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The Resource Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law : The Transforming Nature of Protection

Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law : The Transforming Nature of Protection

Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law : The Transforming Nature of Protection
Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law
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The Transforming Nature of Protection
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Advancing Responsible Adolescent Development
Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law : The Transforming Nature of Protection
Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law : The Transforming Nature of Protection
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  • Contents -- Editor and Contributors -- Contributors -- Part I Introduction -- 1 Adolescence, Rapid Social Change, and the Law -- Introduction -- The Legal Regulation of Adolescents -- Parental Rights to Their Children -- Adolescents' Own, Independent Rights -- Problematic Resolutions of Adolescents' Rights -- Rapid Social Change's Challenges to the Adolescent Transition -- Protecting Adolescents' Rights During Social Change: Emerging Themes -- Adopt More Comprehensive Approaches to Rights -- Move Beyond Competency Approaches to Protecting Rights -- Challenge Cherished Legal Rationales -- Address Diversity More Forthrightly -- The Chapters Ahead -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Part II Media -- 2 Protecting Youth from Themselves in the Media: The Right to Be Forgotten -- Introduction -- Dealing with Information: Pre-Internet and Post-Internet -- Youth and the Media -- What Is the Media for Youth? -- Issues from Using the Media -- Problems with the Media -- The Right to Be Forgotten and the Right to Privacy -- The Right to Be Forgotten in EU -- The Right to Privacy in the U.S. -- Courts' Responses on Privacy Matters from the EU and U.S. -- In Europe -- In the U.S. -- Reforms in the EU Proposal and Possible Reform for the U.S. -- Information that Can Be Requested for Erasure -- What Is Erasure? -- Scope of Erasure -- Conclusion -- References -- 3 Protecting Youth from Sexualized Media: Media Literacy -- Introduction -- Media in Adolescents' Lives -- Sexualization in the Media -- Media Effect Theories -- The Impact of Sexualized Media -- Sexual Attitudes -- Physical and Mental Health -- Sexual Behavior -- Implications for Gender Socialization -- The Legal Foundation of Responses to Sexualized Media -- Congress and Federal Agencies -- The Supreme Court's First Amendment Jurisprudence -- Minors' Rights -- Media Literacy Programs
  • Legal Support for Media Literacy Programs -- Effectiveness of Media Literacy Programs -- Limitations of the Media Literacy Approaches -- Conclusion -- References -- 4 Protecting Youth from Dangerous Media: Online Predators -- Introduction -- Unanticipated Risks Associated with Social Networking Sites -- Vulnerable Adolescents in Social Networking Sites -- Offender-Victim Dynamics -- Legal Responses to Online Offenders -- Bans on Internet Access -- Bans on Social Networking Sites -- Legal Reforms -- Reforming Social Networking Sites Bans -- Implementation of Preventive Measures -- Conclusion -- References -- 5 Protecting Youth's Right to Engage Media: Sexting -- Introduction -- A Closer Look at "Sexting" -- Prevalence -- Consensual Versus Exploitative Sexting -- Issues of Consent for Teenagers -- Prosecution of Minors for Sexting Under Child Pornography Laws -- Consensual Teenage Sexting Under Child Pornography Laws -- Best Interest of the Child -- Spare the Prosecution-Benefit the Child -- Decriminalize Consensual Teenage Sexting -- Education and Parent Approach -- Conclusion -- References -- Part III Education -- 6 Protecting Students from Racial Discrimination in Public Schools -- Introduction -- History of Discipline in Public Schools -- The Switch from Retribution to Restorative Justice -- Educational Reasons for the Switch -- Developmental Reasons for the Switch -- Financial Reasons for the Switch -- Initial Results from the Switch -- Persistent Issues -- Possible Causes of Persistent Issues -- De Jure Integration, de Facto Segregation in Public Schools, and de Facto Segregation in Society -- Legally Mandated Integration -- Current Segregation in Schools -- Current Segregation in Society -- Policy Reform Implications -- Conclusion -- References -- 7 Protecting Financially Disadvantaged Students' Educational Rights -- Introduction
  • Poverty Myths and Their Consequences -- Debunking Myths About Children in Poverty -- Legal Responses to the Opportunity Gap of Academia -- Alternative Approaches to Achieving Equal Educational Opportunity -- Conclusion -- References -- 8 Protecting Students' Sexual Identity in Private Schools -- Introduction -- LGBT Youth and the Psychological Consequences of Inequity -- Prevalence of LGBT Youth -- Religious Schools and LGBT Students -- Risks Associated with Being an LGBT Adolescent -- Legal Issues LGBT Students and Catholic Schools -- Catholic Schools and Religious Views on Homosexuality -- Government Funding of Catholic Schools -- Students' Rights at Private Schools -- Protection from Harassment and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity -- Protection for LGBT Students from Being "Outed" Without Consent -- Parental Rights of Children of LGBT Students -- Reforming Legal Responses -- Supporting Gay-Straight Alliances -- The Student Non-discrimination Act -- Conclusion -- References -- Part IV Families and Communities -- 9 Protecting Financially Successful Youth's Incomes -- Introduction -- Children Versus Parents: Whose Rights Come First? -- Damming the Floodgates: Examining How States Have Responded to the Plight of Children in the Entertainment Industry -- Understanding the Capacity and Maturity of Children -- Immaturity and an Underdeveloped Understanding of Responsibility -- Peer Pressure and Its Effect on Adolescent Reasoning -- When Are Children Old Enough? Applying a Social Science Understanding to Children's Earnings -- Reforming the Law to Protect Children's Earnings: Sometimes Less Protection Is More -- Conclusion -- References -- 10 Protecting Youth's Relationships with Deployed Parents -- Introduction -- How the Law Has Responded to the Servicemembers' Families and Why It Fails
  • How Federal Law Has Attempted to Enhance Legal Protection for Servicemember Families -- How State Law Has Attempted to Enhance Legal Protection for Servicemember Families -- Relevant Supreme Court Case Law that Addresses the Constitutional Rights of Parents, Children, and Third Parties -- Social Science Understandings of the Impact of Military Life and Deployment on Military Children -- The Effects of Child Custody Litigation on Children -- The Impact of Military Life on Military Children -- The Impact of Deployment on Military Children -- Reform Proposals and General Recommendations -- Conclusion -- References -- 11 Protecting Youth from Trafficking -- Introduction -- What Fuels Human Trafficking and Why It Persists -- The United States Legal Response to Trafficking of Minors -- United States Responses to International Laws Affecting Minors -- United States Federal Law Regarding Child Trafficking -- State Laws Catered to and in Contradiction with Fighting Child Trafficking -- Suggested Legal Reform and Improvements to Systems Affecting Child Trafficking Victims -- Changes to Approaching Child Labor Trafficking -- Increase Trainings Throughout Federal, State, and Local Systems -- Provide Private Industries with Incentives to Avoid Exploited Labor -- Changes to Approaching Child Sex Trafficking -- State Laws Should Reflect Federal Protections for Victims -- Modify the Criminalization of Prostitution Regardless of Age -- Increase Prevention Programs for At-risk Youth -- Conclusion -- References -- Index
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