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The Resource Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures

Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures

Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures
Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures
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Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures
Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures
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  • Contents -- Editors and Contributors -- 1 The Critical Turn in Posthumanism and Postcolonial Interventions -- References -- Critical Theory: The Posthuman Turn -- 2 Posthuman Critical Theory -- Introduction -- Critical Genealogies of the Posthuman -- Neo-Materialist Monistic Ontology -- For Critical Posthuman Thought -- Conclusion -- References -- 3 The Overhuman -- Übermensch as 'Type': Stating the Problematic -- Human as Hypertext/Hieroglyph of the Overhuman -- Pharaonic Thought and Hieroglyphic Transduction -- References -- 4 Nietzsche's Snowden: Tightrope Walking the Posthuman Dispositif -- The Posthuman Dispositif -- Sec2 -- The Ban-opticon -- Data Made Flesh -- Tightrope Walking the Posthuman Dispositif -- Zoe: Bare Life or the Power of Life? -- Ethical Networks -- Transindividual Resistance -- References -- 5 Exits to the Posthuman Future: Dreaming with Drones -- After the Drones -- When the Drones Came to Town -- Bodies that Don't Matter -- When the Sun Rises on a Planet of the Dead and Dying -- Drone Flesh -- Art as a Counter-Gradient to Drone Warfare -- #NotABugSplat -- Weapons of Invisibility -- Night Sky Epilogue -- References -- 6 'Synthetik Love Lasts Forever': Sex Dolls and the (Post?)Human Condition -- Introduction -- The Rise of the Realistic Sex Doll -- Reasons for Use -- Fantasy and Realism: The Touchable Myth -- The Sex Doll and the World -- Commodity Fetishism -- Fear of Female Sexuality -- Liquid Love and Loneliness -- The Sex Doll in the World -- Origins of Taboo: The Loneliness of Davecat -- The Sex Doll and the Posthuman -- The Times They Are A-Changin' -- In Conclusion -- References -- Subalternity and Posthumanism -- 7 Posthumanism: Through the Postcolonial Lens -- Introduction -- Posthumanism and Transhumanism: Fusion and Fissure -- Posthumanism and Postcolonialism: Rapture/Rupture
  • Popular Posthumanism and the 'Human' Subaltern -- Fictional Imagination and the Posthuman World: Linda Nagata's The Bohr Maker -- Conclusion -- References -- 8 Two Senses of the Post in Posthumanism -- The Monster (Re) Appears -- The Colonized and the Cyborg -- Humanism and Colonialism -- Said's Legacy: Paul Gilroy -- Conclusion -- References -- 9 Information-Power: Teletechnology and the Ethics of Human-Animal Difference -- Introduction -- What Is Information-Power? -- Thinking Through Dead-Bodies -- In Conclusion -- References -- 10 Durga, Supermom, and the Posthuman Mother India -- Maternal-Posthuman Intersections -- Surrogacy: Non/Being a Posthuman Mother -- Surgery: Be(com)ing a Posthuman Yummy Mummy -- Supermom: Performing Transhuman Motherhood -- Momblogging: Writing Mothering -- Posthuman Mothers and the Tyranny of the Clock -- References -- 11 The Paradox of Surrogacy in India -- Surrogacy in India -- Research Methods -- Indian State: Anti-Natalism to Assisted Reproduction? -- Surrogacy and a Global Racial Reproductive Hierarchy -- The Future of This Paradoxical Industry -- References -- Reconstructions -- 12 P2P and Planetary Futures -- Introduction -- Towards an Integrative Theory of P2P Alter-Globalization -- Reform Liberalism -- Post- or Alternative Development -- Re-localization -- Cosmopolitanism -- Neo-Marxism -- Engaged Ecumenism -- En-gendered Globalization and the Meta-industrial Class -- Autonomism and Horizontalism -- Co-evolution -- The FLOK Case Study -- Conclusion -- References -- 13 Decolonizing the State of Nature: Notes on Political Animism -- Nonhumans -- States of Nature -- Dingpolitik -- Machinic Animism -- References -- 14 Spiritual Pragmatism: New Pathways of Transformation for the Posthuman -- Introduction and Invitation -- Crisis of Humanism, the Limits of Sociocentrism and the Challenge of Posthuman Transformations
  • Spiritual Pragmatism as Mystical Pragmatism -- Spiritual Pragmatism: Self, Culture and Society as Fields of Practical Mysticism and Practical Transcendence -- Spiritual Pragmatism: A New Eros and Transformation of Democracy -- Walking with Spiritual Pragmatism as a Way of a Continued Adventure of Consciousness and Posthuman Transformations -- References -- 15 Humans Have Always Been Posthuman: A Spiritual Genealogy of Posthumanism -- Posthumanism and Spirituality -- Ancient Sources of the Posthuman -- Spiritual Politics of the Posthuman -- Conclusions -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Webliography -- 16 Individuation, Cosmogenesis and Technology: Sri Aurobindo and Gilbert Simondon -- Cosmogenetic Individuation -- Metaphysics of Conscious Evolution -- Evolution and Psychological Praxis of Sri Aurobindo -- Social Praxis and Technology -- Heidegger and the Question Concerning Technology -- McLuhan: Media Technology and Consciousness -- Simondon's Process Metaphysics -- Orders of Individuation: Simondon and Sri Aurobindo -- Dynamics of (Trans)Individuation -- Transindividuation, Technology and Collective Yoga -- Utopia or Dystopia? -- References -- 17 Erratum to: Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures -- Erratum to: D. Banerji and M.R. Paranjape (eds.), Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures,DOI 10.1007/978-81-322-3637-5
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