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The Resource An Intellectual Biography of N.A. Rozhkov : Life in a Bell Jar

An Intellectual Biography of N.A. Rozhkov : Life in a Bell Jar

An Intellectual Biography of N.A. Rozhkov : Life in a Bell Jar
An Intellectual Biography of N.A. Rozhkov
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Life in a Bell Jar
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Russian History and Culture
An Intellectual Biography of N.A. Rozhkov : Life in a Bell Jar
An Intellectual Biography of N.A. Rozhkov : Life in a Bell Jar
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  • Contents -- List of Illustrations -- Note on Transliteration, Calendars & Translation -- Abbreviations -- Map -- Prologue -- Chapter 1 The Formative Years (1868-1898): Rozhkov the Academic -- Verkhotur'e and the Early Years -- Rozhkov's Family-His Parents and Siblings -- The First Wave of Positivist Influence -- Henry Thomas Buckle -- Herbert Spencer -- Avgust Liudvigovich Tochiskii -- Faculty of History and Philology at Moscow University -- Zinaida Petrovna Vovoiskaia -- The Young Married Couple -- V.O. Kliuchevskii -- Rozhkov as Teacher and First Publications -- Research under Kliuchevskii -- Economic Materialism, Legal Marxism, Ziber and Marx -- Kliuchevskii, Thesis and the Uvarov Prize -- The Young Academic -- The Success of Contemporary Sociology and History-A Second Wave of Positivist Influence -- Chapter 2 The Influence of Marxism (1898-1905): Rozhkov the Revolutionary -- Rozhkov's Interpretation of Marxism -- His Doctoral Thesis, Marxism and Politics -- The Importance of Psychology and Marxism -- Marxism and the Psychology of the Individual -- Textbooks and Educating the Public -- The Success of Town and Village in Russian History and the Zemstva Lectures -- The Moscow Pedagogical Society and Public Education -- Teachers, Students and Academics Demand Change -- A.A. Malinovskii-Bogdanov and Pravda -- Geneva and 1905 -- Chapter 3 Revolution and Prison (1905-1907): Rozhkov the Bolshevik -- Rozhkov the Bolshevik and the Literary-Propagandist Group -- Moscow University and 1905 -- Rozhkov and 1905 -- The Aftermath of 1905 -- First Meeting with Lenin -- Svetoch-A Legal Bolshevik Newspaper -- Rozhkov Arrested after Svetoch Inquiry -- Rozhkov Goes Underground-Kuokkala, Grand Duchy of Finland -- Secret Political Meetings and Important Personalities -- Fifth Congress of the RSDLP in London -- Rethinking the Revolution in 1907
  • The Fundamental Laws of Social Phenomena -- Chapter 4 Reflections from Butyrskaia Prison: Rozhkov the Intellectual Incarcerated (1908-1910) -- Rozhkov's Arrest-1908 -- Prison Life, Letters and Labour -- Psychology and History -- Sibirevedenie and the Contemporary World in 1910 -- Hilferding and How Rozhkov came to Believe in Civilized Capitalism -- Chapter 5 Applying Theory to Practice: Rozhkov in Siberian Exile (1911) -- The Fundamentals of Scientific Philosophy -- Rozhkov's Theory of Epistemology -- Evolutionary Materialism not Dialectical Materialism -- Rozhkov's Theory of Energetics and Evolutionary Economism -- Lenin and Rozhkov: Failed Attempts at Dialogue -- Breaking with Lenin and the Bolsheviks: The Political Society for the Protection of the Interests of the Working Class -- Rozhkov and the Final Split between Bolshevism and Menshevism -- Rozhkov's "Liquidationism" in Nasha Zaria and Lenin's Response-A Liberal-Labour Party Manifesto in Zvezda -- Chapter 6 The Siberian Road to the Duma: Rozhkov More Menshevik than Bolshevik (1912-1917) -- Realities of Political Exile-When Mensheviks Attack: A.S. Martynov -- Rozhkov's Reply: On Two Fronts -- Rozhkov on Liquidationism -- Martov's Contribution: How it is Possible to be Wrong on both Fronts -- Rozhkov Responds Again in Nasha Zaria -- Lenin Continues the Polemic against Rozhkov: "He has not Understood Marxist Propositions" -- Rozhkov's Reply: Do not Allow Differences between Social-Democrats Destroy the Possibility of Teamwork -- Exiles Respond to World War I: Siberian Zimmerwaldists -- Rozhkov's Pacifist and Anti-War Views -- Rozhkov Reaffirms His "Social-Chauvinist" Views in Sovremennyi Mir -- Siberian Regionalism and the Authorities Threatened -- The Voice of Siberia-The Need for a New Daily Newspaper -- Last Months in Siberian Exile under Tsarist Rule
  • Chapter 7 In Search of a Political Compromise (1917-1921): Rozhkov the Social-Democrat -- Rozhkov's Open Letter to the Moscow Conference of Bolsheviks -- Rozhkov as Deputy Minister of Posts and Telegraphs in the Provisional Government -- The Politics of Agreement Challenged -- The October Revolution: A Politician's Critical View -- The Russian Revolutions: A Historian's View -- A Year after the October Revolution: Rozhkov Writes to Lenin with Maxim Gor'kii's Support -- Rozhkov, Lenin and Martov Letters -- Death of Zinaida Petrovna Vovoiskaia and Rozhkov's First Arrest under Bolshevism -- Letters from Gaol, Ia.S. Agranov, Lenin and Outside Efforts to Free Rozhkov -- Rozhkov Sends another Letter to Lenin -- Chapter 8 There is No Compromise (1922-1927): Rozhkov under Bolshevik Surveillance -- The Herzen Institute, Political Isolation and Lenin -- The Machinations of Power: Rozhkov Arrested Once Again -- Despite Appeals Rozhkov is Exiled to Pskov -- Rozhkov on Russian Menshevism -- More Letters to Zinov'ev -- Life in Exile -- The Last Years after Bolshevik Exile -- Epilogue Rozhkov Rediscovered: A Review of the Major Literature since His Death -- The Lunacharskii Letter -- Pokrovskii and Rozhkovshchina -- The Soviet Line on Rozhkov Established -- A Fresh Look at Rozhkov: Volobuev -- Stepanova, Chebotareva, Sheinfel'd, Hellie and Tarasova -- The Rodina Letters, Iakovlev, Artizov, Shapiro and Andreeva -- Makarchuk, Isachkin, Popov and Tikhomirov -- Borisova, Leont'eva, Mikhailova and Filimonov -- Ivanov, Korzun, Nechkhurin, Kocheshkov and Maidachevskii -- Volobuev's Latest Works -- Appendix Works by N.A. Rozhkov -- N.A. Rozhkov: A Chronology -- Bibliography -- Russian Sources -- Non-Russian Sources -- Index
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