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The Resource Exploring Education and Professional Practice : Through the Lens of Practice Architectures

Exploring Education and Professional Practice : Through the Lens of Practice Architectures

Exploring Education and Professional Practice : Through the Lens of Practice Architectures
Exploring Education and Professional Practice
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Through the Lens of Practice Architectures
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Exploring Education and Professional Practice : Through the Lens of Practice Architectures
Exploring Education and Professional Practice : Through the Lens of Practice Architectures
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  • Dedication -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- List of Artworks -- Acknowledgements -- Preface -- Foreword -- Practical Theory for Complex Times -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Chapter 1: Introduction: Practice Theory and the Theory of Practice Architectures -- The Theoretical Terrain of Practice Theory -- The Theory of Practice Architectures: A Site Ontological Perspective on Practices -- What Is Distinctive and Significant About the Theory of Practice Architectures? -- The Theory of Practice Architectures and Practice Theory -- The Theory of PA as a Theoretical, Analytical, and Transformational Resource -- Organisation of the Book -- References -- Chapter 2: Learning Spaces and Practices for Participation in Primary School Lessons: A Focus on Classroom Interaction -- Participating in Practices: The Practice Architectures -- Enabling and Constraining Participation -- Spaces for Learning: Intersubjectivity, Positioning, and Participation -- Lessons as Co-production: Students and Teachers as Co-learners and Co-creators of Knowledge -- Presence and Relevance in Practices -- The Classroom Interactions as the Machinery for Meaning Making -- The Utility of the Theory of Practices Architectures for Theorising Classroom Learning and Teaching -- References -- Chapter 3: Learning Educational Theory in Teacher Education -- 'Learning to Teach' - A Discourse of Harmony and Coherence? -- The Study -- Learning 'Theory' Through the Lens of Practice Architectures -- Semantic Space: Exploring the Concepts of 'Theory' and 'Practice' -- Semantic Space: Learning to Read and Write Academic Texts -- Semantic Space: Drawing on Different (and Separated) Discursive Resources -- Social Space: Relatings and Social-Political Arrangements -- Concluding Remarks -- References
  • Chapter 4: Practice Architectures of Simulation Pedagogy: From Fidelity to Transformation -- Simulation Pedagogies in the University -- A Bridge to Professional Practice -- Simulation in Health Professional Education -- Research on Simulation in Health Education -- A Different Basis for Conceptualising Simulation Pedagogy -- Hyperreality and Simulacra -- Theory of Practice Architectures -- Empirical Basis -- From Fidelity to Transformation -- Moment 1: Architectures of Clinical Practice and Pedagogy -- Moment 2: If She Had Been Real{u2026} -- Moment 3 - Do You Know What You're Doing? -- Conclusion: Reflections on Where the Concepts Have Taken Us -- References -- Chapter 5: Infants' Practices: Shaping (and Shaped by) the Arrangements of Early Childhood Education -- Educators' Conceptions of Infants' Capabilities -- Researching Infants' Lived Experiences and the Theory of Practice Architectures -- The Study -- 'Gentle Hands' - Educators' Conceptions and Practices -- 'What's Wrong with Sophie?' - Babies' Agentic Practices Shaping and Being Shaped -- Interdependency of Babies' and Educators' Practices in ECE -- Concluding Thoughts -- References -- Chapter 6: Mentoring as Part of a Trellis of Practices that Support Learning -- The Australian VET Teaching Context -- VET Teacher Mentoring -- The Study -- Teacher Access to Mentoring -- Formal Mentoring Program -- Informal Mentoring -- Ecologies of Practices and Developing a Trellis of Practices that Support Learning -- Volunteerism and Mentor Workload -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 7: Using the Theory of Practice Architectures to Explore VET in Schools Teachers' Pedagogy -- VET in Schools in Australia -- An Australian Case: Teachers from Industry Making the Transition to Becoming School Teachers -- Contested Approaches to and Views on Teaching
  • Practice Architectures That Hold These Contested Approaches in Place -- Conclusion: Different Ways of Living the Teaching Profession -- References -- Chapter 8: Collegial Mentoring for Professional Development -- Background and the Site -- The Project(s) and Some Enmeshed Arrangements -- The Practice of Peer Mentoring and Enmeshed Arrangements -- Conclusions - Democratic Practices Evolved -- References -- Chapter 9: School Development in Tough Times -- The Context and Case of Action Research and School Development at Tower School -- The Nature of the Study -- Before the District-Level Economic Restructure -- Changing Conditions for Action Research and School Improvement at Tower School -- Continuing School Development and Action Research in Tough Times -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 10: Leading as a Socially Just Practice: Examining Educational Leading Through a Practice Lens -- Negotiating Institutional Practice Architectures in Turbulent Times: The Case of Regional High School -- Developing Whole School Practices of/for Social Justice and Inclusion -- Transformations in Arrangements of/for Socially Just and Inclusive Practices at Regional High School -- Transformations in Arrangements of/for Socially Just and Inclusive Practices at Regional Education Office -- Leading as a Socially Just Practice: A Contested Practice -- Conclusion: Towards Researching as a Socially Just Practice - Implications for Future Research -- References -- Chapter 11: Provoking Praxis Amidst a Faculty Restructure: A Practice Architecture Perspective -- An Inquiry into Praxis -- Enacting Critical Pedagogical Praxis -- The Merger -- The Merger as a Practice Architecture for Pedagogical Practice -- Negotiating Architectures, Provoking Praxis -- Conclusion -- References
  • Chapter 12: Articulating the Practice Architectures of Collaborative Research Practice -- Collaboration Built Over Time and Within International Research Sites -- Depiction of the Research Practice -- Method of Reflective Narrative -- Identifying the Practice Architectures of Our Research Practice -- Prefiguring Conditions of Our Research Practice -- Nature of Practice Architectures for Analytical Investigation -- Explicating the Implicit and Hidden -- Conclusions -- References -- Chapter 13: Coming to 'Practice Architectures': A Genealogy of the Theory -- References -- Chapter 14: Roads Not Travelled, Roads Ahead: How the Theory of Practice Architectures Is Travelling -- Some Clarifications -- The Relationship Between Practices and Practice Architectures in the Theory -- The Ideas of 'Enabling' and 'Constraining' -- The Relationship Between the Theory of Practice Architectures and the Theory of Ecologies of Practices -- Contestation and Variation -- Agency -- Intersubjectivity and the Three-Dimensional Composition of Intersubjective Space -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 15: Transforming Education and Professional Practice -- The Theory in Use -- Examining Education and Professional Practice -- Concluding Remarks -- Contributors -- Author Index -- Subject Index
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