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The Resource Inequalities in the UK : New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions

Inequalities in the UK : New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions

Inequalities in the UK : New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions
Inequalities in the UK
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New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions
This book addresses the question of the extent of and responses to inequalities in the UK in 2017 in the wake of the 2008 Great Recession and provides an up-to-date account of the distribution of inequalities, the evolving ways they are measured/addressed as well as the changing perception of inequalities by the general public and policy-makers
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Inequalities in the UK : New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions
Inequalities in the UK : New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions
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  • "Front Cover" -- "Inequalities in the UK: New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions" -- "Copyright Page" -- "Contents" -- "List of Figures" -- "List of Graphs" -- "List of Maps" -- "List of Tables" -- "Notes on Contributors" -- "Introduction" -- "References" -- "Part I: Mapping Inequalities in the United Kingdom Today: The Changing Face of Inequalities?" -- "Chapter 1 Economic Inequalities in the United Kingdom Since 2008" -- "Introduction" -- "Understanding Standard Measures of Poverty and Inequality" -- "Defining Poverty" -- "Defining Inequality of Income and Wealth" -- "The Evolution of Inequality and Poverty in the United Kingdom since the Financial Crisis of 2008" -- "Recent Inequality Trends in Context" -- "The Diverging Fortunes of Different Social Groups" -- "Britainâ{u0080}{u0099}s Income Distribution and Comparative Situation" -- "Wealth Inequality" -- "The Impact of Housing Costs on Inequality and Decline of Homeownership" -- "The Poverty Rate(s)" -- "Conclusions and a Difficult Future" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 2 Tackling Inequality Is an Economic Imperative" -- "The Economic Impact of Inequality" -- "The â{u0080}{u0098}Distribution Questionâ{u0080}{u0099}" -- "â{u0080}{u0098}All in This Togetherâ{u0080}{u0099}: Inequality since 2007 in the United Kingdom" -- "Secular Stagnation" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 3 Inequalities in England: Regional Differences and New Perspectives on a Geopolitical Issue" -- "Introduction" -- "The Reality and the Relevance of the North/South Divide Image in 2017" -- "The North/South Divide: a Geopolitical Issue" -- "Cameron and May Governmentsâ{u0080}{u0099} Strategies for the North" -- "Conclusion: Towards a New Political Regionalism in the North?" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 4 â{u0080}{u0098}A Classless Society?â{u0080}{u0099} Making Sense of Inequalities in the Contemporary United Kingdom with the Great British Class Survey" -- "Introduction"
  • "The Capitals Approach to Class" -- "The Great British Class Survey" -- "National-Level Inequalities in the United Kingdom" -- "Inter-City Patterns of Inequality in the United Kingdom" -- "Conclusions" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 5 What the Minimum Income Standard Tells Us about Living Standards in the United Kingdom" -- "Introduction" -- "The Minimum Income Standard" -- "MIS as a Rich Description of Living Standards" -- "Changes Over Time" -- "Charting Income Adequacy and Living Standards" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "Chapter 6 Inequality in the United Kingdom in a Comparative Perspective" -- "Introduction" -- "Inequality in 2015" -- "Changes in Inequality, 2008â{u0080}{u0093}2015" -- "Comparing the Impact of Cash Benefits and Direct Taxes" -- "Changes to Redistribution, 2008â{u0080}{u0093}2014" -- "Compositional Changes" -- "How Inequality Is Related to Other Social Conditions" -- "Inequality within the EU" -- "Contribution of the EU to Reducing Inequality" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "Acknowledgements" -- "References" -- "Part II: The Equality Agenda then and now: Political debates, public policies and outcomes" -- "Chapter 7 The Labour Party and the Egalitarian Project" -- "Introduction" -- "New Labour and Equality" -- "The New Labour Record" -- "Poverty Alleviation" -- "Social Mobility and the Meritocratic Vision" -- "Equality under Miliband" -- "Labour Under Corbyn and the Shrinking Constituency for Equality" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "Chapter 8 Diluting Substantive Equality: Why the UK Government Doesnâ{u0080}{u0099}t Know if Its Welfare Reforms Promote Equality" -- "Introduction" -- "The Development of Equality and Nondiscrimination Legislation" -- "The Equality Act 2010" -- "The Public Sector Equality Duty" -- "Substantive Equality" -- "Welfare Measures" -- "Capping Household Benefit Payments from 2013"
