediums -- The Groaning Ice -- The Beautiful and Terrible Other -- The Silent and Eternal -- The Animal of My Body -- The Crystal Seed -- A World of Ice -- The Ice as Itself -- Conclusion: The Never-ending Ice -- References
  • Part VIII Mythopoetic, Psychological Dimensions of Rebirth and Renewal -- 17 Visionary and Psychological: Jung's 1925 Seminar and Haggard's She -- Introduction -- Haggard and the Visionary Mode -- She and Jung's 1925 Seminar -- Conclusion -- Note -- References -- 18 A Native American Tale Within Miss Frank Miller's Fantasies: How The Psyche Guides -- Introduction -- Miss Miller -- Mythology and Symbol Formation -- Psychological Struggle -- "The Moth to the Sun: An Experience of Rebirth and Renewal" -- "Song of Creation" -- The Puella Woman at Odds with Nature -- Conclusion -- References -- Index
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