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The Resource Contemporary Logistics in China : Reformation and Perpetuation

Contemporary Logistics in China : Reformation and Perpetuation

Contemporary Logistics in China : Reformation and Perpetuation
Contemporary Logistics in China
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Reformation and Perpetuation
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Contemporary Logistics in China : Reformation and Perpetuation
Contemporary Logistics in China : Reformation and Perpetuation
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  • Contents -- 1 Development of China's Logistics Market -- 1.1 China's Logistics Development Environment -- 1.1.1 Sluggish Global Economic Activities -- Weak Economic Growth in the World -- Price of Global Commodities Plunged Considerably -- Growth in Global Trade Slowed Down -- 1.1.2 China's Economic Growth Decelerated -- China's Economic Growth Slowed -- Active Progress Was Made in Adjusting China's Economic Structure -- 1.1.3 China's Government Sped up the Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development -- "Made in China 2025" Action Framework and the "Internet Plus" Action Guideline -- Several National Innovation Demonstration Zones Were Established -- A Number of Policies Were Made to Support Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation -- 1.1.4 China Continued to Open Wider to the Outside World -- "Going Abroad" Strategy Was Actively Implemented -- The Belt and Road Strategy Was Promoted -- Pilot Free Trade Zones Were Constructed -- 1.2 The Overall Scale of China's Logistics Market -- 1.2.1 Total Value of Social Logistics -- 1.2.2 Total Expense of Social Logistics -- 1.2.3 Freight Volume and Freight Turnover -- 1.2.4 Cargo Throughput and Container Throughput of Port -- 1.2.5 Cargo and Mail Throughput for Civil Airport -- 1.2.6 Business Volume of Express Industry -- 1.3 Major Characteristics of China's Logistics Market -- 1.3.1 Logistics Market Entered the Stage of Adjustment in Growth Rate and Categorical Structure of Goods -- Distinct Drop in Growth Rate of Logistics Market -- Fundamental Change of Logistics Market in Commodity Structure -- 1.3.2 Weak Logistics Infrastructures Were Enhanced -- Logistics Infrastructures in Central and Western Regions Were Markedly Improved
  • Construction of Overseas Warehouses and Domestic Bonded Warehouses of Cross-Border E-commerce Sped up -- 1.3.3 China's Logistics Enterprises Sped up Improvement in International Competitiveness -- Large Logistics SOEs Conducted Regrouping and Merger -- Logistics Enterprises Implement the Going Abroad Strategy -- 1.3.4 Capital Assets Accelerated the Development of Logistics Industry in China -- Venture Capital Pushes Forward Start-up Logistic Enterprises -- Stock Market Provided Funds for Many Logistics Companies -- 1.3.5 Exploration and Preliminary Implementation of Intelligent Logistics Are Made -- Study in Intelligent Distribution (Sorting and Picking) Centers -- Study of Intelligent Delivery Link -- Study in Intelligent Equipment -- 1.4 Summary -- References -- 2 Logistics Facilities and Technological Development -- 2.1 Transportation Infrastructure -- 2.1.1 Highway Infrastructure -- Scale of Highway Network -- Structure of Highway Network -- Highway Construction in Rural and Poor Areas -- Highway Construction in the Western Region -- 2.1.2 Railway Infrastructure -- Scale of Railway Network -- Structure of Railway Network -- Railway Channels for Coal Transport -- High Speed Railway Construction -- 2.1.3 Waterway Infrastructure -- Scale of Waterway Infrastructure -- Grading and Structure of Inland Waterway -- Berths at Port -- 2.1.4 Civil Airport -- 2.1.5 Comprehensive Transportation System -- 2.2 Logistics Parks (Centers) and Warehousing Facilities -- 2.2.1 Development Status of Logistics Parks (Centers) -- Number of Logistics Parks -- Bonded Logistics Centers -- E-commerce Logistics Centers -- 2.2.2 Warehousing Facilities
  • Grain Warehousing Facilities and Chinese Medicine Warehousing Facilities -- Area of Warehousing Land -- Cold Storage -- 2.3 Logistics Equipment -- 2.3.1 Development of Transportation Tools -- Possession of Transportation Tools -- Technological Level of Transportation Tools -- 2.3.2 Warehousing Equipment -- Pallets -- Forklifts -- Automated Guided Vehicles -- Intelligent Express Boxes -- 2.4 Logistics Informationization and Standardization -- 2.4.1 Development of Logistics Informationization in China -- National Public Logistics Information Platform -- Regional Logistics Cloud Platforms -- Professional Logistics Information Platforms -- Logistics Management Based on Big Data -- 2.4.2 Status of Logistics Standardization -- New Policies for