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The Resource GeoRisk 2011 : geotechnical risk assessment and management : Proceedings of GeoRisk 2011, June 26-28, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia, editors, C. Hsein Juang [and others]

GeoRisk 2011 : geotechnical risk assessment and management : Proceedings of GeoRisk 2011, June 26-28, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia, editors, C. Hsein Juang [and others]

GeoRisk 2011 : geotechnical risk assessment and management : Proceedings of GeoRisk 2011, June 26-28, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia
GeoRisk 2011
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geotechnical risk assessment and management : Proceedings of GeoRisk 2011, June 26-28, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia
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editors, C. Hsein Juang [and others]
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Georisk 2011 : risk assessment and management
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GeoRisk 2011 : geotechnical risk assessment and management : Proceedings of GeoRisk 2011, June 26-28, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia, editors, C. Hsein Juang [and others]
GeoRisk 2011 : geotechnical risk assessment and management : Proceedings of GeoRisk 2011, June 26-28, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia, editors, C. Hsein Juang [and others]
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  • Risk of Limit-Equilibrium Failure of Long Earth Slopes : How It Depends on Length -- Development of a Risk-Based Landslide Warning System -- Unresolved Problems in Geotechnical Risk and Reliability -- Learning to Live with Geohazards : From Research to Practice -- Geo-Risks in the Business Environment -- The Practical Application of Risk Assessment to Dam Safety -- Random Field Model Parameters for Columbia River Silt -- Reliability-Based Design for Allowable Bearing Capacity by Considering Differential Settlement on Highly Fractured Rock Masses -- Assessment of Levee Site Variability as a Function of the Number of Explorations -- Influence of Geotechnical Dataset on the Range of Influence of Undrained Shear Strength -- Reliability Based Approach to Quantify Montmorillonite Mineral in Expansive Clays -- Subset Simulation and Its Application to a Spatially Random Soil -- Probabilistic Analysis of Basal Heave in Deep Excavation -- Influence of the Scale of Fluctuation of the Friction Angle on the Face Stability of a Pressurized Tunnel in Sands -- Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis of a Raft Foundation Supported by Drilled Shafts in Karst -- Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis as a Supplement to a Deterministic Study -- Liquefaction Probability by Probabilistic Version of Robertson and Wride Model -- Design Criteria for the Differential Settlement of Landfill Foundations Modeled Using Random Fields -- Bayesian Updating of Load Settlement Curves for Footings on Cohesionless Soil -- Stochastic vs. Deterministic Analysis of Consolidation Problem in Natural Alluvial Deposits -- Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings on Spatially Random Soils Using Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansion -- Spatial Variability of Aperture in a Rough-Walled Crack in Surface Soil -- Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis Incorporating Engineering Judgement by Bayesian Inversion -- Site Response Effects on Partially Ergodic PSHA -- A Case Study of Alternative Site Response Explanatory Variables in Parkfield, California -- Estimating Repair Cost and Downtime Due to Earthquake-Induced Damage at Container Ports -- Effect of Fabric Anisotropy on Seismic Response of Strip Foundations -- Seismic Response of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls : Is PGA-Based Design Adequate? -- Performance Based Assessment of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on Seismic Response of Building Frames -- Effects of Slenderness Ratio on Seismic Behavior of Vertical Micropiles -- Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) at the National Geotechnical Engineering Site at Texas A & M University (NGES/TAMU) -- Probabilistic Compressible Soil Thickness from