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The Resource Financial Security in China : Situation Analysis and System Design

Financial Security in China : Situation Analysis and System Design

Financial Security in China : Situation Analysis and System Design
Financial Security in China
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Situation Analysis and System Design
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Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path Ser
Financial Security in China : Situation Analysis and System Design
Financial Security in China : Situation Analysis and System Design
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  • Series Preface -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Chapter 1: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Chinás Financial Security -- 1.1 The Chinese Economy and Financial Difficulties Under the Financial Crisis -- 1.1.1 Falling Exports -- 1.1.2 Domestic-Foreign Economic Imbalance and No Substantive Progress in Economic Restructuring -- 1.1.3 Dilemma for Macro Control -- 1.1.4 Greater Risks to Financial Stability -- 1.1.5 A Long Way to Go for Financial Reform and Opening -- 1.2 The Reasons the Financial Crisis Led to Chinás Economic and Financial Difficulties -- 1.2.1 The Continued Accumulation of International Financial Risks Continues to Have an Adverse Impact on Chinás Economy -- 1.2.2 Insufficient Global Aggregate Demand Challenges Chinás Export- and Investment-Driven Model -- 1.2.3 Further Imbalance from Excessive Focus on Growth in the Macroeconomic Policy Framework -- 1.2.4 Lagging Financial Reforms Cause Inefficient Allocation of Resources and Concentrated Risks -- 1.3 Assessment of Chinese Financial Reforms and Risk-Prevention Policies -- 1.4 Future Trends and Direction of Chinese Financial Development -- 1.4.1 Financial Reform and Financial Liberalization -- 1.4.2 Improvement to the Financial Risk Prevention Mechanism -- References -- Chapter 2: The Hidden Dangers and Risks to Chinás Currency Security -- 2.1 Monetary Internal Security: Economic Super Monetization, Inflation, and Real Estate Bubbles -- 2.1.1 Inflation and Real Estate Bubbles in the S̀̀uper-Monetized ́́Economy -- 2.1.2 The Spiral of Credit Expansion, Asset Bubbles, and Inflation -- 2.2 External Monetary Security: Currency Mismatch, Capital Flight, and Expectations of Exchange Rate Depreciation -- 2.3 Suggestions for Safeguarding the Security of Chinás Currency -- References -- Chapter 3: H̀̀erd Behavioŕ ́in the Commercial Bank Credit Market
  • 3.1 The Expression and Hidden Dangers of Credit Herd Behavior -- 3.1.1 Herd Behavior and Its Expression in the Chinese Credit Market -- Geographical Concentration -- Industry Concentration -- Similarity of Loan Maturities -- Customer Concentration -- 3.1.2 The Hidden Dangers of Credit Herd Behavior -- Asset Quality Deterioration -- Falling Efficiency of Credit Resources Allocation -- Unbalanced Regional Economic Development -- Hampered Operation of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism -- 3.2 Causes of Credit Herd Behavior in the Chinese Banking System -- 3.2.1 Information Asymmetry in Credit Transactions -- 3.2.2 Bank Manager Considerations Based on Reputation and Compensation -- 3.2.3 Administrative Interference and Policy Orientation -- 3.2.4 The Bank Risk Concept and Market Positioning Convergence -- 3.3 Suggestions for Weakening Herd Behavior Among Chinás Banks -- 3.3.1 Improve Oversight of Bank Credit -- 3.3.2 Increase Credit Information Disclosure -- 3.3.3 Strengthen the Social Credit Oversight and Guarantee System -- 3.3.4 Guide Commercial Banks to Promote Management Change -- References -- Chapter 4: The Risks and Hidden Security Dangers in Chinás Stock Market -- 4.1 Stock Market Risk Characterization and Comparison -- 4.2 Corporate Governance of Listed Companies Must Be Improved -- 4.3 Imbalances in the Stock Market Investor Structure -- 4.3.1 A Majority of Investors are Individual Investors -- 4.3.2 Large Ups and Downs Difficult to Avoid in Stock Market Dominated by Individual Investors -- 4.4 Weak Comprehensive Competitiveness of Securities Companies -- 4.5 Stock Market Mechanisms and Efficiency Must Be Improved -- 4.6 The Risks of Opening the Stock Market to the Outside World -- References -- Chapter 5: The Main Risks Faced by Chinás Insurance Industry -- 5.1 Overview of Chinás Insurance Industry
