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The Resource Building the Impact Economy : Our Future, Yea or Nay

Building the Impact Economy : Our Future, Yea or Nay

Building the Impact Economy : Our Future, Yea or Nay
Building the Impact Economy
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Our Future, Yea or Nay
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Building the Impact Economy : Our Future, Yea or Nay
Building the Impact Economy : Our Future, Yea or Nay
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  • Foreword by Bishop -- Foreword by Schwartz -- Foreword by Leal -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Abbreviations -- Testimonials -- List of Spotlights -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Prologue: What's at Stake? -- Part IBig Business: Climb to Sustainability? -- 1 Brave New World---Sustainable Mega Value Trends -- 1.1{u0083}The Four Drivers of Sustainable Value Creation -- 1.2{u0083}Serve Massive Pent-up Demand at the Base of the Pyramid -- 1.3{u0083}Leverage LOHAS, a Pioneer Segment at the Top -- 1.4{u0083}Boost Total Resource Productivity -- 1.5{u0083}Unleash a Triple-E Revolution on the Welfare State -- References -- 2 To Solve Problems, Take a Fresh View at Opportunity -- 2.1{u0083}Bye-Bye, CSR -- 2.2{u0083}Play at a Higher Standard, but Compete -- 2.3{u0083}Translate Opportunity into Business Transformation -- References -- 3 New Pathways to Results: Corporate Impact Venturing -- 3.1{u0083}Fuse Economic and Socio-Environmental Performance -- 3.2{u0083}Graduate from VC to CIV -- 3.3{u0083}Move Impact Ambitions from Niche to Scale -- 3.4{u0083}Build a Program for Business Transformation -- References -- Part IIFashion: Upgrade Supply ChainsVersus Dress to Kill -- 4 Fix Textile and Garment Supply Chains -- 4.1{u0083}Value or Disaster: What's It Going to Be? -- 4.2{u0083}Global Fashion: New Buyers, New Producers -- 4.3{u0083}Social and Environmental Issues We Need to Solve -- References -- 5 Changing Consumption and Production Patterns -- 5.1{u0083}Two Tribes: Fast Fashion Versus Virtuous Consumers -- 5.2{u0083}Transparency: Breathing Down the Supply Chain's Neck -- 5.3{u0083}Unlock the Hidden Treasures of Resource Productivity -- References -- 6 Pull the Key Levers -- 6.1{u0083}Foster Total Resource Productivity and Transparency -- 6.2{u0083}Invest to Upgrade Industry Infrastructure -- 6.3{u0083}Have a Fresh Go at Improving Working Conditions -- 6.4{u0083}Learn from Leading Players -- References -- 7 How to Chart a Path for Supply Chain Transformation
  • 7.1{u0083}The Future Can Be Dynamic and Positive -- 7.2{u0083}How to Design Complementary Models that Can Scale -- 7.3{u0083}Take up Fashion's Ambition Level by More Than a Notch -- References -- Part IIIFixing Energy, the Mother of All Markets -- 8 No Disruption, No Exponential Progress -- 8.1{u0083}Solex Needed: We Cannot Afford to Get Energy Wrong -- 8.2{u0083}Be Aware You Are Dealing with a Political Animal -- 8.3{u0083}Generation, Storage, Transmission: Invent to Disrupt -- 8.4{u0083}LENR et alia: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom -- 8.5{u0083}It's the Infrastructure, Stupid -- References -- 9 Technologies for the No Subsidy Imperative -- 9.1{u0083}Solar PV: Efficiency Revolution, Now -- 9.2{u0083}Get B̀̀ig Wind 2.0'' Blowing -- 9.3{u0083}Linear Progress Ain't Good Enough: What's Up with Storage? -- References -- 10 Rebreed Field Mice into 800-Pound Gorillas -- 10.1{u0083}Renewables: Take off from an Underwhelming Baseline -- 10.2{u0083}Build Innovations' Pathway to Market -- 10.3{u0083}Let Governments Enable Breakthrough -- 10.4{u0083}Move from Patchwork to Transition -- References -- 11 Seven Game Changers for Our Energy Future -- 11.1{u0083}Take Storage from Linear to Algorithmic Progress -- 11.2{u0083}Invest to Take Solar to the Next Level -- 11.3{u0083}Not Sexy, but Easy: Run with Energy Efficiency -- 11.4{u0083}Take E-Mobility beyond Entertainment -- 11.5{u0083}Carefully Pick Winners in the Infrastructure Buildup -- 11.6{u0083}Digital Is Yin---Hardware Is Yang -- 11.7{u0083}Keep Ò̀ut-of-the-Box'' Thinkers on the Radar -- References -- 12 Time to Aim High---Use Our Talents and Instruments -- 12.1{u0083}A Tale of Two Programs: Climate KIC and ARPA-E -- 12.2{u0083}The How-to Formula Links Capital, Talent---and Daring -- 12.3{u0083}Cut Through Energy's Gordian Knot -- References -- Part IVCapital Markets, Time to Graduatefrom the Casino -- 13 Bringing the Power of Financial Innovation to Bear -- 13.1{u0083}Matrix Reloaded -- 13.2{u0083}Fresh Investment Content Wanted
  • 13.3{u0083}Turn Impact Investing into the Solution It Could Be -- References -- 14 Financing Our Adjustment to Megatrends -- 14.1{u0083}Finance Progress at the B̀̀ase of the Pyramid'' -- 14.2{u0083}Invest in Total Resource Productivity -- 14.3{u0083}Finance the Modernization of the Welfare State -- 14.4{u0083}Invest in Virtuous Consumer Innovation -- References -- 15 When Governments Stimulate Supply and Demand -- 15.1{u0083}Supply, Direct, Demand: Three Market Policy Levers -- 15.2{u0083}Use Structures and the Toolbox -- 15.3{u0083}Overcome the Barriers via Incentives -- 15.4{u0083}Ask Regulators to Enable -- References -- 16 Growing the Ecosystem of Impact Investment -- 16.1{u0083}Close the Gap -- 16.2{u0083}Use Philanthropic Sector Builders' Advantage -- 16.3{u0083}Let Angel and Early Stage Investors Generate Deal Flow -- 16.4{u0083}Woo Professional Investors, the Scale Enablers -- 16.5{u0083}Go Mainstream via Institutional Investors -- 16.6{u0083}Leverage DFIs for Emerging Market Impact Investing -- 16.7{u0083}Financial Services Drive Intermediation and Wholesaling -- 16.8{u0083}Banks and Crowdfunding: Kickoff Is When? -- References -- 17 Toward a Post-casino Paradigm -- 17.1{u0083}Vote that Proxy -- 17.2{u0083}Drive Impact Where the Action Is -- 17.3{u0083}Invest for Impact in the Internet of Things -- 17.4{u0083}To Get to Impact Investing 2.0, Favor Ì̀mpact Light'' -- References -- Epilogue: Let's Do It!
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