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The Resource Health and Health Care Concerns among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Health and Health Care Concerns among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Health and Health Care Concerns among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Health and Health Care Concerns among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities
This volume covers macro- and micro-level issues involving health and health care concerns for women, and racial and ethnic minorities. The book includes an examination of health and health care issues of patients/providers of care especially those related to concerns for women and for racial and ethnic minorities in different countries
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Research in the Sociology of Health Care
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Health and Health Care Concerns among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Health and Health Care Concerns among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities
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  • Front Cover -- Health and Health Care Concerns Among Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- About the Authors -- Part I: Introduction to Volume -- Health, Health Care, and Women and Racial and Ethnic Minorities -- Women, Gender, and Health and Health Care -- Race and Ethnicity -- Review of Contents of the Volume -- References -- Part II: Women and Reproductive Related Health and Health Care Concerns -- The Relationship of Pregnancy Intentions to Breastfeeding Duration: A New Evaluation -- Factors Affecting Breastfeeding Duration -- The Role of Planning -- Data and Methods -- Outcome, Predictor, and Control Variables -- Analytic Strategy -- Findings -- Any Breastfeeding -- Exclusive Breastfeeding -- Control Variables -- Conclusion -- References -- Taking Insurance in Abortion Care: Policy, Practices, and the Role of Poverty -- Introduction -- Methods -- Sample Characteristics -- Analysis -- Results -- Identifying Insurers -- The Costs of Accepting Public Insurance -- The Costs of Accepting Private Insurance -- Discussion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- The Patient-Healthcare Worker Relationship: How Does It Affect Patient Views towards Vaccination during Pregnancy? -- Introduction -- Fieldwork and Interpretive Approach -- Impact of Social Influences on Vaccination Decisions -- Understanding the Importance of Trust in the Government, the NHS and the Healthcare Worker -- Empowerment -- Conclusions -- Acknowledgements -- References -- An Examination of State-Level Mandates for Insurance Coverage on Health-Seeking Behaviors for Infertility -- Introduction -- Behavioral Model of Health Service Utilization -- State-Level Insurance Mandates -- Infertility -- Hypothesis -- Data and Methodology -- Analytic Strategy -- Results -- Conclusion -- References
  • Part III: Health Care Practitioners and Health and Health Care -- Bearing the Burden of Care: Emotional Burnout among Maternity Support Workers -- Introduction -- MSWs -- Emotional Burnout and Maternity Support Work -- Burnout: Mitigating and Aggravating Factors -- Work-Family Conflict -- Overwork -- Emotional Intelligence -- Positive and Negative Birth Experiences -- Views of Common Medical Procedures -- Unethical Mistreatment -- Cesarean Sections -- Hospital Wellness Programs -- Hypotheses -- Data and Methods -- Dependent Variable -- Independent Variables -- Methods -- Results -- Discussion -- Limitations and Future Research -- Conclusion -- References -- Appendix -- "Lost in Translation": How Clinicians Make Sense of Structural Barriers to Diabetes Care among US Latinos with Limited English Proficiency -- Introduction -- Methods -- Sample Description -- Research Approach and Design, Data Collection, and Data Analysis -- Findings -- Barriers to Care and the Limits of Medical Discourse -- Discussion -- Practice and Policy Implications and Recommendations -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Racial Residential Segregation and the Distribution of Auxiliary Health Care Practitioners Across Urban Space -- Introduction -- Literature Review and Theoretical Framework -- Segregation and Health-Related Organizations -- Limitations of the Empirical Literature -- Theories of Segregation and Urban Outcomes -- Data and Methods -- Data -- Dependent Variables -- Independent Variables -- Methods -- Results -- Discussion and Conclusions -- References -- Part IV: Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Health and Health Care -- Nativity, Race-Ethnicity, and Dual Diagnosis among US Adults -- Introduction -- Background -- Nativity, Immigrant Characteristics, and Substance Abuse -- Nativity, Immigrant Characteristics, and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Nativity, Immigrant Characteristics, and Dual Diagnoses -- Correlates of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Problems -- Methods -- Data -- Measurement -- Dependent Variable -- Independent Variables -- Control Variables -- Analysis -- Findings -- Discussion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Hypertension Experiences of Black Men: A Critical Narrative Study -- Introduction -- Methodology -- Design -- Participants -- Data Collection -- Data Analysis -- Findings -- Individual Narratives -- Participant 1: Joel -- Participant 2: David -- Participant 3: James -- Participant 4: Michael -- Cross-Narratives -- Connections to Homeland: Negotiating Lifestyle Changes in Relation to Maintaining Cultural Identity -- Racism: Stress and Its Enduring Effects -- Perceptions of High Blood Pressure: Making Sense of the Diagnosis -- Universal Health Care: Patient-Physician Relationships and Medication as the Primary Source of Control -- Reluctance to Talk about Health: Constraints of Masculinity -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Influence of Healthcare Utilization and Social Characteristics on Health Outcomes among Elderly Asian Americans: A Structural Equation Analysis -- Introduction -- Patterns of Healthcare Utilization and Health Outcomes -- Research Hypothesis -- Data -- Population -- Variables and Measurement -- Data Analysis Procedures -- Results -- Participants -- Factor Loadings of the Latent Variables -- SEM Models for US-Born and Foreign-Born Elderly Asian Americans -- US-Born Elderly Asian Americans -- Foreign-Born Elderly Asian Americans -- US-Born Group versus Foreign-Born Group -- Discussion and Conclusion -- Study Strengths and Limitations -- References -- Behavioral Functioning among Mexican-Origin Children: The Roles of Parental Legal Status and the Neighborhood Context -- Introduction -- Background
  • Parental Legal Status and Behavior Problems -- Neighborhood Contexts and Behavior Problems -- Methods -- Measures -- Behavioral Functioning -- Parental Legal Status -- Other Child and Family Characteristics -- Neighborhood Structural Characteristics -- Neighborhood Social Characteristic -- Analytic Strategy -- Results -- Descriptive Statistics -- Hierarchical Linear Model Results -- Discussion and Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Do You Want to See a Doctor for That? Contextualizing Racial and Ethnic Differences in Care-Seeking -- Background -- Race and Ethnic Differences in Care Seeking -- The Behavioral Model -- Demographic Characteristics -- Health Need Characteristics -- Predisposing Characteristics -- Social Factors -- Enabling Characteristics -- The Current Study -- Data and Methods -- Measures -- Analytic Plan -- Results -- Sample Description -- Multivariate Analyses -- Discussion -- References -- Changing Patterns of Female Smoking: A Comparison of Workers and Full-Time Homemakers by Class, Race, and Community Type -- Female Smoking: The Workplace Versus the Home -- Data and Methods -- Variables -- Statistical Models -- Results -- Discussion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- About the Editor -- Index
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