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The Resource Development Report on China's New Media

Development Report on China's New Media

Development Report on China's New Media
Development Report on China's New Media
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Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path Ser
Development Report on China's New Media
Development Report on China's New Media
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  • Contents -- Abstract -- General Report -- 1 National Strategy: A New Stage in the Development of China's New Media -- Abstract -- 1.1 Overview and Developments -- 1.1.1 China Has Become a Formidable Force in Mobile Internet -- 1.1.2 Micro-Communication Is Becoming Mainstream -- 1.1.3 The Enhanced Rule of Law in Cyberspace -- 1.1.4 Growing International Clout of Chinese Internet Companies -- 1.1.5 We-Media of Various Types Is Booming -- 1.1.6 Accelerating Media Convergence and Transformation and Exploring New Models -- 1.2 Review of Hot Issues and Focus -- 1.2.1 Online Information Security Has Taken on the Importance of a National Strategy -- 1.2.2 The Strategic Significance of Media Convergence to Comprehensive Deepening of Reform in China -- 1.2.3 Urgent Need to Strengthen Actions Against Rumors Spread via WeChat -- 1.2.4 Internet Finance Is Changing the Financial Ecosystem and the Competitive Landscape -- 1.2.5 "Internet+" Is Guiding the Fast Development of Various Sectors -- 1.2.6 Governments Are Rapidly Opening Official Microblogs and Public WeChat Accounts While Launching Mobile Clients -- 1.2.7 Enhanced Cyber-Diplomacy to Promote International Cooperation -- 1.3 Communications and Effect Analysis -- 1.3.1 The Emerging Chinese New Media in the Changing Global New Media Landscape -- 1.3.2 New Media Has Been Deeply Integrated into People's Lives and Has Become a Driving Force for the Upgrade of Chinese Society -- 1.3.3 New Media Became a New Driving Force of China's Economic Growth Extending Its Penetration into All Industries -- 1.3.4 A More Proactive New Media Communication Strategy Became an Accelerator in the Cleanup of China's Political Ecology -- 1.3.5 Governance of New Communication Ecology -- 1.3.6 Shallow Reading on Mobile New Media Platforms Profoundly Influences Cultural Trends -- 1.4 Prospects and Policy Recommendations
  • 1.4.1 Prospects -- 1.4.2 Policy Recommendations -- 2 Development Report on China's WeChat in 2013 -- Abstract -- 2.1 Analysis of WeChat's Development -- 2.1.1 The Number of Users -- 2.1.2 Functional Improvements -- Improved Basic Functions -- Development of Derivative Functions -- Extension of Functions -- 2.1.3 Features of WeChat Users -- User Behavior -- User Structure -- Characteristics of User Relationship: Strong Social Relationships -- 2.1.4 Business Model Became Gradually Well-Defined -- 2.2 WeChat's Communication Features -- 2.2.1 Advantages of WeChat Communication -- User-Friendly Design and Operation -- Multimedia Communication -- Open System and Free Use -- Higher Levels of User Loyalty -- Bilateral and Interactive Communication -- Messaging Content More Private and Instant -- Communication Effect: Trustworthiness -- 2.2.2 Disadvantages of WeChat Communication -- Information Overload and Floods of Spam -- Low Levels of Security -- 2.3 Development Strategies -- Hot Topics -- 3 Report on China's Cyberspace Security Development in 2014 -- Abstract -- 3.1 Cyber Security Became a National Strategy, Laying Good Foundations for Internet Management -- 3.1.1 Cyber Security Was Established as a National Strategy -- 3.1.2 Explored Systems to Improve Domestic Cyberspace Governance -- 3.1.3 China Had a Good Start to International Cyberspace Governance and Began to Play a More Positive Role -- 3.2 A Grim Cyber Security Situation with Increased Frequency of Cyber-Attacks and Defenses -- 3.2.1 Repeated Cyber Security Incidents in 2014 Sent an Alert Signal to the Public -- Domestic Level -- International Level -- 3.2.2 China Continued to Be Discredited in the International Cyberspace
  • 3.2.3 The Handover of the Oversight of ICANN Will not Affect American Hegemony Over Cyberspace -- 3.2.4 Disclosure of iPHONE "Backdoors" Aggravated People's Data Security Concerns in China -- 3.2.5 The DPRK and America Accused Each Other of Launching Cyber Attacks -- 3.3 Countermeasures and Suggestions -- 3.3.1 Strengthen the Concept of Network Security Under the Principle of Openness -- Closeness Will Result in the Separation of the Internet -- Openness Is an Inherent Requirement for China's Strategy of Building Itself into an Internet Power -- 3.3.2 Proactively and Positively Face the New Situation of International Internet Governance Featured with the Game Between China and the U.S -- Continue Exploring Ways to Participate in the International Internet Governance on