  • "Localisation and Reducing Spending on Council Tax Benefit by 10%" -- "Time Limiting Contributory Employment and Support Allowance for Those in the Work-Related Activity Group to 1 Year" -- "Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowance Reforms" -- "Limiting for 3 Years Annual Increases in Some Working-Age Benefits to 1%" -- "Implementing Universal Credit" -- "Data Issues" -- "Administrative Data" -- "Survey Data" -- "Family Resources Survey" -- "The Use of Comparators in Equality Impact Assessments" -- "Conclusions" -- "Note" -- "Acknowledgements" -- "References" -- "Chapter 9 Housing Policy and the Making of Inequality" -- "Introduction" -- "Credit Crunch and Economic Crisis" -- "Austerity: A New Strategy for Inequality" -- "Promoting Private Housing" -- "Limiting Social and Affordable Housing" -- "Renewing Austerity under the Conservatives" -- "Conclusions" -- "References" -- "Chapter 10 Expanding Opportunities at School Level in England in the Early 21st Century: A Government Priority?" -- "Introduction" -- "Expanding Opportunities at School Level from the 1980s to 2010" -- "Expanding Opportunities at School Level from 2010 to 2017" -- "From 2010 to 2015" -- "From 2015 to 2016" -- "From 2016 to 2017" -- "Expanding Opportunities at School Level since 1997: Impact and Government Policy" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "Chapter 11 Proportionate Universalism as a Route to Mitigating Health Inequalities? Exploring Political, Policy and Practice Uncertainties in Times of Austerity" -- "Introduction" -- "Health Inequalities in Scotland" -- "Policy to Address Health Inequalities â{u0080}{u0093} At Whom Is It Addressed?" -- "Proportionate Universalism within the Context of Contemporary Welfare Debates" -- "Case-Study Methods" -- "Findings and Discussion" -- "Politics" -- "Policy and Planning" -- "Practicing Proportionate Universalism" -- "Conclusion" -- "References"
  • "Chapter 12 Gender Inequalities in Britain: Bridging the Gap in Pay and Prospects" -- "The Pay and Prospects Gap: Structural and Institutional Weaknesses at Play" -- "Human Capital Theory" -- "The Part-Time Penalty" -- "Horizontal and Vertical Segregation" -- "Austerity Has Reinforced the Gender Divide" -- "Future Perspectives for Bridging the Gender Pay and Prospects Gap in Britain" -- "Mandatory Gender Pay Reporting" -- "The Creation of a New Online Tool" -- "Education Policy" -- "Increasing Female Representation on Boards" -- "Measures to Cope with the Pressure of Care" -- "Conclusion" -- "Note" -- "References" -- "Chapter 13 Disabled Asylum Seekers as Experimental Subjects in a Broader Systemic Agenda of Inequality" -- "Introduction" -- "Terminology, Classifications of Entitlement and Resulting Inequality" -- "The Deprivation Experienced by Disabled Asylum Seekers" -- "Money" -- "Work" -- "Housing" -- "Social Contact" -- "Sense of Safety" -- "Wider Population of Disabled People" -- "Extension of Deprivation to a Wider Population" -- "Exceptionalism" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "Part III: The Governance of Inequality: Local Initiatives and Responses in a Multi-Level Polity" -- "Chapter 14 Itâ{u0080}{u0099}s Terrible Having No Job, People Look Down on You and Youâ{u0080}{u0099}ve Never Enough Money: Lowestoft Case Study" -- "Introduction" -- "Methodological Approach" -- "Background" -- "Young Peopleâ{u0080}{u0099}s Perspectives" -- "Understanding the â{u0080}{u0098}Churnâ{u0080}{u0099}" -- "The Consequences of Unemployment" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 15 Combating Unequal Inclusion of Immigrants into the Host Society: Comparing Policy Responses in London and Paris" -- "Introduction" -- "A Diversity of Approaches to the Concept of Integration" -- "Methodology" -- "Basic Characteristics of the Studied Cities"
  • "Introducing the Local Dimension into the Policy: Different Directions" -- "The British Case" -- "The French Case" -- "Tools and Measures Used by Local Integration Policies" -- "Paris" -- "London" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 16 Reducing Inequalities in Scotland: Firm Commitments, Mixed Results after 10 Years of SNP Governments" -- "Introduction" -- "An Unequal Society" -- "Income Disparities" -- "Unequal Capabilities" -- "Some Political Consequences" -- "Tackling Income Inequalities, an Objective Constrained by the Devolved Powers" -- "Inequalities in the Workplace, a Persistent Concern" -- "Benefits: Towards a Scottish Social Security" -- "A Reluctance to Raise Taxes" -- "A Renewed Focus on Health and Education Inequalities" -- "Higher Public Spending" -- "Universalism, A Controversial Tool" -- "Changing Behaviour Patterns" -- "Conclusion" -- "References" -- "Chapter 17 Devolution, Recession and the Alleviation of Inequality in Wales" -- "Introduction" -- "The Welsh Economic Context" -- "Equalities and Anti-Poverty Strategies in Wales" -- "The Great Recession and Employment Inequality in Wales" -- "The Potential of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act to Address Socio-Economic Inequality" -- "Conclusion" -- "Notes" -- "References" -- "Chapter 18 Social Inequalities in Northern Ireland" -- "Introduction" -- "An Overview of Some Contemporary Social Inequalities in Northern Ireland Wealth as an Indicator of Social Inequalities in Northern Ireland" -- "Income Inequalities" -- "Savings Capacity Versus Home Ownership as an Indicator of Social Inequalities" -- "Housing" -- "Inequalities on the Labour Market" -- "Catholic/Protestant Social Inequalities" -- "Education Opportunities" -- "Employment" -- "Housing" -- "Legal Frameworks and Social Inequalities in Northern Ireland, 1998â{u0080}{u0093}2017" -- "The 1998 Good Friday Agreement"
  • "Human Rights"
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