Field Settlement Data -- A Novel Application of Risk Analysis Methods to Evaluate the Future Viability of Two Large Concrete Stormwater Detention Tanks -- Risk Management for Large-Scale Foundation Design and Construction in Challenging Karst Geology -- Effect of Spatial Variability and Model Uncertainty on the Design of Sockets in Weak Carbonate Rocks -- CPT-Based Probabilistic Characterization of Effective Friction Angle of Sand -- Prediction of Embankment Settlement from PCPT Measurements : A Case Study at Courtableau Bridge -- Geochemical and Geotechnical Features of Terra Rossa in Karst Areas of Southern Appalachians -- Characterizing Spatial Variability of Cone Penetration Testing through Geostatistical Evaluation -- Case Study A Landslide on Coastal Slope in Bellingham Bay -- Developing Resistance Factors for Design of Piles in Sand -- Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis of a 300 m High Embankment Dam -- Identification of Hazardous Loose Landslide Deposits and Scars Formed during the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake -- Bounding the Probability of Failure for Levee Systems -- Breaching of Changkai Levee in June 2010 in Jiangxi Province, China -- Distinct Element Modelling for High Rock Slopes in Static and Dynamic Conditions : A Case Study -- Reliability Analysis of Stone Columns for Ground Improvement -- Application of SCPTU for Assessing Liquefaction Potential of the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake, China -- Characterizing the Liquefaction Potential of the Pleistocene-Age Wando Formation in the Charleston Area, South Carolina -- Influence of rd on Liquefaction Triggering Evaluation at Two Case History Sites -- Evaluating Bias of Liquefaction-Induced Settlement Methods for Performance-Based Design -- Estimating CSRs for Evaluating Liquefaction That Are Consistent with Building Code Design Spectra -- Potential Differences between Time Series and Random Vibration Theory Site Response -- Understanding Uncertainty : Assessment and Management of Geotechnical Risk in Tunnel Construction -- Communicating and Managing Risk in Geotechnical Engineering Practice -- Reliability Analysis of Deep Excavation Based on a Semi-Empirical Approach -- Jet-Grouting in Cohesive Soils for Ground Improvement in Hawaii -- Risk Assessment of Success Dam, California : Evaluation of Operating Restrictions as an Interim Measure to Mitigate Earthquake Risk -- Some Observations on Reliability-Based Design of Rock Footings -- A Practical LRFD Design Method for Deep Foundations Using Side Friction and End Bearing -- Reliability-Based Design of Shallow Foundations in Cohesionless Soils under Compression Loading : Serviceability Limit State -- Quantile Framework for Simplified Geotechnical Reliability-Based Design -- Reliability Assessment of Eurocode 7 Spread Foundations Design Methodology -- Deterministic and Probabilistic Seismic Analyses of a Slope-Footing System -- A Comparative Study of Drilled Shaft Design Using LRFD and Expanded RBD -- Limit States Design of Pile Foundations in Clay under Combined Action of Transient Uplift Loads and Frost Jacking -- Safety Margin in Design of Pile-Supported Structural Slabs for Frost Action -- Statistical Characterization and Stochastic Simulation of Load-Displacement Behavior of Shallow Footings -- Reliability Based Design of Base Heave Stability in Wide Excavations -- Probabilistic Analysis of Shallow Foundations on Rocks Obeying Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion
  • Influence of Aging on the Mechanical Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste -- Effect of 1D Infiltration Assumption on Stability of Spatially Variable Slope -- Old Sewer, Big Risks : Managing Risks during the Design and Construction of a 21-Story Building Adjacent to a Critical 100-Year-Old Sewer Structure -- Effect of Leachate Recirculation and Extent of Degradation on the Stability of Bioreactor Landfill Slopes -- Sustainable Flood Risk Management : Lesson from Recent Cases -- Life Cycle Approaches for Brownfields Redevelopment -- Strain Localization Effect on System Reliability Based Design of Bridge Abutments under Earthquake Loading -- Serviceability Considerations in the Design of Sheet Pile Walls for Risk Management -- Reliability