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The Resource Crime, Violence, and Global Warming

Crime, Violence, and Global Warming

Crime, Violence, and Global Warming
Crime, Violence, and Global Warming
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Crime, Violence, and Global Warming
Crime, Violence, and Global Warming
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  • Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Introduction -- Prologue: Welcome to the Apocalypse -- Section I Global Warming -- Chapter 1 The Challenges of Global Warming Research -- Is Global Warming Research Concocted by a Bunch of Academic Anti-American Radicals? The Use and Misuse of Science in Climate Study and Forecasting -- Building a Link Between Climate and Crime -- Endnotes -- Chapter 2 What Is Global Warming? -- The Ordinariness of Global Temperature Changes -- How Do Greenhouse Gases Heat the Planet? -- What Are the Anthropogenic Sources of Greenhouse Gases? -- Global Warming and the Problem of Feedbacks -- Secondary Feedbacks -- How Long Will Global Warming Last? -- Tipping Points -- Climate Sensitivity -- What Is the Basic Evidence for Warming? -- How Hot Will It Get? -- Summary -- Endnotes -- Chapter 3 Climate Change Denial -- The Consensus of Scientific Work on Climate Change -- Citizen Views of Climate Change -- The Global Warming Denialist Movement as Political Economy -- Factors Affecting Climate Change Policy -- Carbon Producers and Emissions -- From Production to Denial: The Climate Change Denialist Movement -- A Wake-Up Call: Corporate Recognition of Climate Risk -- Conclusion: Laissez-Fair Capitalism, Risk, and Metabolic Rift -- Endnotes -- Section II Climate Change and the Rending of the Social Fabric -- Chapter 4 Modeling the Relationship Between Global Warming, Violence, and Crime -- Model One: Environmental Scarcity and Violence -- The Twin Dilemmas of Resource Scarcity -- Model Two: Agnew and Dire Forecast -- Lower Social Control and Increased Social Disorganization -- Opportunities for Crime -- Routine Activities and Climate Change -- Endnotes -- Chapter 5 Consequences of Global Warming -- Diseases and Health Costs -- Pathogens and Diseases in Contemporary Life: The Third Wave
  • Pathogens -- Disease and State Security: The Challenge of an Invisible Enemy -- Endnotes -- Chapter 6 The Problems of Water -- Water: The Fist of Climate Change -- Big Water and Big Winds -- Sea-Rise and Coastal Flooding -- Freshwater Availability, Droughts, and Water Shortage -- Water Shortages -- Conclusion: How Much Fresh Water Is Left? -- Endnotes -- Section III Migration Futures and Megacities: A Collision Course With Global Warming -- Chapter 7 Refugee Migration and Settlement Amid Climate Change: A Prescription for Violence? -- Contemporary Dimensions of Refugee Populations -- How Many Refugees Are There? -- Climate Refugee: Real or Alarmist? -- Refugees, Crime, and Violence -- A Cautionary Tale: Refugees and Opportunity -- Migration, Organized Crime, and Sex Slavery -- Climate and Its Impact on Migration -- From Subcontinent to World: Sea-Rise and Migration at +4 Celsius -- Refugee Recognition as a UN Mandate -- Endnotes -- Chapter 8 The Future of Migration: A Planet of Megacities -- Where Are People Migrating? The Global Littorals and Megadeltas -- Megacities: Hardening or Fragmentation? -- Megacities and the Modernity Lag -- Megacities, Inequality, and Crime -- Megacity Vulnerability to Global Warming -- Endnotes -- Chapter 9 Favela and Metropolis: The Crucibles of Crime in a Megaurban Environment -- Violence Correlates in the Burgeoning Metropolis -- Violence Crucibles -- Crime: Urban Gangs and Illicit Markets -- Summary: Violence Crucibles in a Flooded World -- Endnotes -- Section IV Global Warming and International Security: The Nation-State System and State Challengers -- Chapter 10 States and Their Challengers -- War and Megadeath -- Factors Associated with Warlike Conflicts -- The Growth of the Vulnerable State -- The Failing State and the Emergence of the Feral City
  • Conclusion: The Geopolitical Context for Climate Change in a Violent World -- Endnotes -- Chapter 11 Security Issues and Global Warming -- The Empowerment of Nonstate Actors -- Terrorism, Guerillas, and Transnational Crime -- Geographic Black Holes, Pipelines, and Criminalized States -- Into a Warmer, Vulnerable Future -- Security's Fast Forward: The U.S. Navy in the Arctic -- Endnotes -- Chapter 12 Conclusion: Whither the Social Contract? -- Principal Findings and Recommendations -- Endnote -- References -- Index
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