  • 5.2 Basic Factors Affecting Insurance Industry Risk -- 5.3 Main Risks Facing Chinás Insurance Industry and Prevention Strategies -- 5.3.1 Capital Use Risks -- 5.3.2 Solvency Risk -- 5.3.3 Risk of Vicious Competition -- Reference -- Chapter 6: Chinás Shadow Banking System and Its Risks -- 6.1 Chinás Shadow Banking System: Size and Scope -- 6.1.1 Dispute Over the Size of Chinás Shadow Banking System -- 6.1.2 The Category of Chinás Shadow Banking System -- Off Balance Sheet Bank Credit Business -- Bank Financial Products -- Bank-Trust Cooperation Based on Asset Securitization -- Trust Credit Business -- Non-Banking Institution Credit Business-C̀̀ommissioned Portfolió ́Transactions of Large Corporate Entities -- Private Lending -- 6.2 Analysis of the Internal Causes of the Chinese Shadow Banking System -- 6.2.1 A Dilemma for Macro-Control Policy Objectives -- 6.2.2 The Inherent Motivation for Non-Bank Financial Institutions to Replicate Bank Business -- 6.3 Analysis of the Risks in Chinás Shadow Banking System -- 6.3.1 The Risk of Shadow Banking Business to the Banking System -- 6.3.2 The Risk of the Shadow Banking System in the Trust System -- 6.3.3 The Systemic Risk of a Lack of Lender of Last Resort -- 6.3.4 The Risks of High-Interest Private Loans -- 6.4 Regulatory Measures for the Chinese Shadow Banking System -- 6.4.1 Summary and Assessment of Reform Measures -- Market-Oriented Interest Rates -- Wenzhoús Financial Reforms-A Process of Standardizing and Bringing Private Financing into the Sunlight -- 6.4.2 Long-Term Financial Reforms -- 6.4.3 Urgent Short-term Measures -- References -- Chinese Language Documents -- Foreign Language References -- Chapter 7: Chinás Real Estate Finance and Its Risks -- 7.1 The Risks of Real Estate Credit -- 7.1.1 The Product Operating Mechanism -- 7.1.2 Micro-Level Risks -- Operational Risks -- Liquidity Risks
  • Operational Risks -- Credit Risk -- 7.1.3 Macro-Level Credit Risks -- Policy Risks -- Risk of Bubbles -- 7.1.4 Transmission Mechanism for Real Estate Credit Risks -- 7.2 The Risks of Real Estate Securitization -- 7.2.1 The Product Operating Mechanism -- 7.2.2 Micro-Level Risk Issues -- Base Asset Quality Risk -- Risk from Speculation -- Risks from Financial Intermediary Operations -- 7.2.3 Macro-Level Risk Issues -- Price Risk -- Institutional Risk -- 7.3 The Risks of Real Estate Investment Trusts -- 7.3.1 Product Operating Mechanism -- 7.3.2 Micro-Level Risks -- Fund Operations Risk -- Moral Hazard -- 7.3.3 Macro-Level Risks -- Interest Rate Risk -- Exchange Rate Risk -- Legal Risks -- 7.4 Establishing a Scientific Risk Prevention System for Real Estate Finance -- 7.4.1 Strengthening Government Oversight to Prevent Policy Risk and Bubble Risk -- Maintain Targeted, Appropriate, and Coherent Policy Controls to Prevent Policy Risk -- Improve the Real Estate Bubble Risk Monitoring Indicator System to Prevent Bubble Risk -- 7.4.2 Enhance the Self-Discipline of Financial Institutions to Prevent Operational Risk -- References -- Chinese Language Documents -- Chapter 8: Institutional Construction (1): Financial Macroprudential Management System -- 8.1 The Status Quo and Its Problems -- 8.1.1 Chinás Financial Prudential Supervision and Its Problems -- Bank Capital Adequacy Ratio Regulation -- Capital Adequacy Ratio Regulation at Chinese Banks -- The Effectiveness of Chinese Capital Regulation -- The Problems with Chinás Capital Adequacy Ratio Regulation -- Chinese Market Access Regulation -- Overview of Chinese Market Access Regulation -- Current Problems with Chinese Market Access Regulation -- Information Disclosure Regulation -- Overview of Chinás Regulation of Information Disclosure -- Information Disclosure Problems -- Regulatory Construction
  • Financial Law Construction -- Inadequacies of Financial Regulatory Legal Construction -- 8.1.2 Overview of the Chinese Financial Macro-Prudential Management System and Its Problems -- The State of Reform of the Post-Crisis Ò̀ne Industry, Three Commissionś ́Financial Regulatory System -- The Peoples̀ Bank of China: The Builder of the Financial Macro-Prudential Framework -- CBRC: The Leader in the Practice of Financial Macro-prudential Management -- The CBRĆs Financial Macroprudential Management Reforms -- The CIRĆs Macroprudential Financial Management Reforms -- The Problems with Chinás Macroprudential Regulatory Regime -- Lack of Coping Mechanisms for Systemic Risks -- Lack of an Effective Oversight and Coordination Mechanism -- System Mismatch -- Regulatory Loopholes -- 8.2 Considerations for Optimizing the Prudential Management System -- 8.2.1 Improving Capital Regulation -- 8.2.2 Selecting Appropriate Regulatory Forbearance -- 8.2.3 Recommendations for Improving Access Regulation -- 8.2.4 Methods for Improving Regulation of Information -- 8.2.5 Improving Regulatory Laws and Regulations -- 8.2.6 Constructing a Macroprudential Regulatory System -- References -- Chinese Language Documents -- Chapter 9: Institutional Construction (2)-Deposit Insurance System -- 9.1 National Conditions to Consider for Chinás Deposit Insurance System -- 9.1.1 Chinás Implicit Deposit Insurance -- 9.1.2 Barriers to Establishing an Explicit Deposit Insurance System in China -- 9.1.3 Conditions for Establishing an Explicit Deposit Insurance System in China -- 9.1.4 The Structure of Chinás Deposit-Type Financial System -- 9.1.5 The Differences Between China and Developed Countries in Establishing a Deposit Insurance System -- 9.1.6 Chinás Timing for Establishing an Explicit Deposit Insurance System
  • 9.2 Choosing a Path for the Construction of an Explicit Chinese Deposit Insurance System
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