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The Resource Economic History of Warfare and State Formation

Economic History of Warfare and State Formation

Economic History of Warfare and State Formation
Economic History of Warfare and State Formation
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Studies in Economic History Ser
Economic History of Warfare and State Formation
Economic History of Warfare and State Formation
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  • Foreword -- Preface -- Warfare and State Formation -- Total War and Conflicts -- References -- Contents -- Contributors -- Editors -- Authors -- Part I Wars and State Formation in the Short and Long Run -- Paths to Inclusive Political Institutions -- Introduction -- The Basin of Attraction -- The Emergence of the Athenian Polis -- State and Society in Early Modern England -- The Symbiotic Relationship between State and Society -- Outside the Basin of Attraction -- The Tiv -- Leviathans -- A Paper Leviathan: Colombia -- A Despotic Leviathan: Rwanda -- The Academic Literature -- Conclusion -- References -- States and Development: Early Modern India, China, and the Great Divergence -- Property Rights: A Comparative History Perspective -- Property Rights: Mughal and Post-Mughal India -- Property Rights: China -- State Capacity: The European and World History Perspective -- State Capacity: The Indian Evidence -- State Capacity: The Evidence on China -- Warfare and State Capacity: An India-China Comparison -- Conclusion -- References -- Part II Political Economy of Democracies and Dictatorships -- Decentralization, Fiscal Structure, and Local State Capacity in Late-Imperial Russia -- State Capacity in Imperial Russia: An Overview -- Institutions of Peasant Self-Government -- The Zemstvo -- Local Corporate and Municipal Governance -- Central State Capacity at the Local Level -- Further Perspectives on Local State Capacity in Tsarist Russia -- Comparative and Conceptual Dimensions -- Concluding Thoughts -- Archival and Published Primary Sources -- References -- Historicizing Divergence: A Comparative Analysis of the Revolutionary Crises in Russia and Finland -- Introduction -- Working Class Revolutions? -- What Was Different? -- The Military-Civilian Alliance in Russia -- The Military-Civilian Alliance in Finland -- The Urban-Rural Alliance in Russia
  • The Urban-Rural Alliance in Finland -- Discussion and Conclusions -- References -- Repressions and Punishment Under Stalin: Evidence from the Soviet Archives -- Introduction -- Related Literature -- Repressions at the Chief Administration of Metallurgy in 1937 -- Plan Fulfilment and Penalties in the Soviet Union After the Second World War -- Conclusion -- Archival and Published Primary Sources -- References -- Part III Economic History of the World Wars -- Myths of the Great War -- Introduction -- Myth #1. How the War Began -- Myth #2. Needless Slaughter -- Myth #3. The Food Weapon -- Myth #4. Folly at Versailles -- Concluding Remarks -- References -- War and Inflation in the United States from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf War -- Money Creation as a Means of War Finance -- From the Revolution to the Civil War -- The Revolution -- War of 1812 -- The Mexican War -- The Civil War -- The World Wars -- World War I -- World War II -- The Postwar Era -- Korean War -- Vietnam War -- Conclusions -- Appendices -- Appendix 1: The Means of Finance for America's Wars -- Appendix 2: A Catalog of Some of the Currency That Helped Finance America's Wars -- References -- Lessons Learned? British Mobilization for the Two World Wars -- Introduction -- The Scale of Mobilization -- War Spending -- Labor Mobilization -- Lessons Learned -- Fiscal and Financial Management -- War Finance -- Lessons Learned -- Managing the External Account -- The Impact of War on the External Account -- Lessons Learned -- Planning Versus the Market -- The Growing Role of Government Controls During World War I -- Controls During World War II -- Markets, Planning, and Economic Performance -- The Impact on Wealth -- The Accounting Framework -- The Impact of the World Wars on Britain's Wealth -- Conclusions -- Archival and Published Primary Sources -- References
  • World War II and US Economic Performance -- Introduction -- World War II and Macroeconomic Indicators -- Mobilization and the Development of Local Economies -- The Impact of World War II in Spatial Equilibrium -- Data -- Empirical Results -- Conclusions -- References -- The Mirage of the German Armament Miracle in World War II -- Introduction -- A Reconstruction of the Armament Index for the Period September 1939 to January 1942 -- Taking into Account Foreign Armament Production for Germany -- Calculating Labor Productivity of German Armament Production -- Explaining the U-Shaped Labor Productivity Growth -- Conclusions -- References -- Neutrality in War -- Neutrality as Impartiality: Historical Context -- The Rise of Realist Neutrality -- Belligerents' Perspective -- Neutrals' Perspective -- Realist Neutrality -- Economic Concessions -- Archival and Published Primary Sources -- References -- Index
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