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The Resource Early Puberty : Latest Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Outcome

Early Puberty : Latest Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Outcome

Early Puberty : Latest Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Outcome
Early Puberty
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Latest Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Outcome
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Early Puberty : Latest Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Outcome
Early Puberty : Latest Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Outcome
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  • Preface -- Contents -- 1: Current Findings in Epidemiology -- Secular Trend -- An Advance in the Age at Menarche -- Major Studies -- Advance in the Age of Pubertal Onset -- The American Studies -- The European Studies -- Pubertal Tempo -- Development of Secondary Sex Characteristics -- Pubertal Growth Spurt and Body Composition -- Ethnic and Sociodemographic Variations in Pubertal Timing -- Conclusion -- References -- 2: Precocious Puberty and Environmental Endocrine Disruptors -- Introduction -- Age of Pubertal Onset and Precocious Puberty -- Lower Age of Pubertal Onset -- Rising Incidence of Precocious Puberty -- Role of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors in the Increased Prevalence of Precocious Puberty -- Types of EEDs -- Natural Estrogens -- Phyto- and Mycoestrogens -- Synthetic Estrogens -- Xenoestrogens -- Animal Studies on the Role of EEDs in Precocious Puberty -- Studies on the Role of EEDs in Precocious Puberty in Girls -- Review of the Literature -- Our Experience -- EEDs and Breast -- Conclusions -- References -- 3: Neuroendocrine Control of Puberty -- Introduction -- GnRH Network: A Better Understood Neuron/Glia Architecture -- Pubertal Reactivation of the Gonadotropic Axis: An Event That Precedes Clinical Signs of Puberty -- Pubertal Reactivation of the Gonadotropic Axis Depends on a Complex Maturation of the Hypothalamus -- The Role of Sex Steroid Witnesses of Dialogue Between the Hypothalamic-Pituitary and Gonads During Puberty -- Epigenetic Mechanisms: A New Complexity in the Initiation of Puberty -- The Environmental Factors: Puberty a Witness of the Evolution -- Conclusion -- References -- 4: Puberty in Particular Situations -- Precocious Puberty in Adopted Children and Its Differential Diagnoses -- A New Population -- A Controversial Pathology -- Clinical Particularity and Risk Factor -- Differential Diagnosis
  • Simple Staturoponderal Catch-Up -- Advanced Puberty Among Adopted Girls -- Psychosocial Dwarfism -- Error of Age -- In Conclusion, Careful Monitoring of Growth and Bone Age -- Puberty of Child Born Small for Gestational Age -- Introduction -- Puberty and Adrenarche -- SGA and Subsequent Ovarian Function -- SGA and Subsequent Testicular Function -- Conclusions -- Characteristics of Puberty After Cranial Irradiation in Childhood -- Introduction -- The Data in the Literature -- Epidemiological Data -- Pathophysiology -- Clinical Characteristics -- Positive Diagnosis -- Management Issues -- Conclusion -- References -- Precocious Puberty in Adopted Children and Its Differential Diagnoses -- Puberty of Child Born Small for Gestational Age -- Characteristics of Puberty After Cranial Irradiation in Childhood -- 5: Clinical and Biological Diagnosis of Central Precocious Puberty -- Clinical Diagnosis -- Biological Diagnosis -- Place of Imaging in the Evaluation of Precocious Puberty -- The Normal Variants of Puberty -- Isolated Premature Breast Development or Premature Thelarche -- Premature Development of Pubic Hair or Premature Pubarche -- Slowly Progressive Forms of Precocious Puberty -- Psychosocial Aspects -- Conclusion -- References -- 6: Etiological Diagnosis of Central Precocious Puberty -- Etiological Approach: Should Cranial MRI Be Performed for All Central Precocious Puberty? -- Causes -- Hypothalamic Hamartomas (Fig. 6.1 and Table 6.1) -- Optic Pathway Gliomas -- Arachnoid Cysts -- Germ Cell Tumors -- Other Organic Causes -- Early Exposure to Gonadal and Adrenal Steroids -- Monogenic Causes of Central Precocious Puberty -- A Word on Idiopathic Precocious Puberty -- References -- 7: Precocious Puberty Therapeutic Management: GnRH Analogs Treatment -- When Is GnRHa Therapy Necessary? -- Which Clinical Criteria Is Appropriate?
  • Which Biological Criteria Is Appropriate? -- Which Radiological Criteria Is Appropriate? -- Why Should Be GnRHa Treatment Proposed? -- Which Treatments Are Available? -- Which Follow-Up Involves the GnRHa Treatment? -- Discontinuation of GnRHa Therapy -- References -- 8: Midterm and Long-Term Impacts of GnRH Agonists Treatments -- Impact on Final Height -- Impact of Adult Weight -- Impact on Body Composition -- Impact on the Bone -- Impact on Menstrual Cycle -- Risk of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome -- Impacts on Gonadotroph Axis and Fertility -- Neurologic Impacts -- Psychological and Sociological Impacts -- Conclusion -- References
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