Logistics Standardization -- Initiation of Group Logistics Standardization -- Development of Trade Logistics Standardization Demonstration Pilot Work -- Compilation of National Fundamental Logistics Standards -- Compilation of National Professional Logistics Standards -- 2.5 Summary -- References -- 3 Development of Regional Logistics Market in China -- 3.1 Differences and Characteristics of China's Regional Economic Growth -- 3.1.1 Differences in Overall Level of Regional Economic Growth -- 3.1.2 Differences in Regional Industrial Structure -- 3.1.3 Regional Differences in Industrial Development -- 3.1.4 Regional Differences in Foreign Trade Development -- 3.2 Scale of Demand in China's Regional Logistics Market -- 3.2.1 Freight Volume and Freight Turnover -- Freight Volume and Turnover in Eastern Region Took Prominent Position -- Growth Rate of Freight Volume and Turnover in Central Region and Western Region Higher Than that in Eastern Region
  • Proportions of Freight Volume and Turnover in Central Region and Western Region in China's Total Were Rising -- 3.2.2 Port Cargo Throughput -- Growth Rate of Port Cargo Throughput in Coastal Areas in Eastern Region Slowed Down -- Size of Inland-River Waterway Network in Central Region and Western Region Kept Expanding -- 3.2.3 Airport Cargo and Post Throughput and Aircraft Movements -- Civil Aviation Transportation in Eastern Region Had Apparent Advantages in Scale and Efficiency -- Aviation Transportation in Central Region and Western Region Showed Clear Advantages in Growth Rate -- 3.3 Development of China's Regional Logistics Infrastructures -- 3.3.1 Construction of Transport Logistics -- Status of Railway Construction -- Status of Highway Construction -- Status of Waterway Construction -- Status of Aviation Construction -- 3.3.2 Construction of Logistics Parks -- 3.4 Major Characteristics of China's Regional Logistics Market -- 3.4.1 Regional Logistics Integration Moved Forward -- 3.4.2 Free Trade Zones Became New Engines for International Logistics in Eastern Region -- 3.4.3 Establishment of Special Customs Supervision Areas in Western Region and Central Region Was Sped up -- 3.4.4 Grain Logistics Became Major Development Direction for Modern Logistics Development in Northeastern Region -- 3.5 Summary -- References -- 4 Development Status of China's Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.1 Overview of Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.1.1 Operating Procedure and Operators of Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.1.2 Operating Characteristics of Manufacturing Logistics -- Highly Specialized -- Many Linkages and Complicated Operations -- Great Differences Among Sectors -- 4.2 Development Environment of China's Manufacturing Logistics
  • 4.2.1 China Has Become the Largest Manufacturer in the World -- 4.2.2 Transformation and Upgrading of Manufacturing Industry Sped up the Adjustment of Logistics Demand -- Shift of Production Mode in Manufacturing Industry Has Led to Demand for Emerging Logistics Services -- Service-Oriented Reform of Manufacturing Industry Pushes Two-Way Extension of Logistics Service -- Manufacturing Firms Actively Participating in Global Division of Labor, Increasing Demand for International Logistics -- 4.2.3 Emerging Technologies Quickly Integrated with Manufacturing Logistics -- Integration Between New-Generation IT and Manufacturing Technologies Triggers New Reform in Manufacturing Logistics -- Application of Advanced Logistics Equipment Pushes Forward Professional Development of Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.2.4 Ministries and Commissions Are Active to Push Forward Development of Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.3 Current Development Status of China's Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.3.1 Overall Scale of Manufacturing Logistics Growing Rapidly -- 4.3.2 Manufacturing Logistics Keeps Fortifying Its Professional Service Capability -- 4.3.3 Evident Trend in High-Level Coordinated Development of Manufacturing and Logistics -- 4.3.4 Manufacturing Enterprises Speed up Upgrading and Reform of Logistics Systems -- 4.3.5 Manufacturing Logistics Are Becoming More International -- 4.4 Problems and Counter-Measures of China's Manufacturing Logistics Development -- 4.5 Problems Existing in the Development of Manufacturing Logistics -- 4.5.1 High Cost of Manufacturing Logistics -- Core Problems of Coordinated Development of Manufacturing and Logistics yet to Be Resolved -- China Still Needs to Improve the Professional Level of Manufacturing Logistics Service
  • Manufacturing Logistics Still Needs to Strengthen the Internationalization Mechanism
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