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The Resource Advances in Management Accounting

Advances in Management Accounting

Advances in Management Accounting
Advances in Management Accounting
This volume is a publication of quality applied research in management accounting.  The volumes purpose is to publish thought-provoking articles that advance knowledge in the management accounting discipline and are of interest to both academics and practitioners
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Advances in Management Accounting
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Advances in Management Accounting
Advances in Management Accounting
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  • "BK-EMP-ADVMA_VOL29-170226" -- "ADVANCES IN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING" -- "Contents" -- "List of Contributors" -- "Editorial Board" -- "Statement of Purpose" -- "Review Procedures" -- "Manuscript Form Guidelines" -- "Introduction" -- "Chapter 1: Changes in Cost System Design and Intensity of Use in Times of Crisis: Evidence from Dutch Local Government" -- "Introduction" -- "Background and Hypothesis Development" -- "Background on Dutch Local Government" -- "Cost System Design and Intensity of Use in Dutch Local Government" -- "Literature Review and Hypothesis Development" -- "Changes in Contextual Factors and Cost System Design" -- "Changes in Contextual Factors and Cost System Intensity of Use" -- "Changes in Cost System Design and Cost System Intensity of Use" -- "Research Methods" -- "Measures" -- "Changes in Contextual Factors" -- "Changes in Cost System Design" -- "Changes in Cost System Intensity of Use" -- "Results" -- "PLS Path Modeling" -- "Discussion and Conclusions" -- "References" -- "Chapter 2: Beyond Budgeting: Distinguishing Modes of Adaptive Performance Management" -- "INTRODUCTION" -- "BEYOND BUDGETING" -- "RADICAL DECENTRALIZATION" -- "MODES OF ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT" -- "PROPOSITIONS" -- "DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION" -- "References" -- "Chapter 3: Assessing the Main and Interaction Effects of ACTIVITY-BASED COSTING and Internal and External Information Systems Integration on Manufacturing Plant Operational Performance" -- "INTRODUCTION" -- "THEORETICAL BACKGROUND" -- "Hypotheses Development" -- "ISI and Plant Operational Performance" -- "Interaction Effect of ABC and ISI on Improvements in Cost" -- "Interaction Effect of ABC and ISI on Improvements in Quality" -- "Interaction Effect of ABC and ISI on Improvements in Cycle-time" -- "Interaction Effect of IISI and EISI on Plant Operational Performance"
  • "Interaction Effect of ABC, IISI, and EISI on Plant Operational Performance" -- "RESEARCH METHODS" -- "Operationalization of the Research Variables" -- "Independent Variables" -- "Dependent Variables" -- "Control Variables" -- "Data Analysis Techniques" -- "RESULTS" -- "Estimation Results for Improvements in Cost (Î{u0094}COST)" -- "Estimation Results for Improvements in Quality (Î{u0094}QUALITY)" -- "Estimation Results for Improvements in Cycle-time (Î{u0094}CYCLE)" -- "DISCUSSION" -- "Implications" -- "Limitations and Future Research" -- "Chapter 4: An Exploratory Investigation of Management Accounting Service Quality Dimensions Using Servqual and Servperf" -- "INTRODUCTION" -- "EXISTING RESEARCH ON ACCOUNTING SERVICE QUALITY" -- "THEORIES AND MODELS UNDERLYING RESEARCH IN SERVICE QUALITY" -- "The Internal Customer Service Model and Internal Marketing" -- "Measuring Perceived Service Quality: SQ and SP" -- "RESEARCH QUESTIONS" -- "RESEARCH METHOD AND RESULTS" -- "Data Analysis and Common Method Bias" -- "PCA Results for SQ" -- "PCA Results for SP" -- "Comparison of User and Provider Dimensions of MA Service Quality" -- "Regression Models of PCA Factors and Service Priorities on Overall Quality of Service" -- "DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS, AND IMPLICATIONS FOR MA RESEARCH AND PRACTICE" -- "Contributions and Implications for Accounting Practice" -- "Limitations and Future Research" -- "References" -- "SERVQUAL/SERVPERF Instrument for Accounting Service Users and Providers" -- "Chapter 5: Learning from the Experience of Others: Lessons on the Researchâ{u0080}{u0093}Practice Gap in Management Accounting â{u0080}{u0093} A Nursing Perspective" -- "INTRODUCTION" -- "IN SEARCH OF GREENER PASTURES?" -- "THE RESEARCHâ{u0080}{u0093}PRACTICE NEXUS: CONVERSATIONS IN THE NURSING LITERATURE" -- "THE RESEARCHâ{u0080}{u0093}PRACTICE GAP IN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING" -- "RESEARCH METHODS" -- "Data Sources"
  • "Questionnaire Administration and Response Rates" -- "Measurement of Constructs" -- "Validity and Reliability" -- "Interviews" -- "RESULTS AND FINDINGS" -- "Existence of a Gap" -- "Contribution to the Research-Practice Gap" -- "Summary of Survey Results" -- "Interview Findings" -- "To What Extent Should Academic Research Engage with Practice?" -- "To What Extent Does Academic Research Engage with Practice?" -- "What Prevents a Closer Engagement of Academic Research with Practice?" -- "Summary of Interview Findings" -- "DISCUSSION" -- "Explaining Disciplinary Differences â{u0080}{u0093} the Pivotal Importance of Context" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}When?â{u0080}{u009D} â{u0080}{u0093} The Temporal Dimension of Context" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Why?â{u0080}{u009D} â{u0080}{u0093} The Rationale Dimension of Context" -- "Learning from the Experience of Nursing" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Can it Work?â{u0080}{u009D}" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Will it Work Here?â{u0080}{u009D}" -- "â{u0080}{u009C}Is it Worth it in This Case?â{u0080}{u009D}" -- "CONCLUDING REFLECTIONS" -- "Opportunities for Further Research" -- "Limitations of the Study" -- "References" -- "Section 2: The Researchâ{u0080}{u0093}Practice Gap in Nursing" -- "Section 3: Deciding What Should be Researched" -- "Section 4: The Design of Nursing Research" -- "Section 5: Accessibility of Nursing Research" -- "Section 6: Academic research influencing nursing practice" -- "Section 7: Specific initiatives" -- "Chapter 6:Performance Changes Over Difficult Times for the Banking Sector: A Branch Level Study" -- "INTRODUCTION" -- "THE GREEK BANKING SYSTEM" -- "LITERATURE REVIEW AND HYPOTHESES DEVELOPMENT" -- "Research Hypotheses" -- "VARIABLES AND DATA DESCRIPTION" -- "Data and Descriptive Statistics" -- "METHODOLOGY" -- "Model Specification and Fit of the Model" -- "EMPIRICAL FINDINGS" -- "Econometric Results for the Recession Period" -- "Econometric Results for the Capital Control Period" -- "CONCLUSION SUMMARY AND IMPLICATION" -- "References"
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