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The Resource Adrenergic receptor protocols, edited by Curtis A. Machida

Adrenergic receptor protocols, edited by Curtis A. Machida

Adrenergic receptor protocols
Adrenergic receptor protocols
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edited by Curtis A. Machida
In Adrenegic Receptor Protocols, Curtis Machida and a panel of expert investigators present a comprehensive collection of modern molecular methods for analyzing adrenergic receptors and corresponding second messenger systems. These proven and readily reproducible techniques utilize genetic, RNA, protein expression, transactivator, and second messenger methodologies, as well as immunocytochemical, electrophysiological, transgenic, and in situ hybridization approaches. Each of the experts writing here details the use of their chosen method in examining the adrenergic receptor system, using aspects of the genetic flow of information as a guide: DNA ' RNA ' transactivator ' protein expression ' second messenger analyses ' cellular analyses ' transgenic whole animal approaches. Comprehensive and rich in practical detail, Adrenergic Receptor Protocols provides the first collection of reproducible methods for the study of these important regulators of CNS-mediated behavior and neural function. Its state-of-the-art methods constitute today's gold standard reference for all neurobiologists, neurochemists, neurologists, and pharmacologists studying this exceptionally important class of receptors
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Adrenergic receptor protocols, edited by Curtis A. Machida
Adrenergic receptor protocols, edited by Curtis A. Machida
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