the Basis of Current Interim Progress -- China Should Be Cautious About the "Multi-Stakeholder Model" Strongly Advocated by America -- China Needs to Grasp the Trend of Global Cyberspace Governance -- The China-America Game Should Be a Cooperative One to Create a Bigger Pie of Interests for Both Sides -- Acknowledgments -- 4 Development Report on China's WeChat in 2014 -- Abstract -- 4.1 Communication Functions and Features of WeChat -- 4.1.1 Higher Levels of Information Accuracy and Arrival Rate -- 4.1.2 WeChat Is a Multi-dimensional and Elastic Social Media App Which Has Extended the Theory of Six Degrees of Separation -- 4.1.3 WeChat Is a Small but Powerful App that Has Become a Rich and Hypermedia App -- 4.1.4 WeChat Communication Achieves the Representation of the Communication Scene and Resource Sharing -- 4.2 WeChat's Development Status and Features -- 4.2.1 Technological Development Status: Acceleration of Version Updates and Greater Emphasis on User Experience
  • 4.2.2 Usage and Development Status: WeChat Excelled in China While Gradually Accumulating More International Users -- 4.2.3 User Behavior: High Level of WeChat User Loyalty and the Focus on "Strong-Tie" Networks -- 4.3 WeChat's Key Functions and Features -- 4.3.1 The Proliferation of WeChat Public Accounts and the Emergence of Integrated Platforms -- The Number of WeChat Public Accounts Grew Explosively -- User Experiences Continued to Improve -- The Number of WeChat Public Accounts of Chinese Media Outlets Continued to Grow, and Introducing WeChat to All Media Outlets Became a Reality -- WeChat Moments Was Flooded with Micro-Shop Feeds -- 4.3.2 WeChat's Vertical Applications Are Diversified, and the WeChat Payment Drives Offline Consumption -- 4.3.3 Government WeChat Continued to Develop, and There Was a Growing Consensus that Weibo and WeChat Needed to Be Combined -- 4.4 Security Status and Features of WeChat -- 4.4.1 Technical Risks: Technical Issues Frequently Occurred with WeChat Payment Risks Being a Prominent Problem -- 4.4.2 Content Security: Rumors Ran Rampant on WeChat and Content Regulation Was an Urgent Task -- 4.4.3 Privacy Issues: The Ratio of WeChat Crimes Rose and Privacy Protection Was an Uphill Battle -- 4.5 Management Status and Features of WeChat -- 4.5.1 Government Management Status and Features -- Policies and Regulations: Ten Commandments of WeChat and Ten Provisions on WeChat Nicknames -- Content Regulation: Carry Out Multi-faceted Content Regulation on Mobile Clients -- 4.5.2 WeChat Team's Management Status and Features -- Establishment of a WeChat Safety Center, Introduction of Regulations on Using WeChat Moments Safely and on Penalizing Plagiarism on WeChat Public Accounts -- Establishment of a Rumor Interception System to Contain the Spread of Rumors on WeChat
  • Improvement of the Manual Reporting System, Rectifying the Act of Collecting "Likes" on WeChat Public Accounts -- 4.6 Development Trends and Prospects -- 4.6.1 WeChat's Applications Would Continue to Penetrate into Offline Businesses and Create Infinite Possibilities for Life -- 4.6.2 WeChat's Mobile Security Platform Will Continue to Become Safer and More Reliable -- 4.6.3 WeChat's Influence on Public Opinion Would Continue to Grow, and WeChat Would Become an Important Force in Guiding Public Opinion -- 5 Developmental Report on China's Mobile Public Opinion Platforms in 2014 -- Abstract -- 5.1 China Became Notable for Public Opinion Platforms on Handheld Devices -- 5.2 Structure and Characteristics of Public Opinion on Mobile Public Opinion Platforms -- 5.2.1 Temporal Distribution -- 5.2.2 Spatial Distribution -- 5.2.3 Thematic Distribution -- 5.3 The Development and Change of Online Public Opinion -- 5.3.1 Positive Energy Gathered on Hand-Held Devices -- 5.3.2 Micro-propagation of Public Emergencies -- 5.3.3 Spread of "Latent Public Opinion" Within Circles -- 5.3.4 Agenda Set-up by Multiple Core Forces -- 5.4 "Micro-politics" Is Maturing -- 5.5 Suggestions on Guiding and Governing Public Opinion on Mobile Public Opinion Platforms -- 6 Report on China's Television Industry Convergence and Transformation in 2014 -- Abstract -- 6.1 Reprisal of the Production-Dissemination Separation and Deepening of System and Mechanism Transformation -- 6.2 Expanding the Industrial Chain Around the Intellectual Property of Content and Promoting Diverse Cross-Border Cooperation -- 6.3 Surfacing of T2O Model and Organic Integration of Cross-Screen Interaction and E-Commerce -- 6.4 Steady Breakthrough in the Application of Mobile Client and Social Media -- 7 Report on the Micro-communication Capacity of Chinese Newspapers -- Abstract -- 7.1 Background
  • 7.2 Development of a Scientific and Objective Micro-Communication Capability Evaluation System for Newspapers
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