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The Resource Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business

Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business

Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business
Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business
This collection addresses the relationship between business, the natural environment, ethics and spirituality with insights from economists, business scholars, philosophers, lawyers, theologians and practitioners globally. The contributions offer new and invigorating approaches to sustainable business practices and sustainability leadership
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Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development
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Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business
Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business
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  • Front Cover -- Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Foreword -- Preface -- Acknowledgement -- Part 1 Introduction -- Introduction: Why Integral Ecology is Needed for Reforming Business -- Reference -- Part 2 Sustainability and the Meaning of Life -- Authenticity and Sustainability: The Search for a Reliable Earth Spirituality -- The Cartesian Revolution -- Schweitzer and the Eco-Turn in Philosophy -- Relational Goods in Economics -- Notes -- Acknowledgment -- References -- Social Interventions in Nature -- Arguing in Favor of Social Intervention -- Focal Points of Current Economic and Legal Regulation -- Critics of Unlimited Growth Theory -- Foresight-Based Regulation, Promoting Integration, Serving Cooperation in the Living World -- Limits of Legal Regulation from an Ecological Perspective -- Biocentric and Anthropomorphic Ethics -- Animating Objective Reality -- Substitution of Retributive Logic for the Reverence of Life without Distinctions and Compromises -- Challenge of Extending Legal Regulation to Future Generations -- A Communitarian Offer -- Germs of Legal Regulation -- Concluding Remarks -- Notes -- References -- Quality of Life -- An Eastern Perspective -- Connecting East and West -- A Western Perspective -- Life Satisfaction -- The Significance of Meaning -- The Third Dimension -- The Beauty of Nature -- Discussion -- References -- Frugality and the Intrinsic Value of Nature -- Laudato si' -- Deep Ecology and Buddhist Economics -- The Commonwealth of Life -- References -- Part 3 Toward Integral Ecology -- Integral Ecology and the Anthropocene -- Three Necessary Philosophical Questions on Nature -- From Mythology to Rationalism and Empiricism -- The Impact of Idealism on Our View of Nature -- Stoicism as the Philosophical Answer "Par Excellence" During the Holocene
  • Gradual Dissolution of the Meaningful Purpose Underlying Nature -- The Rationalistic and Empirical Foundation of the Anthropocene -- Spirituality Also Asks Questions about Nature -- Conclusion -- References -- Integral Ecology from a Franciscan Perspective -- The Franciscan Approach -- Theological Characteristics for a Franciscan Theology of Ecology -- Conversion -- Incarnation or Embracing the World -- The Power of Relationship -- Building a Space for Experiencing the Franciscan Spirituality of Creation -- Learning from Nature -- Praying with Nature -- Acting on Behalf of Nature -- Contemplating on Nature -- Layout of the Garden -- Franciscan Spirituality and Management -- References -- Epistemological Approach to Sustainability -- Introduction -- Sustainability Beyond Ecology -- Toward Conceptualization of Sustainability -- Chronological Delimitation of Sustainability -- Taxonomic Proposal for the Study of Sustainability -- Sustainability in Economy and Business Administration -- Conclusion -- References -- Rereading Robinson Crusoe (Defoe) and Friday (Tournier) - An Ecocritical Approach -- Ecocriticism as a New Insight -- The Role of Literature -- Robinson Crusoe -- The Dangerous Sea: Storms, Treacherous Currents -- The Earth: Barren, Desolate and Unreliable -- Wilderness, Wild Animals -- The Sun, the Rain, the Wind -- A Safe Dwelling, Weapons and Food -- Animals -- The Balance between Nature and Civilization -- Friday -- Nature: Barren and Wild -- Wild Animals -- The Sun and the Rain -- A Safe Dwelling and Food -- The Balance between Civilization and Nature -- The Dream of Another World -- The Catastrophe, a Blessing -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Online Sources -- Developing Ecological Awareness and Responsible Business -- Spirituality in Western Context -- Spirituality and Business -- The Self: Reflective Consciousness and Agency
  • The Future and the Self -- Developing a Proposal in the Business Context -- References -- Shakthi Worldview: An Inclusive and Expansive Worldview for a Sustainable Future -- Introduction -- Problems Arising Out of a Disconnected Worldview -- Understanding Interconnectedness -- Shakthi Worldview -- Indian Knowledge Systems -- Conclusion -- References -- Part 4 Practicing Sustainability -- For Richer or Poorer in Sickness for Wealth: What Price Consumerism? -- Introduction -- Defining Consumerism -- Technology and Consumerism -- The Impact of Consumerism -- Impact on the Environment -- The Consequences of Being out of 'Pocket' -- The Implications for Health and Well-Being -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- References -- Participation Society -- The Human Motivation to Cluster -- The Development of Hierarchies -- The Spiritual Change -- Education -- Sustainocracy Appears -- Reorganisation of our Practical Reality -- The Breakthrough of Ethics -- Moral and Virtues-Based Leadership for Enhancing Integral Ecology -- Introduction -- The "Laudato sì" Encyclical Letter -- Sustainable Business Models -- Sustainable Business Models and Ethical Leadership -- Sustainable Leadership and Business Model -- Brunello Cucinelli Spa -- Loccioni Group -- Mercurio Net Srl -- Discussion -- Conclusion and Implications -- References -- A Note on Corporate Social Responsibility -- Bibliography -- Regenerative Firms -- Introduction -- Theory of the Firm -- Understanding and Valuing Nature in Economics -- The Regenerative Firm -- Notes -- References -- The Challenge of Transhumanism in Business -- Introduction -- Technology and Management -- Transhumanism and Creativity -- Protecting or Improving Creativity? -- Humanism as Perfectionism? -- Technology Transforming Man or Instrument for Man's Creativity? -- Morality of Technologies Versus the Creativity of the Human Person
  • Creativity and the Blurring of the Human Person/Technology Boundary -- Humanism versus Posthumanism -- Conclusion -- References -- About the Authors -- Index
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