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The Resource Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides

Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides

Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides
Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides
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Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides
Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides
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  • Front Cover -- Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions, Trace Elements and Radionuclides -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- List of Contributors -- Foreword -- Introduction -- PART I: PHYSIOLOGY OF ABSORPTION AND TRANSPORT -- CHAPTER 1. ION TRANSPORT ACROSS BIOLOGICAL MEMBRANES-SOME FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS -- Interaction of Water and Organic Ions -- Mobilities of Organic Ions in Water -- Interaction of Inorganic Ions and Water -- Mobilities of Inorganic Ions in Water -- Passage of Ions through the Pores of Gels or Membranes -- Complexing of Alkali Metal Ions -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 2. ION TRANSPORT ACROSS MEMBRANES OF HIGH IONIC SELECTIVITY AND TRANSMISSIVITY AND THEIR USE IN MODEL STUDIES OF BIOPHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE -- I. The Basic Properties and the Functional Behavior of Porous Membranes of High Ionic Selectivity and High Transmissivity -- II. Liquid Ion Exchanger Membranes of Extreme Ionic Selectivity and High Transmissivity -- III. Ion Transport across Porous and Liquid Ion Exchange Membranes as Carrier Transport Processes -- IV. Some Model Studies with Membranes of High Ionic Selectivity and Transmissivity -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- CHAPTER 3. MODEL SYSTEMS FOR TRANSCELLULAR ACTIVE TRANSPORT -- Description of Systems and Definitions -- Properties of a General Model System for Translocation -- The Conditions for Transcellular Transport -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 4. THE DETECTION AND IMPLICATIONS OF ACTIVE SALT TRANSPORT ACROSS BIOLOGICAL MEMBRANES -- References -- CHAPTER 5. ELECTROLYTE FLUXES AND ELECTRICAL POTENTIALS IN ISOLATED RAT INTESTINE -- Methodology of Preparation of Everted Intestinal Segments and of Measurements -- Water Transport -- Chloride Transport -- Calcium Transport -- Inorganic Phosphate Transport -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References
  • CHAPTER 6. ORGANIC MACROMOLECULAR BINDERS OF METAL IONS -- Scope of Ion-exchange Reactions -- Alginates -- Pectates -- Iron-binders -- Utilization of Inert Neutral Polysaccharides as Metal Binders -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- CHAPTER 7. ION TRANSPORT IN PLANT CELLS -- Active Sodium and Potassium Transport -- Active Anion Transport -- Active Transport in Cells of Higher Plants -- Active Transport and Metabolism -- Summary -- References -- PART II: ABSORPTION OF SPECIFIC METAL IONS -- CHAPTER 8. INTESTINAL ABSORPTION OF SODIUM AND POTASSIUM -- Intestinal Structure in Relation to Ion Absorption -- Sodium and Potassium Transport in the Intestine -- Summary -- Acknowledgement -- References -- CHAPTER 9. THE INTESTINAL ABSORPTION OF CALCIUM -- Calcium and the Structure of the Cell Membrane -- Calcium Transport and the Mitochondrial Membrane -- Calcium Transport in Intestinal Preparations -- The Use of Radioisotopes to Measure Intestinal Flux of Calcium in Man -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- CHAPTER 10. ABSORPTION OF IRON AND CHEMICALLY RELATED METALS IN VITRO AND IN VIVO: SPECIFICITY OF THE IRON BINDING SYSTEM IN THE MUCOSA OF THE JEJUNUM -- Comparative Investigation of Penetration and Binding of Iron, Manganese, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper and Zinc in vitro on Isolated Jejunal Segments from Normal and Anemic Rats -- Absorption of Iron, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper and Zinc in Jejunal Loops in situ of Normal and Anemic Rats with Intact Blood Supply -- The Mutual Inhibition of Absorption of Iron, Cobalt, Manganese and Zinc in Jejunal Loops in situ of Anemic Rats with Intact Blood Supply -- Retention of Iron, Manganese, Cobalt and Zinc by Normal and Anemic Rats after Oral and Intravenous Application -- Summary and Conclusions -- References -- CHAPTER 11. INTESTINAL ABSORPTION OF MAGNESIUM -- Nature of the Magnesium Salt
