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The Resource Geology of Wisconsin. : Survey of 1873-1879 ..

Geology of Wisconsin. : Survey of 1873-1879 ..

Geology of Wisconsin. : Survey of 1873-1879 ..
Geology of Wisconsin.
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Survey of 1873-1879 ..
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Geology of Wisconsin. : Survey of 1873-1879 ..
Geology of Wisconsin. : Survey of 1873-1879 ..
  • Library's set lacks the atlas
  • Vol. 2 has title: Geology of Wisconsin. Survey of 1873-1877
  • Previous publications relating to eatern Wisconsin: v. 2, p. [95]-96
  • Annual reports for the years 1873-75 included in v. 2
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and atlas of 42 (i.e. 45) sheets. 22 x 8 cm.
  • v.I. (1883) pt.I. General geology, by T. C. Chamberlin. Historical geology.--pt.II. Chemical analyses, comp. by R. D. Salisbury. Minerals of Wisconsin; Lithology of Wisconsin; by R. D. Irving. List of Wisconsin fossils, comp. by R. P. Whitfield. Catalogue of the phænogamous and vascular cryptogamous plants of Wisconsin, by G. D. Swezey. Partial list of the Fungi of Wisconsin with descriptions of new species; The crustacean fauna of Wisconsin, with descriptions of little known species of Cambarus; by W. F. Bundy. Catalogue of Wisconsin Lepidoptera; Catalogue of the cold-blooded vertebrates of Wisconsin; by P. R. Hoy. List of mammals of Wisconsin, by M. Strong. Economic relations of Wisconsin birds, by F. H. King.--pt.III. Economic geology: Iron ores, by R. D. Irving. Lead and zinc ores, prepared by M. Strong. Economic suggestions as to copper and silver and other ores; Building material; Soils and subsoils of Wisconsin; Artesian wells; by T. C. Chamberlin.--Appendix: Geodetic survey
  • v.II. (1877) pt.I. Historical: Annual report for 1873-74, by I. A. Lapham. Annual report for 1875, by O.W. Wight.--pt.II. Geology of eastern Wisconsin, by T. C. Chamberlin.--pt.III. Geology of central Wisconsin, by R. D. Irving. Appendix: Microscopic lithology, by C. E. Wright.--pt.IV. Geology and topography of the lead region, by M. Strong
  • v.III. (1880) pt.I. General geology of the Lake Superior region, by R. D. Irving.--pt.II. Lithology of the Keweenawan or copper-bearing system, by R. Pumpelly.--pt.III. Geology of the eastern Lake Superior district, by R. D. Irving. Appendices: A. I. List of Col. Whittlesey's publications on geology of the regions drained by the Bad and Montreal rivers. II. Formations of the Bad River country as given by Col. Whittlesey in Owen's geological report, 1852. III. Reprint of part of a paper on the Penokee mineral range, pub. by Col. Whittlesey. B. Microscopic examination of eleven rocks from Ashland County, Wisconsin, by A. A. Julien.--pt.IV. Huronian series west of Penokee Gap, by C. E. Wright.--pt.V. Geology of the western Lake Superior district, by E. T. Sweet.--pt. VI. Geology of the upper St. Croix district, based on the notes of M. Strong, ed. by T. C. Chamberlin.--pt.VII. Geology of the Menominee region (east of the center of range 17 E) by T. B. Brooks. Microscopical investigations of Huronian rocks from the iron region of Lake Superior, by Dr. A. Wichmann. Appendices: A. Letters and notes of Dr. T. S. Hunt on the iron-bearing and associated rocks of the Marquette region. B. Sketch of the Laurentian rocks of Michigan.--pt.VIII. Geology of the Menominee iron region (economic resources, lithology and westerly and southerly extension) by C. E. Wright
  • v.IV. (1882) pt.I. Geology of the Mississippi region north of the Wisconsin River, by M. Strong.--pt.II. Geology of the lower St. Croix district, by L. C. Wooster.--pt.III. Paleontology, by R. P. Whitfield.--pt.IV. Ore deposits of southwestern Wisconsin, by T. C. Chamberlin.--pt.V. The quartzites of Barron and Chippewa counties, comp. from the notes of Messrs. Strong, Sweet, Brotherton, and Chamberlin.--pt.VI. Geology of the upper Flambeau Valley, by F. H. King. Appendix: Microscopical examination of Archæan rocks, by R. D. Irving.--pt.VII. Crystalline rocks of the Wisconsin Valley, by R. D. Irving and C. R. Van Hise.--pt.VIII. Superficial geology of the upper Wisconsin Valley, based mainly on the observations of A. C. Clark, ed. by T. C. Chamberlin.--pt.IX. Character and methods of the geodetic survey, by J. E. Davies
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