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The Resource Fuel Arc Furnace (FAF) for Effective Scrap Melting : From EAF to FAF

Fuel Arc Furnace (FAF) for Effective Scrap Melting : From EAF to FAF

Fuel Arc Furnace (FAF) for Effective Scrap Melting : From EAF to FAF
Fuel Arc Furnace (FAF) for Effective Scrap Melting
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From EAF to FAF
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Fuel Arc Furnace (FAF) for Effective Scrap Melting : From EAF to FAF
Fuel Arc Furnace (FAF) for Effective Scrap Melting : From EAF to FAF
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  • Introduction -- Contents -- 1 EAF in Global Steel Production -- Energy and Productivity Problems -- Abstract -- 1.1 Production of Steel from Scrap Is EAF's Mission -- 1.2 Melting a Scrap as a Key Process of the Heat -- 1.3 Unjustified High Electrical Energy Consumption -- 1.4 Problems of Ultra-High Power (UHP) EAFs with Regard to Energy -- 1.5 High Productivity or Low Costs? -- References -- 2 Analysis of Technologies and Designs of the EAF as an Aggregate for Heating and Melting of Scrap -- Abstract -- 2.1 Melting a Scrap by Electric Arcs. Function of Hot Heel -- 2.1.1 Single Scrap Charging -- 2.1.2 Telescoping Shell -- 2.2 Heating a Scrap by Burners in the Furnace Freeboard -- 2.2.1 Specifics of Furnace Scrap Hampering Its Heating -- 2.2.2 Stationary Burners and Jet Modules -- 2.2.3 Rotary Burners with Changing the Flame Direction -- Slag Door and Oriel Rotary Burners -- Roof Rotary Burners -- 2.2.4 Two-Stage Scrap Melting. Industrial Testing of the Process -- Two-Stage Process in 100-t and 200-t EAFs -- Two-Stage Process in Plasma Furnaces -- 2.2.5 Twin-Shell EAFs -- Twin-Shell Shaft Furnaces -- 2.3 EAF with Preheating a Scrap by Off-Gases and Melting of Preheated Scrap in Liquid Metal -- 2.3.1 Conveyor Furnaces of Consteel-Type -- 2.3.2 Shaft Furnaces with Fingers Retaining Scrap -- Calculation -- EAF Quantum -- EAF SHARC -- 2.3.3 Shaft Furnaces with Pushers of the COSS-Type -- Shaft Furnaces of ECOARC-Type -- 2.4 Factors Hindering Wide Spread of Shaft Furnaces -- 2.4.1 Calculation of the Maximum Values of the Power of the Heat Flow of Off-Gases and Temperature of Scrap Heating by These Gases in the Shaft -- References -- 3 Experimental Data on Melting a Scrap in Liquid Metal Required for Calculation of This Process -- Abstract -- 3.1 Features of Scrap Melting Process
  • 3.2 Studies of the Melting Process by the Method of Immersion of Samples in a Liquid Metal. Analysis of the Results -- 3.2.1 Melting of Single Samples of Scrap with a Solidified Layer and Without Solidifying -- 3.2.2 Co-melting of Multiple Samples -- 3.2.3 Porosity of Charging Zone and Bulk Density of Scrap -- References -- 4 Calculations of Scrap Melting Process in Liquid Metal -- Abstract -- 4.1 Scrap Melting Time -- 4.2 Adaptation of Experimental Data Obtained by the Method of Melting Samples to Real Conditions of Scrap Melting -- 4.2.1 Equivalent Scrap -- 4.2.2 Correction Coefficients KP, KL, Kts and KÜ -- Coefficient KP, Adjustment of Porosity P in the Charging Zone -- Coefficient KL, Adjustment of Temperature of Metal tL -- Coefficient Kts, Adjustment of Scrap Preheating Temperature tS -- Coefficient KÜ, Adjustment of Metal Stirring Intensity -- 4.3 Calculation Method of Scrap Melting Time in Liquid Metal -- 4.3.1 General Characteristic of the Method -- 4.3.2 Examples of Calculations of Scrap Melting Time -- Conveyor Furnace Consteel -- Shaft Furnace Quantum -- Influence of Scrap Quality -- 4.3.3 Specific Scrap Melting Rate -- References -- 5 Increasing Scrap Melting Rate in Liquid Metal by Means of Oxygen Bath Blowing -- Abstract -- 5.1 Preliminaries -- 5.2 Tuyeres with Evaporation Cooling Embedded in the Lining -- 5.3 Roof Water-Cooled Tuyeres for Bath Blowing at Slag-Metal Interface -- 5.3.1 Thermal Operation of Tuyeres: Heat Flows, Temperatures -- Operation of Tuyeres with Local Water Boiling -- Jet Cooling -- 5.3.2 Roof Tuyere with Jet Cooling -- Design, Basic Parameters -- Controlling the Optimal Position of Roof Tuyere Relatively to Slag-Metal Interface -- References -- 6 High-Temperature Heating a Scrap in a Furnace Shaft -- Abstract
  • 6.1 Preliminary Considerations and Evaluation of Some Parameters -- 6.1.1 Calculation of Scrap Heating Time with off-Gases in the Quantum Shaft -- 6.2 Scrap Preheating System by High-Power Recirculation Burner Devices -- Reference -- 7 Fuel Arc Furnace-FAF -- Abstract -- 7.1 Concept of the Fuel Arc Furnace -- 7.1.1 Selection of the Quantum Constructive Scheme as a Base for FAF -- 7.1.2 Calculations of Main Parameters and Performances of the FAF -- Data on Parameters and Operating Conditions of the furnace Required for Calculations -- Calculation of Scrap Preheating Time -- Required Transformer Power and Electrical Energy Consumption -- Power of Burner Devices and Natural Gas Flow Rate -- Tap-to-Tap Times and Hourly Productivity -- 7.2 Advantages of Fuel Arc Furnaces FAF of Quantum-Type -- Reference -- Index
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