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The Resource Essays on Jacksonian America

Essays on Jacksonian America

Essays on Jacksonian America
Essays on Jacksonian America
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HRW essays in American history
Essays on Jacksonian America
Essays on Jacksonian America
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  • James Monroe and the era of good feelings, by H. Ammon.--Southern support of the Tariff of 1816, by N. W. Preyer.--The Missouri crisis, slavery, and the politics of Jacksonianism, by R. H. Brown.--The frontier West as image of American society, by R. Welter.--The national planning of internal improvements, by C. Goodrich.--New York port and its disappointed rivals, by R. G. Albion.--Jacksonian democracy and the rise of the nominating convention, by J. S. Chase.--New perspectives on Jacksonian politics, by R. P. McCormick.--The presidential election of 1832 in New Hampshire, by D. B. Cole.--Andrew Jackson and the judiciary, by R. P. Longaker.--'Liberty and Union': an analysis of three concepts involved in the nullification controversy, by M. L. Wilson
  • --Jackson, Biddle, and the Bank of the United States, by B. Hammond.--Sober second thoughts on Van Buren, the Albany regency, and the Wall Street conspiracy, by F. O. Gatell.--The Working Men's Party revisited, by E. Pessen.--Political aspects of the Van Buren era, by W. G. Carleton.--The Jacksonian persuasion, by M. Meyers.--Spoilsmen and interests in the thought and career of John C. Calhoun, by W. W. Freehling.--Who were the southern Whigs? By C. Sellers.--Introduction to Charles G. Finney, lectures on revivals of religion, by W. C. McLoughlin.--Some themes of counter-subversion, by D. B. Davis
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