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The Resource Advances in Group Processes

Advances in Group Processes

Advances in Group Processes
Advances in Group Processes
Volume 34 brings together papers that address theoretical and empirical issues related to the spread of status value, reward expectations theory, age and gender effects, and measuring the impact of status manipulations. Overall, the volume reflects a wide range of theoretical approaches from leading scholars who work in group processes
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Advances in Group Processes
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Advances in Group Processes
Advances in Group Processes
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  • Front Cover -- Advances in Group Processes -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Preface -- How Status Spreads -- Outline of Theories of Status Characteristics and Expectation States -- First Program: Status Construction -- Second Program: Spread of Status Value -- Third Program: Status Value Theory of Power -- Comparisons, What We Know, Next Steps -- Notes -- References -- Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Sentiments, and Self-Sentiments: Exploring a Modified Labeling Theory Proposition -- A Delinquency Label and Self-Meanings -- Operationalizing Label Meaning and Self-Meaning: Evaluation, Potency, and Activity -- Criminal Sentiments: A Juvenile Delinquent as Bad and Powerful -- Self-Sentiments -- Self-Sentiment Hypotheses -- Construct Validity Hypotheses -- Causality Issues -- Methods -- Data -- Juvenile Delinquent Sample -- College Student Samples -- Dependent Variables: Self-Sentiments -- Independent Variables -- Control and Instrumental Variables -- Variables in Construct Validity Assessments -- Results -- Construct Validity Hypotheses -- Descriptive Results -- Self-Sentiments Hypotheses -- Analysis Strategy -- Self-Evaluation -- Self-Potency -- Self-Activity -- Replication with Only the Southern University Students -- Discussion and Conclusion -- Implications for Labeling Theory -- Policy Implications -- Future Research -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Appendix: Devaluation-Discrimination Index Modified for Application to Juvenile Delinquents -- Assessing the Impact of Status Information Conveyance on the Distribution of Negative Rewards: A Preliminary Test and Model -- Introduction -- Reward Expectations Theory -- Extending RET: Allocations of Negative Rewards via Status Cues -- Allocating Negative Rewards -- The Differential Impacts of Status Characteristics on Rewards: The Role of Status Cues
  • Testing the Relative Impact of Expressive versus Indicative Status Cues -- Dependent Variables -- Results -- A Modified RET Model Using Status Cues and Empirical Test -- A Cue Gestalt Approach to Status Information Conveyance in RET -- An Empirical Comparison of the Classic versus Modified Cue Gestalt RET Models -- Discussion -- Notes -- References -- The Status Value of Age and Gender: Modeling Combined Effects of Diffuse Status Characteristics -- Introduction -- Theoretical Background -- Modeling Combined Expectation Effects of Diffuse Status Characteristics -- Age-Status at Work: A Survey Experiment -- The Combined Effects of Age and Gender on Status Value at Work -- Method -- Results -- Discussion -- Revised Combining Procedures for Status Characteristics Research -- Estimating Weights of Expectations Produced by Diffuse Status Characteristics -- Assigning Levels to Diffuse Status Characteristics -- Women and Men: Comparing Expectations at Early and Mid-Career -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Measuring the Impact of Status Manipulations Using Monte Carlo Simulations -- Introduction -- Status Characteristics Theory -- Monte Carlo Simulation of M and Q Parameter Distributions -- Monte Carlo Simulation of m and q Parameter Distributions -- Extending Monte Carlo Simulations to High- and Low-Status P(s) Scores -- Applications of the Monte Carlo Simulations for SCT Research -- Measuring the Impact of a Novel Status Manipulation -- Study Design and Procedures -- Analyses -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Appendix -- Social Structure and Cognitive Orientation -- Introduction -- Theoretical Development -- Cultural Differences in Orientation -- The Rice Theory -- Networks of Social Exchange -- Research Design and Predictions -- The More Affect-Based Explanation -- The More Structural Explanation -- Method
  • Results -- Hypothesis Tests -- Checks -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgement -- References -- Self-in-Self, Mind-in-Mind, Heart-in-Heart: The Future of Role-Taking, Perspective Taking, and Empathy -- Conceptualization and Operationalization: A Review -- Cognition -- Affect -- Multidimensional Models -- Key Findings and Interventions -- Social Effects -- Variability -- Malleability -- A Synthesized Definition -- References -- The Situated Durability of Values -- Introduction -- Values -- Situations and Behavior -- An Expectation States-Based Prediction -- Hypothesis -- Procedure -- Conditions and Manipulations -- Participants -- Protocol -- Results -- Effects of Diffuse Status on Values -- Effects of Specific Status on Values -- Discussion -- Acknowledgment -- Notes -- References -- Appendix A: Values Questionnaire -- Appendix B: Schwartz Values Measure -- Perceiving Groups during Computer-Mediated Communication -- Background -- Modeling Bias -- Bias Factors -- Visual Cues in CMC -- Status Hierarchy -- Method -- Participants -- Procedures -- Availability of Visual Cues -- Status Hierarchy -- Copresence with Individual Managers -- Copresence with Managers as a Group -- Bias in Copresence with Managers as a Group -- Results -- Descriptives -- Hypothesis Testing -- Discussion -- References -- Index
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