  • Dietary Intake -- Absorption Sites -- The Effect of Ions on Magnesium Absorption -- The Influence of Dietary Constituents on Magnesium Absorption -- The Influence of Chemical Agents on Magnesium Absorption -- Mechanism of Absorption -- Magnesium and the Acute Intestinal Radiation Syndrome -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 12. ABSORPTION OF COPPER FROM THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT -- Sites of Copper Absorption -- Mechanism of Copper Absorption -- Effects of Age on Copper Absorption -- Effects of Hormones -- Copper Absorption in Disease -- Dietary Factors Affecting Absorption -- Ion Interrelations -- Transport and Excretion -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 13. THE INTESTINAL ABSORPTION OF ZINC -- Methodology of Studies of Zinc Absorption -- Location, Mechanism, and Extent of Zinc Absorption -- Biological Factors Affecting Zinc Absorption -- Nutritional Factors Affecting Zinc Absorption -- Summary -- Acknowledgement -- References -- CHAPTER 14. COBALT ABSORPTION -- Cobalt Balance -- Cobalt Absorption in the Experimental Animal -- Cobalt Absorption in Man -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- CHAPTER 15. GASTROINTESTINAL ABSORPTION, DISTRIBUTION, AND EXCRETION OF RADIOCESIUM -- Retention, Excretion and Distribution of Radiocesium -- Animal Studies Using Various Routes of Administration -- Specific Studies in vitro and in vivo -- Enhancement of Cesium Excretion -- Summary -- Acknowledgement -- References -- CHAPTER 16. INTESTINAL ABSORPTION OF STRONTIUM -- Strontium and Alkaline Earths -- Sites and Rates of Strontium Absorption -- Endogenous Faecal Strontium -- Human Data on Strontium Absorption and Excretion -- Factors Affecting Absorption of Strontium -- Factors Affecting Endogenous Faecal Strontium -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 17. ALUMINUM, ITS ABSORPTION, DISTRIBUTION, AND EFFECTS ON PHOSPHORUS METABOLISM
  • Soluble and Insoluble Compounds of Aluminum -- Aluminum Content of Foodstuffs -- Aluminum Metabolism -- Aluminum and Metabolism of Phosphorus -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 18. GASTROINTESTINAL ABSORPTION AND TISSUE RETENTION OF RADIORUTHENIUM -- Experimental Design for Ruthenium Studies -- Comparison of Absorption of Ruthenium Compounds -- Mechanisms and Factors Affecting Ruthenium Absorption -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- PART III: FACTORS AFFECTING METAL ION ABSORPTION AND TRANSPORT -- CHAPTER 19. EFFECTS OF INHIBITORS AND ACCELERATORS ON INTESTINAL ABSORPTION OF DIVALENT TRACE METALS -- Intestinal Absorption of Zn, Mn, Cd, and Hg -- The Effect of Inhibitors and Accelerators on Divalent Metal Ion Absorption -- Competition for Metal-uptake and Metal-transport -- Mechanisms of Effects of Inhibitors and Accelerators -- Summary -- Acknowledgement -- References -- CHAPTER 20. THE EFFECT OF BILE, BILE SALTS AND DETERGENTS ON THE ABSORPTION OF CALCIUM AND OTHER CATIONS -- Methodology of Studies -- Bile and Vitamin D3 have an Independent Action on Calcium Absorption -- Apparent Physiological Function of Bile -- Bile Salts are the Effective Substances Causing Calcium Absorption -- The Effect of Detergents on Calcium Absorption -- The Effect of Bile and Lauryl Sulphate on the Absorption of Calcium Phosphate in Chicks and Rats -- The Effect of Bile and Lauryl Sulphate on Strontium Absorption -- The Effect of Bile on the Absorption of Iron -- Concluding Comments -- Summary -- Acknowledgement -- References -- CHAPTER 21. BASIS OF ACTION OF HORMONES ON CALCIUM ABSORPTION -- Mechanism of Calcium and Phosphate Transport -- Mitochondrial Calcium Accumulation -- Calcium Transport and Protein Synthesis -- Nature of Energy Coupling to Calcium Pump -- Summary -- Acknowledgement -- References
  • CHAPTER 22. EFFECTS OF pH AND COUNTER-ION ON ABSORPTION OF METAL IONS -- Physiological Variation of Luminal pH -- Absorption of Ions -- Variation of Luminal pH by Instillation of Buffers -- Absorption at Non-physiological pH -- Total Absorption of Calcium and Strontium -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 23. VASCULAR FACTORS IN METAL ION ABSORPTION -- Non-vascular Factors -- Vascular Factors -- Effects on Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 24. FINE STRUCTURE OF THE INTESTINAL EPITHELIAL CELL IN IRON ABSORPTION -- Summary -- Acknowledgements -- References -- CHAPTER 25. SOME INDUSTRIAL PROBLEMS IN ABSORPTION AND EXCRETION OF METAL IONS (LEAD, CADMIUM AND MERCURY) -- General Considerations -- Significance of the Relationship Between Lead Concentration in Blood and Urine -- Retention and Urinary Excretion of Mercury -- Urinary Excretion of Cadmium Following Exposure to Fumes -- Dose-response Curve in Workers Exposed to Different Concentrations of Industrial Chemicals -- Summary -- References -- AUTHOR INDEX -- SUBJECT INDEX
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