Based Performance Evaluation of Earth Retaining Structures -- Wall and Ground Responses in a Braced Excavation Considering Spatial Variability -- Evaluation of LRFD Resistance Factors and Risk for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls -- (Sub)Global Rock Slope Stability : Using Rock Mass Indices to Characterize and Manage Rockfall Risk -- Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Landslides and Debris Flows on Costa Rica's National Road Network: Analysis of a Segment of National Route 32 -- Spatial Prediction of Groundwater Depth to Trigger Liquefaction in St. Louis -- Study on Risk Assessment for an Individual Landslide -- Geohazard Interpretation of the Cagliari Slope (Southern Sardinia, Italy) -- Delineation of Slope Profiles from Digital Elevation Models for Landslide Hazard Analysis -- Establishing Confidence in Surface Wave Determined Soil Profiles -- Surface Wave Benchmarking Exercise : Methodologies, Results, and Uncertainties -- Analysis of Surface Wave Benchmarking Data -- An Assessment of Surface Wave Techniques at the Texas A & M National Geotechnical Experimentation Site -- Analysis and Interpretation of the Texas A & M University Benchmark Data Using the Refraction Microtremor Technique -- Determination of the Dynamic Soil Characteristics at the NGES -- Analysis of SASW, MASW, and Passive Surface Wave Data Collected at the National Geotechnical Experimentation Site at Texas A & M University -- Active Risk Management in Geotechnical Engineering -- Risk Assessment of Success Dam, California : Flood Related Potential Failure Modes -- Geotechnical Risk in the Peruvian Andes -- Quantified Risk Assessment of Shield Tunneling Effects on Urban Cement Concrete Pavement -- Risk Assessment of Success Dam, California : Earthquake Induced Potential Failure Modes -- A Parametric Study on Factors Affecting Ground Vibrations during Pile Driving through Finite Element Simulations -- Tunnel Face Support Pressure and Associated Risk -- Risk Analysis of Pile Pressing-In on an Adjacent Earth-Retaining Wall -- Numerical Study on the Dynamic Behavior of Retaining Walls Backfilled with Shredded Tires -- Probabilistic Analysis of the Deflection of Retaining Walls in Deep Excavation -- Risk Management with Performance-Based Geoengineering Monitoring: APM Tunnel Extension at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport -- Probability-Based Risk Assessment of Landslide/Slope Failure -- Road Slopes Risk Assessment of the Northern Part of Gifu Prefecture, Japan -- Managing Settlement Risk Due to Tunneling beneath Downtown Seattle -- Assessing the Probability of Occurrence of Earthquake-Induced Landslides Offshore the U.S. East Coast : A First-Order, Second Moment Approach -- An Innovative Landslide Risk Assessment System : Application to Highway Embankments -- Seismic Risk Assessment and Application in the Central United States -- Implicit Expression Solution of Slope Reliability on Kinematical Element Method and Response Surface Method -- Field Performance of a New Approach Slab System -- External Stability of Geotubes Subjected to Wave Loading -- Probabilistic Assessment of Commercial Design Guides for Steep Reinforced Slopes : Implications for Design -- Using Computer Simulations to Take a Closer Look at Load and Resistance Factors for Designing Geosynthetic-Reinforced Walls -- Impact of Non-Analytical Factors in Geotechnical Risk Assessment of Levees -- Rockfall and Mitigation Evaluation with 3-D Discrete Element Modeling -- GeoRisk in the Design-Build Procurement Process -- Owner Involvement Choosing Risk Factors for Shallow Foundations -- Model Test Study of Soil Variation Impact on Shield Tunnel Segment Structure -- Mitigating Risk and Managing Foundation Cost and Schedule on "Mega" Transmission Line Projects : Beginning with the End in Mind -- Comparison Study on Computer Simulations for Bridge Scour Estimation -- Updating Uncertainties in Friction Angles of Clean Sands -- Constructing Joint Distributions of Multivariate Geotechnical Data -- Extension of CSRSM for the Parametric Study of the Face Stability of Pressurized Tunnels -- Beam on Spatially Random Elastic Foundation -- Teaching Reliability at the Undergraduate Level
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