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The Resource Eyes right! : challenging the right wing backlash, edited by Chip Berlet

Eyes right! : challenging the right wing backlash, edited by Chip Berlet

Eyes right! : challenging the right wing backlash
Eyes right!
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challenging the right wing backlash
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edited by Chip Berlet
Eyes right! : challenging the right wing backlash, edited by Chip Berlet
Eyes right! : challenging the right wing backlash, edited by Chip Berlet
'A Political Research Associates book.'
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 361-373) and index
Preface / Jean Hardisty. Overview. Theocracy & White supremacy ; Behind the culture war to restore traditional values / Chip Berlet & Margaret Quigley. Theocratic right. The Christian right seeks dominion ; On the road to political power & theocracy / Sara Diamond. Pious moralism ; Theocratic goals backed by misrepresentation and lies / Liz Galst. Christian reconstructionism ; Theocratic dominionism gains influence / Frederick Clarkson. Promise keepers ; Christian soldiers for theocracy / Russ Bellant. Homophobia. Constructing homophobia ; Colorado's right-wing attack on homosexuals ; Jean Hardisty -- Hate on tape ; The video strategy of the fundamentalist right / Laura Flanders -- Civil rights, special rights & our rights/ Suzanne B. Goldberg. Economic backlash. The dying American dream ; And the snake oil of scapegoating / Holly Sklar -- The wise use movement ; Right-wing anti-environmentalism / William Kevin Burke -- Regulatory takings & private property rights / Tarso Ramos. Free expression ; Culture wars & freedom of expression / David C. Mendoza -- Media Power ; The right-wing attack on public broadcasting/ David Barsamian. Racism & xenophobia. White supremacy in the 1990s / Loretta Ross -- White panic / Henry A. Giroux -- An international perspective on migration / Cathi Tactaquin -- Pulling up the ladder ; The anti-immigrant backlash / Doug Brugge -- The roots of the I.Q. debate ; Eugenics & social control / Margaret Quigley -- In the land of White supremacy / June Jordan. Far right. The rise of citizen militias ; Angry white guys with guns / Daniel Junas -- America under the gun ; The militia movement & hate groups in America / Jonathan Mozzochi -- Guns, ammo & talk radio / Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon. What is fascism? ; Some general ideological features / Matthew N. Lyons -- Encountering Holocaust denial / Lin Collette. Divisions. Divisions that kill ; The enemy without & within / Suzanne Pharr -- Blacks & Gays ; Healing the great divide / Barbara Smith -- Race, religion & the right / Scot Nakagawa -- Assault on affirmative action / Adolph Reed, Jr. -- Black conservatives / Deborah Toler. Strategies. A call to defend democracy & pluralism / Blue Mountain working group -- How to fight the right / Center for Democratic renewal -- Challenging the campus right ; Advice from the University Conversion Project / Rich Cowan & Dalya Massachi -- Immigration & the civil rights movement's response / Bill Tamayo -- Religious conservatives & communities of color ; A roundtable of activists / Michelle Garcia -- Soundbites against homophobia ; Articulate responses to lies & rhetoric / Robin Kane -- Responding to hate groups ; Ten points to remember / Center for Democratic Renewal -- Common sense security / Sheila O'Donnell -- Uniting to defend the four freedoms / Chip Berlet
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