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The Resource Jakten PÃ{u00A5} Liv I Universum : A Wider Perspective

Jakten PÃ{u00A5} Liv I Universum : A Wider Perspective

Jakten PÃ{u00A5} Liv I Universum : A Wider Perspective
Jakten PÃ{u00A5} Liv I Universum
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A Wider Perspective
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Astronomers' Universe Ser
Jakten PÃ{u00A5} Liv I Universum : A Wider Perspective
Jakten PÃ{u00A5} Liv I Universum : A Wider Perspective
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  • Preface -- Contents -- 1.: A Cosmic Perspective -- An Expanding Universe -- The Universe Expands-Again -- A Suitable Yardstick? -- The Universe on Its Largest Scale -- Mankind at Its Place in the Universe? -- 2.: How Is a Planetary System Formed? -- Our Solar System of Today -- The Recipe for a Planetary System -- The Final Stages of Planetary Formation -- The Heaviest Elements -- 3.: The Development of Life on Earth -- Earth: A Special Planet? -- Plate Tectonics: The Continents Move -- A Magnetic Field Protects against  Dangerous Radiation -- The Earth Is a Water Planet -- The Green House Effect: The Basis for Life on Earth -- The Earth Has a Built-in Thermostat -- How to Recognise Life? -- The Miracle of Life -- The Double Helix -- How Was Life Created? -- The Role of Oxygen -- Extensive Extinction -- Resiliency of Life -- How Much Is Pure Chance? -- 4.: Alien Life at Close Range? -- Any Monsters Nearby? -- Mars Attacks! -- Modern Research -- The Habitable Zone -- Atmosphere Is Important -- Liquid Water -- Space Exploration in the Solar System -- Mercury: Fried by the Sun -- Venus: Hotter Than a Baking Oven -- What Happened to Venus? -- Mars: The Hope Remains -- Intensive Research -- The Martian Environment -- Is There Any Water? -- The Fourth Experiment -- The Mysterious Meteorite -- The Tragic History of Mars -- Life in Unexpected Places? -- Exotic Environments in the Planetary System -- 5.: Exoplanets-From Speculation to Reality -- The Fixed Stars Are Not So Fixed -- How Do You Discover an Exoplanet? -- Technology Is the Key -- Can You Measure the Speed of a  Snail-10 Billion Kilometres Away? -- Measuring the Radial Velocity of a Star -- Stellar Eclipses: The Transit Method -- Exoplanets Bend Space -- Timing Pulsars: An Indirect Doppler Technique -- Direct Observations Are Difficult -- Investigating Exoplanets Is Not Transparent
  • Applying Sophisticated Techniques -- Who Studies the Exoplanets? -- Reconnaissance From The Ground: Small Is Beautiful -- The Big Elephants -- Space Telescopes on the Hunt -- The Kepler Project -- 6.: A Menagerie of Planets -- The Nomenclature for Exoplanets -- A Look at the Statistics -- Can All Stars Have Planets? -- The Composition of Stars -- The Distance, Orbital Period and Mass -- Hot Jupiters and Neptunes -- Super Earths -- Multiple Planet Systems -- Small Planets -- Water Worlds -- Bound Rotation and Strange Orbits -- Nomad Planets -- Unusual Planetary Systems -- The Atmospheres of the Exoplanets -- The Closest Exoplanets -- The Habitable Zone -- Improved Theories -- So How Many Planets Are There? -- 7.: Exoplanets: A Look Into the Future -- Bioindicators -- Success-But Also Concerns -- The Extremely Large Telescopes -- To Measure a Coin on the Lunar Surface -- The James Webb Space Telescope -- Future Space Initiatives -- New Instruments on the Ground -- Vision for the Future: An Interstellar Radar -- The Legacy of the Kepler Satellite -- 8.: Signs of Life from Earth -- The Space Race Begins -- Pioneer's Plaque -- How Is the Plaque Interpreted? -- Voyager's Golden Record -- Voyager's Sound Recordings -- Voyager's Images -- Have We Revealed Our Existence? -- The Arecibo Message -- Modern Message Successors -- Should We Send Messages at All? -- 9.: How Many Civilisations Are There? -- Selection Effects and the Anthropic Principle -- Outline Placeholder -- Mediocrity Principle vs. Rare Earth Hypothesis -- Outline Placeholder -- The Drake Equation -- How Many Stars Are Created in the Milky Way Each Year? -- How Many Stars Have Planets? -- How Many Habitable Planets Are There Per Star? -- How Probable Is the Emergence of Life? -- The Murchison Meteorite -- Does Life Always Evolve to Intelligence? -- Are All Civilisations Interested in Technology?
  • What Is a Normal Survival Time for a Civilisation? -- So How Many Civilisations Are There? -- 10.: Where Is Everybody? -- Colonisation of the Milky Way -- Von Neumann Machines Conquering the Galaxy -- Bracewell Probes -- ETI Do Not Exist-We Are Exceptional -- The Sun-Not Your Average Star -- A Planet With the Right Stuff -- The Earth: A Double Planet With a Magnetic Field -- The Water: A Gift from Heaven? -- ETI Exists-But We Never Meet -- Inner Threats -- Outer Threats -- Are We Inside a Wildlife Preserve? -- They Stay at Home -- The Technological Singularity -- The Planetarium Hypothesis -- Perhaps We Are the First? -- The Great Filter: Is There Hope or Is the Doomsday Near? -- The Doomsday Argument-The End of Humanity or Paradoxical Intellectual Exercise? -- What Is the Conclusion? -- 11.: SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence -- How Difficult Is SETI? -- Kardashev's Super Civilisations -- Information Beacons or Leakage? -- How Do You Find An Artificial Signal? -- The First Pioneers -- Project OZMA -- The Dolphins Meet at Green Bank -- CTA-102: False Alarm -- The Woman Who Did Not Win the Nobel Prize -- Project Cyclops: Futuristic in the 1970s -- The 1977 Wow Signal -- Millions and Billions of Channels -- NASA Goes On-line-And Off-line Again -- Project Phoenix -- The SERENDIP Project -- SETI@Home: A Revolution and a Success -- How Does SETI@home Work? -- SETI in Visual Light -- Project Argus: Opportunity for Amateurs -- The Allen Telescope -- Current SETI Research -- The Breakthrough Initiative -- New Domains -- New Radio Telescopes -- The Historic Day -- 12.: Journey to the Stars -- Psychology and Politics -- Outline Placeholder -- Physical Limitations -- Candidate Stars -- Propulsion Systems -- Chemical Rocket Propulsion -- Electrical Rocket Propulsion -- Sailing in Space -- Fission and Fusion Propulsion -- Project Orion
  • Project Daedalus -- Icarus: Son of Daedalus -- The Bussard Ram Jet -- Laser-Powered Sailing Crafts -- More Exotic Methods -- Why Make the Journey? -- How Do You Create a Realistic Project? -- This Century-Or the Next? -- 13.: What Do the Aliens Look Like? -- Aliens in the Microscopic World -- Intelligent Aliens -- Is There a Cosmic Evolution? -- The Struggle Between Order and Disorder -- The Cultural Evolution -- Is the Technological Singularity Near? -- Silicon and Electrons Instead of Flesh and Blood? -- Appendix A Some Researcher Profiles -- Appendix B List of Music on Voyagers "Golden Record" -- Appendix C Tips for Further Reading -- Appendix D Glossary -- Index
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