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The Resource Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infectious Diseases : A Guide to Management

Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infectious Diseases : A Guide to Management

Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infectious Diseases : A Guide to Management
Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infectious Diseases
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A Guide to Management
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Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infectious Diseases : A Guide to Management
Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infectious Diseases : A Guide to Management
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  • Preface -- Contents -- Contributors -- Chapter 1: The Impact of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) on Male and Female Fertility -- Introduction -- HIV and Semen Parameters -- HIV in the Genital Tract -- cART and Semen Parameters -- Conception in HIV-Infected Men -- HIV and Female Fertility -- Conception in HIV-Infected Women -- Hepatitis B Characteristics -- HBV and the Male Genital Tract -- HBV and Male Fertility -- HBV and Female Fertility -- HCV Transmission -- HCV and Male Fertility -- Therapy for HCV and Male Fertility -- HCV and Female Fertility -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 2: HBV Virus in the Future -- Introduction -- HBV Mutants -- Basal Core Promoter, Pre-C/C Gene Mutants -- X Gene Mutations -- Polymerase Gene Mutants -- PreS/S Gene Mutants -- HBV Genotypes -- The Origin of HBV -- The Origin and Evolution of Genotype D -- The Origin and Evolution of Genotype A -- The Origin and Evolution of Genotype E -- The Origin and Evolution of Genotypes F and H -- Origin and Evolution of HBV Genotypes B and C -- Other Geno-/Subgenotypes of Interest -- Clinical Implications of HBV Variability -- HBeAg Expression and Viral Genotypes -- Progression of the Infection -- HBV Genotype and CH Therapy -- Modes of Transmission -- References -- Chapter 3: Reproductive Assistance in HIV-Serodiscordant Couples Where the Man Is Positive -- Introduction -- The Presence of HIV in the Ejaculate of Seropositive Males -- Factors Conditioning HIV Transmission Mediated by Sperm -- Assisted Reproductive Technology in HIV-{u00AD}Positive Males -- Semen Quality in Seropositive Men -- Sperm-Washing to Eliminate HIV from Semen -- Sperm-Washing Protocol -- HIV Detection in Either Semen or Washed Sperm -- Prediction of the Result of Seminal Washing -- Effectiveness of Washed Sperm in ART
  • Use of Artificial Insemination vs Intracytoplasmic Injection -- Ethical and Social Issues -- Conclusions -- References -- Chapter 4: Reproductive Assistance in HIV-Serodiscordant Couples Where the Woman Is Positive -- Introduction -- The Virus -- Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS -- Women and HIV -- Fertility in HIV-Infected Women -- Therapeutic Management -- ARTs in HIV-Infected Women -- ART Selection in the HIV-Infected Woman -- Self-Insemination -- Clinical Study of the Couple -- Artificial Insemination or In Vitro Fertilisation -- Ovarian Stimulation -- Ovum Pick-Up -- Embryo Transfer -- ART Outcomes in Couples with  an HIV-{u00AD}Infected Female -- Possible Causes of a Decline in Fertility -- Mitochondrial Origin -- Viral Origin -- Endocrinological Origin -- Immune Origin -- Pregnancy in the HIV-Infected Woman -- Factors Affecting the Risk of Mother-to-Child Transmission -- Interventions for the Prevention of Mother-{u00AD}to-{u00AD}Child Transmission -- Identification of the Infected Women -- Use of Antiretroviral Drugs -- Complications Using Antiretroviral Therapy -- Obstetric Procedures -- Pregnancy Outcomes in HIV-Positive Women -- Conclusions -- References -- Chapter 5: The Presence of Hepatitis B and C Virus in Human Gametes and Embryos -- The Presence of HBV in Human Gametes and Embryos -- HBV Infection in Semen -- HBV Infection in Oocytes -- In Vitro Fertilisation/Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Outcomes with HBV-Infected Couples -- HCV in Oocytes and Embryos -- The Effect of HCV Infection -- The Mechanism for HCV Mother-to-Child Transmission -- HCV Infection and Assisted Reproduction Technologies -- HCV in Gametes and Embryos -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 6: Detection of Hepatitis C Virus in the Semen of Infected Men and Reproductive Assistance in HCV Discordant Couples: An Overview -- Epidemiology of Hepatitis C Virus Infection
  • Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus -- Detection of Hepatitis C Virus in the Semen of Infected Men and Reproductive Assistance in HCV-Discordant Couples -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 7: Laboratory Safety During Assisted Reproduction in Patients with a Bloodborne Virus -- Risk of Cross-Contamination and Nosocomial Transmission -- BBV Infection Risk Related to Cryopreservation -- Safety Measurements -- Concern About Natural Conception in HIV-Serodiscordant Couples -- Attitude Regarding Gamete Donors -- BBV Infection Risk and Attitude Regarding Health Care Workers -- Legitimacy of BBV Screening Before Infertility Treatment -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 8: Accessibility to Reproductive Assistance in Low-Income Countries -- Introduction -- Prevalence of Infertility in Low-Income Countries -- Aetiology and Risk Factors for Infertility in Low-Income Countries -- Reproductive Tract Infections -- Unsafe Abortion and Healthcare Practices -- Sociocultural Factors -- Nutritional and Environmental Factors -- Psychosocial, Religious and Political Aspects of Infertility -- Prevention of Infertility -- Provision of Reproductive Assistance -- Affordable Infertility Care -- Assisted Reproductive Technologies and HIV in Low-Income Countries -- Conclusion -- References -- Index
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