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The Resource DGT-Based Measurement of Phosphorus in Sediment Microzones and Rhizospheres

DGT-Based Measurement of Phosphorus in Sediment Microzones and Rhizospheres

DGT-Based Measurement of Phosphorus in Sediment Microzones and Rhizospheres
DGT-Based Measurement of Phosphorus in Sediment Microzones and Rhizospheres
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DGT-Based Measurement of Phosphorus in Sediment Microzones and Rhizospheres
DGT-Based Measurement of Phosphorus in Sediment Microzones and Rhizospheres
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  • "Preface" -- "Contents" -- "List of Figures" -- "List of Tables" -- "Abstract" -- "Part I The Basic Theory and Methodology" -- "1 The Basic Theory of P-process at Sediment/Water Interface (SWI) in Lake" -- "1.1 â{u0080}{u009C}Internal P-loadingâ{u0080}{u009D} and P-release Mechanisms in Lake Sediments" -- "1.2 Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT) Technique and the Development Trend for the Application at SWI or Rhizosphere" -- "1.3 The Uptake and Accumulation Mechanisms for Elements at the Rhizosphere of Aquatic Plant in Lake" -- "1.4 Summary" -- "References" -- "2 Problem Introduction, Research Idea, and Studying Zone" -- "2.1 Problem Introduction" -- "2.2 The Research Idea and the General Design for DGT Research" -- "2.3 Studying Zones in Dianchi and Erhai Lakes" -- "2.4 Summary" -- "References" -- "3 The Research Methodology" -- "3.1 The Design for DGT Probe and Piston" -- "3.2 The Test Method for DGT Piston and Probe in Sediments of Dianchi Lake and the Subsequent Procedures" -- "3.3 The DGT Method (in Situ or in Rhizobox) for the P-Uptake Process by Roots of Aquatic Plants in Erhai Lake" -- "3.3.1 The in situ DGT Test" -- "3.3.2 The DGT Test in Rhizobox" -- "3.4 The Computer Programs for DGT (DIFS, Visual MINTEQ, and Image J.1.38 E Softwares) and the Operation/Experiment Methodology" -- "3.5 The Computer Imaging Densitometry (CID) Technique for the Analysis of Sulfide-Microniches and DGT-S(-II) Profile" -- "3.6 Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) Technique for Gel Analysis" -- "3.7 The Analysis Methods for Physicochemical Properties of Lake Sediments" -- "3.8 The Main Scientific Problem and Technological Difficulty to Be Solved" -- "3.9 Summary" -- "References" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Internal P-Loadingâ{u0080}{u009D} at SWI of Dianchi Lake" -- "4 The â{u0080}{u009C}Internal P-Loadingâ{u0080}{u009D} at SWI Assessed by DGT Technique"
  • "4.1 Fe-Remobilization and the Solubility Assessment for Fe-Sulfide Mineral" -- "4.2 P-Remobilization and â{u0080}{u009C}Internal P-Loadingâ{u0080}{u009D}" -- "4.3 P-DIFS Simulation and Sediment-P Reactivity" -- "4.4 Summary" -- "References" -- "5 The Coupled Feâ{u0080}{u0093}Sâ{u0080}{u0093}P Biogeochemical Mechanism for P-Release and Sulfide Microniche in Sediments Assessed by DGTâ{u0080}{u0093}CID Technique (Dianchi Lake)" -- "5.1 The Distribution Character of Sulfide Microniche and Biogeochemical Mechanism in Sediments Based on DGTâ{u0080}{u0093}CID Technique" -- "5.2 The Coupled Feâ{u0080}{u0093}Sâ{u0080}{u0093}P Process for P-Release Mechanism in Sediment Microzone" -- "5.3 Summary" -- "References" -- "6 The P-release Risk Predicted by Chemical Image of Fe in Sediment Porewater Measured by DGT/LA-ICP-MS and Fe-Microniches" -- "6.1 The Measurement Method for Fe at SWI Using SPR-IDA DGT and LA-ICP-MS with High Spatial Resolutions" -- "6.2 DGT-Fe Distribution Character of Chemical Images" -- "6.3 The Proportion of DGT Flux Related to Fe-Microniche in â{u0080}{u009C}Hot Spotsâ{u0080}{u009D} of the Total DGT Flux in Microzone and the Implication" -- "6.4 The Release of P and Trace Metals Predicted by Fe-Microniches" -- "6.5 Summary" -- "References" -- "Part III The P-behavior at the Interface of Sediment/Root of Aquatic Plants (Erhai Lake)" -- "7 The Uptake and Accumulation Mechanisms of P-Predicted by In Situ DGT Test at the Rhizosphere of Aquatic Plant" -- "7.1 P-Concentrations in Sedimentâ{u0080}{u0093}Porewaterâ{u0080}{u0093}Plant Samples and the DGT Measurement Results" -- "7.2 The Linear Relationship Between DGT Measurement and P-Content in Plant Tissues for the Prediction of P-Uptake" -- "7.3 The Quantification for P-Uptake by Root of Aquatic Plant Using DGT Flux" -- "7.4 Summary" -- "References" -- "8 The Uptake and Accumulation of P Assessed by DGT/Rhizobox Method" -- "8.1 P-Concentration in Sedimentâ{u0080}{u0093}Porewaterâ{u0080}{u0093}Plant Samples and the Derivation of CE and Rdiff"
  • "8.2 The Linear Regression of DGT Measurement Against P-Content in Plant Tissues for the Predictor of Bioavailability" -- "8.3 The Significance of DGT as the Surrogate of Root for P-Uptake and the Implication for Ecological Restoration of Eutrophic Lake" -- "8.4 Summary" -- "References" -- "9 Conclusion and Prospect" -- "9.1 The DGT and Related Techniques for Lake Research" -- "9.2 The Environmental Process of P and Related Elements in Sediment or Rhizosphere Revealed by DGT Technique and the Significance" -- "9.2.1 The Mechanism and Release Intensity of â{u0080}{u009C}Internal P-Loadingâ{u0080}{u009D} and Kinetic Exchange of P at DGT/Porewater/Sediment Interface" -- "9.2.2 Sulfide Microniche for the Coupled Feâ{u0080}{u0093}Sâ{u0080}{u0093}P Biogeochemical Process and the Chemical Image of Labile Fe for the Prediction of P-Release" -- "9.2.3 DGT as a Prediction Tool for P-Bioavailability and Transfer at the Sediment/Root Interface" -- "9.2.4 The Significance for DGT Technique as the Ecological Indicator for P-Process at Sediment or Rhizosphere in Lakes" -- "9.3 Further Workâ{u0080}{u0094}the New Technique Coupled with DGT for Sediment Microzone or Rhizosphere"
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