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The Resource Contemporary Logistics in China : New Horizon and New Blueprint

Contemporary Logistics in China : New Horizon and New Blueprint

Contemporary Logistics in China : New Horizon and New Blueprint
Contemporary Logistics in China
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New Horizon and New Blueprint
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Current Chinese Economic Report Ser
Contemporary Logistics in China : New Horizon and New Blueprint
Contemporary Logistics in China : New Horizon and New Blueprint
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  • Contents -- Chapter 1: Development of China's Logistics Market -- 1.1 China's Logistics Development Environment -- 1.1.1 Sluggish Recovery of World Economy -- 1.1.2 The "New Normal Stage" of China's Economy -- 1.1.3 Rapid Development of Internet Economy -- Mobile Application of Innovative O2O and Abundant Market Opportunity -- Rapid Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce Market -- Internet Promoted the Transformation of China's Manufacturing Industry -- 1.1.4 The "One Belt and One Road" Initiative and the Free Trade Zone Strategy -- The "One Belt and One Road" Initiative Advocated by the Government -- Further Promotion of the Free Trade Zone Strategy -- 1.1.5 Two Regional Development Strategies -- Advancement in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development -- Steady Promotion of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Strategy -- 1.2 The Overall Scale of China's Logistics Market -- 1.2.1 Total Value of Social Logistics -- 1.2.2 Total Expense of Social Logistics -- 1.2.3 Added Value of Logistics Industry -- 1.2.4 Freight Volume and Freight Turnover -- 1.2.5 Cargo Throughput and Container Throughput of Port -- 1.2.6 Cargo and Mail Throughput for Civil Airport -- 1.2.7 Business Volume of Express Industry -- 1.3 Major Characteristics of China's Logistics Market -- 1.3.1 Development of Cross-Border Logistics System -- China-Europe Freight Rail Lines -- Cross-Border E-Ccommerce Logistics -- 1.3.2 Progress in Urban Distribution and Rural Logistics System -- Urban Distribution -- Countryside Logistics -- 1.3.3 High Awareness of Investors on China logistics -- Huge Overseas Financing for Large-Scale E-Commerce Enterprises in China -- Support of Risk Investors on Construction of Online Catering Distribution System
  • Investment Expansion for Operations Network of Express and Expedite Delivery Enterprises -- Development and Promotion of Logistics Apps Driven by Investment -- Large Capital Investment in Logistics Real Estate -- 1.3.4 Promoting China's Logistics Operations Efficiency with Internet Technology -- Logistics Service Level of E-Commerce with Cloud Warehouse -- Express Delivery Level Improved with Internet Technology -- Integration and Utilization of Logistics Resource Promoted by Freight Apps -- 1.3.5 Acceleration of Transformation and Upgrading of Logistics Industry -- Accelerated Development of Large Logistics Park Chains -- Joint Development of Construction Alliance of Dedicated Highway Transportation Enterprise -- Large-Scale Express Enterprises Strengthening Peer Cooperation and Service Expansion -- China Railway Corporation Vigorously Developing New Freight Transport Products -- 1.4 Summary -- References -- Chapter 2: Logistics Facilities and Technological Development -- 2.1 Current Conditions in the Construction of Transportation Infrastructure in China -- 2.1.1 Highway Infrastructure -- Scale of Highway Network -- Structure of Highway Network -- Highway Construction in Rural Areas -- Highway Construction in the Western Region -- 2.1.2 Railway Infrastructure -- Scale and Structure of Railway Network -- International Railway -- Railway Construction for Coal Transportation -- High Speed Railway Construction in the Western Region -- 2.1.3 Waterway Infrastructure -- Scale of Waterway Infrastructure -- Grading and Structure of Inland Waterway -- Berth at Port -- 2.1.4 Civil Aviation Infrastructure -- 2.1.5 Status of Comprehensive Transportation System
  • Comprehensive Transportation Channel -- Construction of Joint Highway-Railway Bridge -- 2.2 Development of China's Logistics Parks (Centers) and Warehousing Facilities -- 2.2.1 Development Status of Logistics Parks (Centers) -- Medium and Long Term Development Plan for Logistics Parks Construction -- Significant Trend Toward Logistics Parks' Transformation and Upgrading -- Construction of Bonded Logistics Center -- Construction of Trade Logistics Parks in the Western Region -- E-Commerce Logistics Network -- 2.2.2 Development of Warehousing Facilities -- China's Green Warehousing and Distribution Action Plan -- Area of Warehousing Land -- Rapid Growth in Construction of Cold Storage -- 2.3 Development of China's Logistics Equipment -- 2.3.1 Development of Transportation Tools -- Possession of Transportation Tools -- Technological Level of Transportation Tools -- 2.3.2 Development of Warehousing Facilities -- Construction of Nation-Wide Pallet Recycling and Pooling System -- Usage of Environmentally-Friendly Forklifts -- Expanded Usage of Conveyor and Sorting Equipment -- 2.4 Development of Logistics Informationization and Standardization -- 2.4.1 Development of Logistics Informationization in China -- Construction of National Public Logistics Information Platform -- Construction of Regional Logistics Cloud Platforms -- Intelligence Level of Logistics Parks -- Application of Internet of Things (IOT) -- 2.4.2 Development of Logistics Standardization in China -- The Medium and Long Term Development Plan for Logistics Standardization -- Commissioning of the Working Platform for the National Logistics Standardization -- Standardization Tasks for Trade Logistics
  • Compilation of National Fundamental Logistics Standards -- Compilation of National Professional Logistics Standards -- 2.5 Summary -- References -- Chapter 3: Policies and Plans Regarding Logistics Development in China -- 3.1 Status of Logistics Policies and Plans Issued in 2014 -- 3.1.1 The Medium and Long Term Development Plan of Logistics Industry, the First of Its Kind for China -- 3.1.2 Opening-Up of Logistics Industry Relying on the Development of Free Trade Zone -- 3.1.3 Coordinated Development of Regional Logistics -- Building of Comprehensive and Vertical Transport Corridor in the Yangtze River Economic Belt -- Synergistic Development of Logistics in Northeast China -- 3.1.4 Overall Deepened Reform in the Field of Transportation -- Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Transportation Reforms -- Speeding Up Reforms in Investment and Financing Institutions of Transportation Infrastructures -- Market-Oriented Reform in the Pricing of Transport Services -- 3.1.5 Speeding Up Transformation and Upgrading in Port Shipping and Logistics Industry -- 3.1.6 Endeavoring to Improve Professional Level in the Logistics Fields -- Commercial and Trade Logistics -- Agricultural Products and Cold-chain Logistics -- Urban Distribution -- 3.1.7 Supervision and Regulated Development in the Logistics Market -- Supervision of Cross-Border E-Commerce -- Building of Logistics Credit System -- 3.2 Interpretation of the Medium and Long Term Development Plan of Logistics Industry -- 3.2.1 Background of Issuing the Plan -- 3.2.2 Major Contents of the Development Plan -- 3.2.3 Major Attributes of the Development Plan -- Clarification of the Strategic Position of the Logistics Industry -- The Holistic and Specific Development Targets
  • Focus on Conspicuous Problems -- Major Tasks and Key Projects as Handles -- Emphasis on the Realization of the Plan -- 3.3 Outlook on China's Logistics Policies and Plans -- 3.3.1 More Funding Support for Building Regional Logistics Grand Channels -- 3.3.2 International Logistics Policies Based on the Building of FTZs Will Be More Open -- 3.3.3 Linked Development of Industries Will Be Enhanced -- 3.3.4 Logistics Innovation Based on "Internet +" Will Be Encouraged -- 3.3.5 Cross-Regional and Inter-departmental Grand Customs Clearance Will Be Hastened -- 3.4 Summary -- Chapter 4: Development of Regional Logistics Along the One Belt and One Road -- 4.1 Overview of the One Belt and One Road Initiative -- 4.1.1 Connotations of the One Belt and One Road -- 4.1.2 Background of Proposing the One Belt and One Road Initiative -- Incessant World-Wide Enhancement of Regional Economic Cooperation -- Alleviating China's Problems in Energy Security and Imbalanced Regional Economic Development -- 4.1.3 Vision and Measures of the One Belt and One Road Initiative -- Vision of One Belt and One Road -- Measures for Development -- 4.2 Economic Development Along the One Belt and One Road Region -- 4.2.1 Economic Development of Major Regions Along the Silk Road Economic Belt -- Major Economic Data of Countries Along the One Belt -- Development of Major Industries in the Countries Along the One Belt -- Trade Relations Between China and Countries Along the One Belt -- Major Categories of Goods Traded Between China and Countries Along the One Belt -- 4.2.2 Economic Development in Major Regions Along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road -- Main Economic Indicators of the Regions Along the One Road -- Industrial Development of Major Countries Along the One Road
  • Trade Between China and Major Countries Along the One Road
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